I need to find out what is happening to my morning glories!!

Leesville, LA

I have a huge pot that has a very big and vibrant morning glory vine growing from it. However, the bottom most leaves on the vine are always eaten away with holes. I live in central Louisiana, and the sun is very hot so I water the plant twice a day (early morning, and early evening). If I don't water it this often then the leaves start to wilt. The problem I'm most concerned with is why are the leaves getting holes? Is there some kind of insect eating them? When I inspect the leaves, I never see any kind of insect. Is it a fungus? Today I bought some Sevin brand insecticide that is supposed to be safe for plants, but I wanted to do some research first. Any help would be appreciated greatly!! :-)

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Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)


It looks like what I am battling; slugs/snail. Just brewed a super strength large pot, 30 cups, of reg coffee yesterday. Was told by someone here that spraying the plants and soil with coffee with take care of the problem. We will see.


Greenfield, IN

Happy-1 did the coffee work the samething is happening to my morning glorys

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

I sprayed once last week and found 5 dead bodies the next am.

I don't know how often to spray. Does anyone?

I will be spraying again for sure.


Greenfield, IN

Thank you I will try it

Blytheville, AR(Zone 7a)

Google up gold beetles. I had these on my morning glories and sweet potato vine. They are really pretty little golden beetles that look like real gold. Honestly, they look like my wedding ring. But the little buggers can really eat a lot of morning glory vine. I haven't seen any lately so I think they have moved on to somewhere else or maybe they have turned into whatever they evolve in to.

Stow, OH(Zone 5b)

Hi all!! Unfortunately your problems are only beginning...I have an enclosed patio that used to be completely covered with my gorgeous morning glories, until the bugs came...by the droves...
And yet again, I too am battling the mysterious holes in the leaves with the chewed up edges and the brown buds...do you, by chance, have those little grey bugs that look like little armadillos and roll up into a ball if "threatened" - they're often referred to as Roly polys, sowbugs, pillbugs - these are mistakenly believed to be harmless, but will destroy your garden by eating the leaves and roots of plants like morning glories - with thin leaves and shallow, thin roots - as well as anything located near containers, rocks AND HOSTAS and anything else that creates a "shady", damp area where they can hide en masse!! Also, morning glories seem to be the food of choice for tiny green bugs that pile on but blend with the green of the stems and small worms that seem to take on the color of the leaves as they hang on the edges and chew the leaves down to the skeleton - and these things have a voracious appetite as they whittle the largest of vines down to a shadow of their former selves!!
My once beautiful garden refuge is now home to a host of "invisible" troopers of death destroying the miraculous purple display that, 10 years ago, sold my home to me before I ever entered it!! (I'll add pics of the destruction, and hopefully the culprits, as soon as possible!!)

Mid-Hudson Valley, NY(Zone 5b)

Pillbugs are beneficial insects that clean up decaying plant material and frass from other bugs. They are easy to spot because they work during the day. They do not chew holes in leaves. Your pest is probably a leaf minor and or slugs. Look underneath the leaves for a catepillar like creature and check for slugs. They both feed at night, which is why it's so hard to find them. They hide during the day under mulch, rocks etc. around the base of the plants and in dense foliage.

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