unknowed flower

Carlsbad, NM

Small blue flower kinda thin slim leaves. i found it in new mexico and was told it was called the little man in the boat

Thumbnail by Angel_1966
Orlando, FL(Zone 9b)

that looks like a trillium but its a little fuzzy to tell for sure

Orlando, FL(Zone 9b)

haha you're right, not a trillium. i get those two mixed up. the tiny blue tradescantia grew wild in my old backyard

Crestline, CA(Zone 8b)

I'm pretty certain it's a Tradescantia species- the way the top two leaves nest within each other with the blossom growing from that is typical. Hard to tell from the image, but the flower looks like a pinker variety of day-flower, or spiderwort, which is a wide-ranging species with many variations in colour found all over the southern U.S and through Mexico. Some are invasive, and all grow like gangbusters if left to their own devices. They will self-seed readily, can be drought-tolerant, doesn't mind light shade to sun, could care less what soil it's in as long as it isn't sopping wet, though full sun in hot areas can stress it. Can look really sweet in a hanging pot. :-) All in all, a pretty plant, just be careful where you put it!

Standish, MI

Yes its one of the Tradescantia varieties. I'm not certain which one but DracoVolans I agree with you and am certain that you are right.

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