What is this beetle? It looks like a small b&w ladybug!

So, the first time i saw this thing was about 4-5 years ago, on my mums pillow. Then, through out the years, i'd see one of these bugs here and there scarcely.(almost always on my mums pillow, or the wall behind it)

Well, this year i've seen about three on her pillow, two on the wall behind her bed, one on my computer mic(which scared the crap out of me when i went to use it online one day! LOL), and then i just saw one in a cup in our kitchenette. We live in a studio-apartment, so everything is in one room - including our beds, so it's not like it's in multiple rooms.......it's in our one studio-room.
I haven't seen one in probably a year+, until a few weeks ago......and i remember years ago i thought "oh maybe that's a baby ladybug" But now, i don't think that's true anymore. A) Every time i find one, it's ALWAYS the same small size. B) Every time i see one, it's ALWAYS the same color. Never brown, or red, or black only......it's ALWAYS this white with black spots, or perhaps black with white spots. and C) If it was a baby ladybug, i'd eventually see a grown one - at least once or twice over all these years, right? lol

I'm dying to know what this is, and if they infest places in the hundreds and thousands, or if it's more like 5-10 range.

Thanks so much for any help! I tried to join this other forum, and got an e-mail saying they denied my access So thanks a ton for letting me join and post here!!!! I appreciate it!!

***(oh, and the picture is of the one i found on my dirty computer microphone.....so i'm hoping the shot on the left gives you an idea of how small it is.)****

Thumbnail by RadicalDame
Minot, ND

Although there are some small black and white lady beetles - http://www.pbase.com/tmurray74/image/75249561, yours could be carpet beetles. Adult carpet beetles are pollen feeders.

Ah, i looked at pictures of both, and i'm pretty sure they're carpet beetles! GAH!
I loath insects(outside of butterflies, which i love!), so do you know the best way to get rid of these things??

Thanks so much.

Minot, ND

See http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn7436.html for some general control recommendations.

Thanks a ton! xD

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