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pole beans

East Greenbush, NY

Zone 5 here. I need a simple method to grow pole beans.....I don't have tools or much know how so it has to be simple.
Neither do I have saplings. I can buy bamboo. How do i join them so they don't fall down when beans get heavy.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

For snow, peas, I made a pup-tent-shape framework with 5 poles: 4 legs and one long backbone.
That could work for pole beans if you made it tall enoguh. Beans could grow up each leg of each "W".

I make a bipod by lashing two poles together at the top. I like waxed twine for lashing.
I make a second bipod.
Spread their legs apart and push their feet into the soil, so the tops are as far apart as the long pole.
Drop the long pole on top of the tripods so the forks basically support the weight of the pole.
Lash the pole to the bipods so they don't flop over.

Then I run two flimsy poles from one bipod to the other, a few inches above ground level - call these footers.
Then I weave light cotton twine from the top pole to a footer, like many "W"s. WWWWWWWW.
Then make more "W"s on the other side.

I also weave back and forth from footer to footer, so snow peas in the middle of the tentg have something to grab as they climb toward the "wall of Ws".

You can't see much here, just an overgrown mess after I added more strings to capture random floppy vines.
I'll see if I can find a shot of the poleds and strings before the peas grew.

Now I have a fussy neighbor who loves to make trouble. I'm sure she would wait until the peas were half-grown and then get park management to demand I take it down. I'll have to find something "more sightly".

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Standish, MI


are you using Pots to grow your beans in or are you planting them in the ground?

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

Imagine a clothesline. Two very stout supports with a metal line inbetween. Tie strings about four inches apart from the line to the ground. Your beans will grow up the strings.

This is the way we used to grow beans when I was a child ^_^

Standish, MI

This pole bean is supported in the center with a piece of 8 ft. conduit stuck in the center of the pot and then string comes from the edge of the pot to a cross piece of conduit at the top

Some people take 3 long poles and lean them together T P style and tie them at the top with string and allow the beans to climb the poles. 2x2s by 8ft would be good for this with the bottoms leaning at least 2ft if not 3ft out at the base.

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