Where are the pests?

Cherry Grove, OH(Zone 6b)

Normally I'm battling the bugs by now, but this year the vegetable and ornamental gardens are virtually pest free. I've seen a few Ladybird Beetles, but not many of the aphids they love to munch on. Also plenty of bees on the peas and beans.

Are you all experiencing a similar pest-free spring?

Barberton, OH

I am a little behind you up here in the north, but aside from slugs and Viburnum Leaf Beetles the only thing I've seen is a soft beetle with chevron on its back crawling in the garden, sometines with another on its back. Don't know what it is but it wanted to spend the winter in the house with me. Haven't seen it eating anything either. Oh and something is skeletonizing my Hollyhock leaves. Herman

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