's almost winter.....

Clifton Springs, Australia

I started this one early, because I forgot to mention Brugmansias in the last forum.....duh....
There is a new Brugnut on the horizon and I didn't want to lose them...

The buds appear to be holding on everywhere, maybe we will get to see a new flower yet.....
Colleen, post your Zab cross over here......
I will use this pic of Zabaglione so you can compare...
We came from here...

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Clifton Springs, Australia

Welcome, Sooky Chooky, please post your pics on here and we can start afresh.....
My Fernando only had one partial flower due to bad's a definite medium musky pink pretty much true to the original pics that Allan posted.

Colleen, what does your Zab x EP smell like? it looks more Zab to me.....a good one though by the looks of it...

barmera, Australia

A couple of pics of Zabaglione X Ecuador Pink. Cestrum's seed planted by Brian. The perfume was quite faint but lovely when I took the pics The flower is more apricot today. A lovely shape, but I don't think that the tendrils are as long as your pics of Zab. Dianne. There's no perfume there at the moment, will sniff again in the morning. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
Merino, Australia

Shaun, just look at your little cutie today.
No cold or rain will stop it looking very cheeky.
You can now see the pale pink in the bloom
Even hubby said its very pretty when I showed him .

I am hoping the cold wont stop a bit of pollen taking. I couldnt wait for spring flowers. I introduced the cheeky thing to Senorita Rosada.
I hope they like each

Also another two flowers out on one of the Knightiis.
Buds are still coming so I am hoping they wont mind the cold.

Here the little cutie.. DP&G.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
barmera, Australia

forgot the other pic. Zab X EP. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
Brisbane, Australia

Hello..Sooky Chooky, nice to have someone else from Brisbane in our brug group. This is a recent photo of some of my Fernando blooms which gives you some indication of the pink colour.

Thumbnail by boolarong204
Clifton Springs, Australia

Fernando looks fantastic, Allan.....It will be this spring for mine, at least I got to see the colour.....
Did your PPfasc pollen, pods hold on?......

Jean, the colour is coming thru very nicely, even in this cool weather.... will the pod parent be DP&G?

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Jean she is a little vixen when you think she dose not have the get up and go she shows another hand
the color is coming throw nicely and will probably have a few more blooms before the middle of winter
I have many of my plants getting ready for a winter flush versicolor 'EP' 'OA' 'FP' all coming throw now and i think a few more
i have been more concerned about the seed in the hot house more then the plants
but the aurea(form) X.'Culebra' pod is doing well and growing day by day so should have some seed in the spring Yippee

Colleen love the way the Z X.EP flairs out side the calyx
Allan Fernando still looks good in the cooler weather for you great work getting it to the age where it can be shared

Brisbane, Australia

Dianne... I have 2 seed pods on Fernando by using your Pink Panther pollen but I am doubtful about one which rubs against a branch with the slightest breeze(and is quite damaged). I also have 2 pods on Mango Cornet from the PP pollen. Should have plenty of seeds to share later in the year.

Sydney, Australia

Hi everyone ...sorry to be missing in action, we changed providers and they didn't tell us we would be off air while this happened, grrrr numerous calls to goodness knows where overseas, we finally are here on air again.

Lots happening while I have been gone, Jean I knew you would love the sweet little pink, isn't she just the cutest little thing ?

cestrum I love all of yours too, all of them !

Shaun Welcome back, how are you enjoying the night temps ? are your Brugs ok after missing you ?

Allan Fernando looks great, he is full of buds here too, don't know if the cold weather will allow another flush or not, I still have two pods on him ...6 inches but no more length on them now (probably due to the cold). Fingers crossed they will make it through the Winter.

Yep it's a good idea to put Brugmansia in the heading of the Brug thread Dianne, great idea to start this new one for the lurkers.

Well ... I had better be off to try and catch up on everything ...back later ^_^


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Sydney, Australia

Loved your video Dianne and your pics of Bruce's Pink.

Did you all see this one ?
I am in love ...just too too beautiful for words !

next to my perfect white, this is one I would do almost anything to make.
Don't you adore it ?
Edited to say it's Birgit I am talking about ^_^

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Thanks Chrissy, I have the little clip on here now....I was taking photos and when I looked at them I had used the movie setting by mistake....good mistake, so I took the little clip....I have it forever now...It's the PPfasc flower...
Yes Birgit is lovely.....

I'll put the BP pics on BGI this afternoon.

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Sydney, Australia

Love your mistake ! do it again :)
Yes there for the World to see forever, well done !
A very special Brug experience, a chance in millions really.
Couldn't have happened to a cheekier or more worthy Brug huh ? ^_^
I wonder how people put the music into their videos.

Best be off to see how the Brugs are surviving the cold.
Thanks again Dianne, you must be stoked !

Enjoy your morning everyone ...we have rain ahead for the next few days (so they say, but it's the wind that will be the worry).
Hope it is kinder for you where ever you are ^_^


Nowra, NSW,, Australia(Zone 9b)

That Zab x EP is very pretty Colleen, but I wonder if a label has been misplaced somewhere along the line???? The seedling has far too much suaveolens influence to have come from that cross :-)

barmera, Australia

Thanks for the information Alistair. I went and double checked the label and you've guessed it. I've done it again with Brian's plants and mis-read. The tag says, Zabaglione Cestrum Ecuador Pink seedling 29/8/10. I can now see where he had tried to graft it, that's why the word Zabaglione is on there I presume. It didn't work so now I'm left with and EP seedling . It's a very pretty little thing apricot and cream and a lovely perfume so I'll plant it out and see what happens. I'm going to have to get my glasses out next time one of Brian's seedlings flower. Colleen

Sydney, Australia

Dianne the pics look wonderful in the Gallery, ^_^ thanks !


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Dianne HB005 is a very pretty Bloomer what is it's cross.
also the hybrid from Alistair is a good looker also PC x.EP
what a great set of pics you have put in to the Gallery

Merino, Australia

Nothing much going on here at the moment. The brugs are all still looking nice & green with the buds hanging on.
I see the cold is starting to yellow a few leaves so I expect I will have bald brugs soon.
One of the Knightiis with flowers is looking very pretty. .

OE is still holding all her buds. If she can put out this many now, I have high hopes for her when she gets much bushier.
The flower on Super Pink x Apricot Queen has not gone all wilty like the first and is still holding on despite being a split bloom.

The arboreas dont like the cold much an dhang their leaves in a plea to be taken inside.
Not likely, they have to be brave and stay on the veranda.

Darling little DP&G 's flower is still as perky as ever. She is just like a different colored GHA. I do like her very much.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Shaun, all of the pics are of Bruce's Pink.....the only difference is that the HB005 was taken in cooler weather,
there is a note attached to that pic, explaining the difference in colour....
Polar Cornet x Ecuador Pink is the cross.

I think OE and Senorita Rosada will have some surprises in store for us, Jean......
Knightii is very lovely.....a good white is really beautiful isn't it...that's why I love Topsy, nothing fancy but snow white and a great shape....

I have 3 whites that I will keep to see if they improve next single and 2 doubles....especially the Charleston x Apricot Queen...that's the very tall double...the other 2 are Joli x Charleston....

It hasn't stopped raining this morning and it's pelting down....

West of Brisbane, Australia

It's raining here too, which has kept the night temps relatively warm but we're expecting frost on Sunday night.
Meanwhile, Pink Sweetie is in full flower but there's an interloper among its single blooms :-)

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Merino, Australia

My little Knightii that is in flower now has a single flower. along with the two doubles. I just noticed it this morning when passing to go into the shadehouse.
I think I remember reading that Knightiis do this .
I had a look inside and found that the stamens were all fused together and had a kink in the middle which made them rather short , way down in the bloom.
Didnt go back out for a pic as its freezing cold out in the wind today

Sydney, Australia

Late today ...just came home.
The wind is shocking ...evidently bringing the big wet and rain sometime soon.
My buds/pods seem to be hanging on ...Knightii is about to bloom for the first time this year, can't wait, yes Jean most doubles are said to throw the odd single (though I have seen only one FFA single, maybe, because it was too high to tell for sure). I think that single Knightii may allow for easier access for pollinating, don't you.

Love the Pink Sweetie cestrum you mean it has an odd double or is that one of your lovely doubles ?

Dianne I am envious of your pure white doubles ...hopefully I will have some in the next year or so.
My seeds from across the pond will hopefully yield me a couple.

Fingers crossed for our final flushes ...I think we will need some luck but you never know, anyway Spring is only 3 months away, plenty of time for homework and dreaming ...Alistair's book will ease the No Brug Bloom pain, that,plus the pictures in BGI, and those of our overseas Brug nut friends, thank goodness for that !

How are you settling in Shaun, must be hard after your holiday, how is that sunburn traveling ?, peeling off in shards by now.

Off to explore before the rain "event " ...stay warm and dry everyone !


West of Brisbane, Australia

The double is growing amid the Pink Sweetie clumps. I say clumps because the original PS seedling has spread via suckers and trunks lying flat on the ground with branches growing vertically up from them to create a mini-thicket.
Only three months to spring! Something to bear in mind when the frost starts. I'll have to hurry up and do all those things that need doing before that wretched humidity returns.

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Clifton Springs, Australia

Spring only 3 months away, that's good has cheered me up no end.
I think that by the time I clean the pots, get the potting mix ready, decide which ones to pot up, who comes under shelter and who goes will almost be here...

One thing that I have to move from where it is, it's the Angel's Flight x flops like nothing has ever flopped before, on a hot thinks anything over 20C is a heat a big pot is in order for that one, I will like having it near the back door anyway...

Jean, last Autumn, my Knightii only produced singles, this Autumn, no singles only Knightii x Ivoire pod is holding on...

That's a pretty double in amongst the singles, cestrum...hope it throws more of them for you...

I have included 3 pics of that Angel's Flight x Charleston.....shame it can't abide the hot days..

Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy i am finding that the weather here in Melbourne is so Cooooooooooooold
rugged up in a few layers to keep warm, the sunburn has gone the peeling has almost finished on the trunk and now it's the legs turn./
Cestrum Pink Sweetie is looking great for you and my cutting is doing well also.
Jean you AF xC is stunning and the color change in outstanding also
All of my seed pods are doing OK at the moment and the Knightii is a stunner velvet pod, this is the first season that iv had pods on it so im rapped.
I hope all your knightii do well in the cooler weather and have pritty flowers

West of Brisbane, Australia

Seachanger = Dianne :-)
And that Angel's Flight x Charleston seedling is a beauty. Love the colour combo, a keeper for sure, plus a breeder too. I can't wait to see the first-gen of locally bred seedlings from these doubles :-)
Shaun, I remember leaving for Brisbane airport in Sept sweating as I pulled my suitcase in the early spring sun with my overcoat draped over it because it was just too hot to even consider putting it on, then just a few short hours later shivering in the wind and drizzle outside Melb airport as I waited for my lift. (Not to mention hearing the passengers on the plane to Melb erupt in boos after the pilot announced that the current temp in Melb was 15 degrees!) Switching from heat to cold is a shock to the system.

Merino, Australia

Just been out looking around at all the brugs after the strong wind yesterday.
They all look as if there was no wind at all. All standing up nicely, lots of buds still coming and some pods hanging on.
The lovely Senorita is putting out a couple of buds again.. BB has plenty as does GHA.
I also have another on yourr big floppy, cestrum.
I have a noid from Chrissy that has decided to put out buds. It is only labelled as big stripey.
OE has lots of buds even though she was thrown around in the wind yesterday
I am hoping some of the buds will hang on and open before more real cold hits.
I think the cold has either stopped any seeds growing or killed them off.
I have plenty for spring and will just leave those in the trays in the greenhouse. I have had them come up very slowly in winter before.
The pod on aurea Lucas is getting larger and as there was only GHA in flower, back when it must have been pollinated, it looks like he is the parent.
I am hoping the pollen took on DP&G too.

My coldies are all looking so much better now the heat has gone, along with the spider mites.
I may not see flowers this year but they will be a nice size next year for flowers.


Sydney, Australia

Ha ha ha yes this is why I sign my name under my posts(or try to remember to).
Yes I agree the new generations will be exciting ...I must say there are some stunners popping up over the pond.
Will we be up to the challenge ?

Of course we will (gulp) lol !
I may venture outside shortly to check the wind damage, no horror rain event yet, but tomorrow is the day !
I see Melbourne copped it big time, did you get plenty down there ?
What about up North cestrum, much rain ?
We have had a couple of 1C nights this last few days however the little seedlings in their humidity cribs are doing well, so long as they get enough roots on them to survive they will be ok, just a little concern that they may get leggy, so we will see.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if they survive Winter ?
Anyone else with germinating babies ?
Back later.


Sydney, Australia

Morning Jean ...good to hear all is well.
We also had shocking wind, must go check it out :)


West of Brisbane, Australia

Quote from 77sunset :

I also have another on yourr big floppy, cestrum.


You're persevering with it, Jean? In this cooler weather, it's as waxy (i.e. less floppy) as it's going to get, so if you think it's bad now ...
But can you smell it? Smells like Old Apricot to me.

I'm looking forward to seeing the coldies, they're something completely new for me. (Only light rain here last night; winter is quiet in just about every aspect here except fire, as that's the fire season, winter and early spring before the rain and humidity return.)

Merino, Australia

cestrum, big Floppy will go in the ground in the orchard in spring.
As it seems to grow quite well here, it can stay out there with another couple already in the ground.
It will do well out there and still look quite pretty when it grows bigger.
The perfume is a nice one .
I am interested to see what big stripey looks like if the buds stay on and open.
It will also go out with Floppy.
I am only keeping the special ones in pots near the back shadehouse where I can enjoy them. The other not so specials will stay around the fern house and the rejects all go into the ground in the orchard. I see the ones I tossed away are still growing. I will just leave them and see what they end up doing.
Being unknown seedlings, probably one may throw a fantastic flower one day and I will have to relent and pot it
Who knows.

Sydney, Australia

Big Stripey is a Versicolor type (Alistair pointed this out to us in the early days) Jean, it is quite large and has a lovely lemony fragrance, it is called "stripey" because of the way the stripes of apricot colouring creep down the tube as the bloom ages over a couple of days.
For me it is a keeper (love the scent), but being mostly versicolor it may need a warmish place if you can find one. It is quite robust though and mine too is now in buds, the wind is pretty awful though so we will see how things go after the expected storm event tomorrow.
It's too windy to be outside darn it, because the sun is out. Cold though.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Lots of baby Sphaeros popping thru here.........the warm ones that I have growing are past the dangerous stage.
Only the odd flower left so I thought that the pods and babies might make a good subject matter.

I have been thinking about a name for the AF x C and because of all the colour changes, I keep coming back to Joseph's coat.......I did like a couple of other prettier names, but can't get this one out of my Joseph's coat it will be...

First pic is of the twin pods, this is the PP x Frosty Pink.
2nd is the smaller twin pod growing alongside the first one. it's PP x Bruce's Pink, Don't know about this one.
It was so slow to grow...
3rd pic is of the Strybing Vulsa x Sanguinea seedlings, they were planted at the end of July '11...
They are bunching at the top, so I hope they flower this year...
4th is the funny pod on the Charleston x Apricot Queen...that's the double white, that is taller than anything else, but shows lots of promise, if I can ever see the flowers....its taller than GHA and Ivoire...
5th is the nursery, with all of the Summer 2013 hopes and dreams....there is a fairy in there keeping watch....

Jean, you can be sure that one of those discarded plants will grow up to be a beauty and you will have to bring it back..

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Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

Wow your coldies look good Dianne, I bet you get some beauties in there. Can't wait to see them.
The heads dropped off mine, I don't think they will work here but I will enjoy everyone else showing us the pictures.
The pods look good ^_^ not sure about the curly one, mine came off, I hope yours survives, mine had the stem go brown.
Just look at all those leafy little promises ...I love the babies don't you ?
The wind has finally dropped ...I might get out there now ^_^ sky is very dark though.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Chrissy, I think the big curly pod will stay,
Your FFA x Joseph's Coat, little curly pod is holding on mind boggles at what that cross could produce...if it falls off I will do the same cross next year...
Just think, Angel's Flight, Charleston, Ludger's Windsong and New Orleans Lady.....yummy
Mind you they are all yummy aren't they..then that wonderful cross could trick us and produce very ordinary ones...

Merino, Australia

Dianne, when I look at your bushy coldies, I tell mine they are still pretty.even if they are spindly.
They have to grow a lot harder here because of no fences and wind swooping in from all directions..
I am probably a harder mother too. Mine get watered and fed once a week.
I do talk to them but maybe they want music instead.
I could put the cassette player down there and give them lots of the old rock and roll, but it would use an awful lot of
Hubby wouldnt be too keen on the music though.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Mine were very spindly, Jean....they have only bushed up in the last couple of months.....Each of them has a stake...they are a lot older than yours though...
My other coldies aren't anything like those ones.....The tallest of Alan's is about 45cm and just a certainly pays to grow them thru winter..
My contest ones are even smaller, so are the Tabby's.

Your coldies can have one of my transistors, they go for ages on cheap batteries...

Merino, Australia

Dianne, I can just imagine hubbys face if I did put music on for the brugs.
He would be calling the men in white ( or maybe the ones in black.)

Clifton Springs, Australia

If it's good enough for Prince Charles, Jean.....then you are ok... :-)

West of Brisbane, Australia

Those coldies look superb, Dianne. Luscious leaves look like vegies, almost good enough to eat :-)

I've just taken some quick photos outside before tonight's first frost of the year (predicted minus 1 deg. C tonight) burns the blooms. Here is another suaveolens bloom with a divided corolla. It seems to happen very occasionally, maybe a few times a year or once every few hundred blooms I guess. (The last time I noticed a similar flower was in January.) Perhaps something to do with the weather/insect damage, almost certainly not genetic but pretty when it occurs. Good thing I noticed before the frost gets it.

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ

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