Ten Hoarding Warning signs pt2

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Thanks a bunch Jen. Folks, one week ago today I had the privilege of once again getting to meet Jen in person at a Dave's Garden Plant Swap that we both attended. Boy was that a busy and fun filled day. The plant swaps have been responsible for many of the plants we grow here. A group of Mid Atlantic gardeners try to get together twice a year and share their excess plants with one another. This time there was much chatting that led up to the actual day. Our group usually has volunteers who host the events at their homes and it is always fun to see other chatter's homes and gardens.

If I attend very many more of the swaps, I could possibly be classified as a plant hoarder. My husband had to go to a store yesterday and purchase a tent canopy in order to shade the very many houseplants that we have been getting outdoors this past week. Many of my house plants too have come from other Dave's members. It is always a good feeling to see a plant and recall the donor and think back on the fun we had at the swaps.

I have officially reached a point of no more excuses for not addressing my tendency to go overboard (hoard) with collectibles. My afternoon job is to be beginning to pack up three china cabinets full of all sorts of pretty glassware. I have dreading this moment for some months now. I was given a nice financial gift back in December from my in-laws and decided at the time that I would use it to re-carpet my house. The carpeting has been ordered and tentative date of June 18 has been set and I need to get busy moving most all of my belongings to my storage shed. I am thinking that this is a perfect opportunity for me to once agqain do a major de-clutter.

I performed what at the time seemed to be a massive de-clutter two winters ago. I still don't have an empty space in the house. There were things last year that are really serving no good purpose, but I wasn't ready to be rid of them last year. I am hoping that as I begin this process later today that I will see things that I would just as soon seen gone. I take delight when looking upon minimalist decorated homes and wish that I could have that instead of what would be compared to a museum here with things to look at in every direction. I am sure that my decorating style would be much too busy for some folks, almost to the point of being distracting.

I suppose how you folks could help in this process is to share some of your successful attempts at down sizing and what kind of mind set you had to have in order to let some things go. While writing this, I realize that I should probably start a new thread and ask for ideas for helping me once again, get up off some of the many distractions I have going on in this small house.

I will certainly be open to hearing from others here as well as on the new thread. I am all ears presently and hoping for some good motivational tips. Thanks all.


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My sister is now in rehab! You can read the details on the prayer forum.

We have an offer on Mom's house....please pray it passes inspection, if so, then we will close in 30 days! Which is perfect timing!

Glad everyone is OK.

Eventually I have to start decluttering my house!


Crozet, VA

Hi Jeanne- Thanks for the update. So glad that your sis has improved enough to begin the rehab. I will pray that the house sale and all other endeavors you are involved in will all go smoothly and quickly for you.

I am in the midst of packing every item in my house hold minus the kitchen and bathroom stuff. Every thing else is needing to be packed up and stored for carpet installation that will take place in about two weeks. What a very major project this is turning in to. A person doesn't realize how much they own until they start going through it. I have decided to wait to begin ridding myself of things when it is time to begin putting things back in their homes. I know that I am going to have a lot of bed linens that can go. I have also realized that I am in dire need of a storage box on my deck for house plants supplies.

I have also decided to take this opprotunity to make some storage changes in order to have more space for my extra kitchen items. I plan to begin using the linen closet which is located beside the dining room to store some of the kitchen gadgets which are now piled on top of each other and very hard to access, so I am not getting the full use from many of them.

Anyway.....even though it is a major under taking, I am learning a bit about better planning storage wise. I will hopefully be able to report back in a month or so and claim that I love my new carpeting and that my new storage system is working well.

Thanks again for checking in Jeanne. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.


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That is exactly why I do not have new carpet........we would have to do the same......what a job. I will be praying for you!!!!

Went to see my sister today. She looks great! Very tired naturally, but then so am I.....actually I think she looks better than me.....haha!

Good luck with your project Ruby!


So tired I didn't even spell my own name right.

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Oh gosh... I understand where you are coming from in terms of being a care giver for your sister. During my life time I have come to realize that visiting hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers are totally exhausting for me. I haven't quite figured out what it is about being a visitor to these places that make the experience so exhausting, but I always return home pooped out. So, I do suspect that this might be a good time for you to examine your own needs right about now Jeanne. Are you taking proper care of yourself in terms of getting good rest and nutrition? It is easy to be caring for others who are ill and forget to care for ourselves while doing so.

I look at it like, what good will I be to those I want to minister to if I am a worn down wreck myself? It took me many years to realize that and often was guilty of putting everyone elses needs before my own and then wondering why I sfeeling so poorly.

Please remember to have your owns needs met during these stressful for all times. So great that your sister is seeming to rally, I know you were very concerned for a while. Great news indeed.


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Thanks for your prayers.....as for me......of course not......no time.

I am in a full firbro flare.......ready to collapse. She will be released on Thurs from rehab and now a new Dr. tells her she has cirrhosis of the liver! Didn't say what stage........so here we go again.

I'll go up and see her tomorrow.

Good luck on your new carpet project!

Can't wait to see the pictures!


Crozet, VA

Dear Jeanne - I didn't realize that you suffered with fibromyalgia. Oh my gosh lady.....lots more reason for you to tend to yourself with extra care. I know that when it comes to family, we want to be available and able to help when there is a crisis. I have learned the very hard way over the years just how detrimental allowing ourselves to get worn down is. I too have a condition much like Fibro, and even had a doctor tell me he believed I had it along with another autoimmune system disease I have dealt with for over twenty five years. I was so ill for so long. I only began getting better, and the disease quieting itself a bit when I learned to put the brakes on in terms of trying to do too much.

It was only when during a six day hospitalization in which I was begging to go home and be available to my two young sons that a kindly Chaplain came and talked to me and pointed out that if I didn't take care of myself and my own health needs, I wouldn't be worth a dime to my boys. I am sure that I had heard that before but at this point it sunk in and I truly began understanding that I needed to put my own health above all else, in order for me to be in the very best condition I could and be valuable to my boys. My being ill due to the stress around me, and trying to over do and be all, was in reality not helping anyone. We are all much happier when I am healthy.

I send this message out of concern for you. Please try to find some ways to cut back on the stress associated with ministering to the ill. I am so sorry to hear that yet another thing has arisen that needs to be faced as far as your sister's health is concerned. We just don't know....maybe the new doctor is wrong. I have another Dave's Garden friend who had the same diagnosis some years ago and is now fine, the cirrohosis just disappered.

Try your best not to worry, and leave this burden at the foot of the Lord. He can do miraculous things, as we know. Find rest in him. I will be thinking of you and your sister.
God bless you honey.


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Praise the Lord, Jo does not have cirrhosis of the liver......evidentally they said they would be testing for it, or we have a miracle! Either way I am so thankfull she does not have it.

The depakote. antiseizure meds was messing up her blood, so they have changed it to Keppra. She didn't get released so it is very very discouraging naturally. She will have been in the hospital a month tomorrow. She is more than ready to go home! They think now it'll be at least Thursday.

I have been trying to rest this week.

We have a contract on Mom's house......if they will do the repairs required for FHA because we cannot. If they do then we will go to closing at the end of the month, which means we have to go over and finish cleaning out the garage and odds and ends.....so I have to be rested before then.

Needless to say my house has suffered. I manage to do the minimal. Now that Jo is in rehab I don't have to be up there so much, so I am able to get some rest. I pretty much have been in bed all of this past week due to exhaustion and the fibro. When I get down, that is all I can do is just rest.....do nothing, until I get stronger. I am starting to feel like I might live. I will be so glad when she is home. It is such a long walk back to her room, that we both are getting rehabbed!

I actually think she looks better than me, but then she is 8 1/2 years younger!!!!

Thanks for all of your prayers and conerns! They are sincerely appreciated!


Crozet, VA

Jeanne, that is great news!!! Hallelujah!!! Our God is a mighty God. My son was on Depakote for many years. When he changed medications, he dropped seventy five pounds very quickly. That drug, along with many other ones are poisonous for so many folks. I take nine different medications a day myself. So far I see benefits from them all, so will keep up this way for a while.

I have a condition very similar to Fibro. It is called Behcets Disease and is much like Lupus. I have suffered mightily over the years and have made monstrous life changes in order to cope with the suffering it causes me. Thankfully, it seems to be in a good remission for some years now, and I at least no longer suffer chronic pain the way I did for so many years. Folks who have not known illness intimately can never understand the heavy burden it is for those who are suffering. The thing about Behcets and Fibro also is that we look fine and folks don't understand how miserable life can be when in flares.

I hope that the rest you have had the past week or so is getting you healed up. I am very well aware of having periods where I am not much good for anything. Forget the housework. It will be there when you are feeling better. I must say that not being able to perform to my former level of activity has been one of the hardest things to deal with. For so many years I would become very depressed over my inabilities. It is almost thirty years of dealing with the disease and I am now able to gauge usually how much I can do or not do and stay semi-well.

I know that you wanted to be there for your sister, but I am really glad that you were able to cut back on the visiting end of it. Again, visiting the hospital to see anyone has to be one of the most exhausting things I have ever done. Don't know what it is about visiting hospitals for me, but like clock work, I am always exhausted after visiting.

I hope that you will continue to check in from time to time. Thanks for updating me on your sisters progress and letting me know that you are doing alright. Please continue to do things to help you heal quicker. I have tried keeping up with some of the prayer forum threads in the past, but am not active currently, so I truly appreciate the message here.

Please feel free to write a dmail any time if you feel as though you need a shoulder or an ear from someone who truly understands some of the things you are experiencing. For now, God Bless and continue to do what will help heal you, mind and body.


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Thank you for your prayers, Joanne is finally home. She came home Tues, the 12th. The keppra is making her very nausuated, so pray this too shall pass. We are all very thankful! It has been a very long month...

We are all resting! No additional news on Mom's house, so keep praying it sells!

Take care of yourselves, and again, Thanks so much for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!


Crozet, VA

Great news again Jeanne. Please if it hasn't already been addressed, have someone ask your sister's doctor about an anti-nausea medication. I take a med called Compazine daily due to my other medications making me nauseas. If I happen to forget the Compazine, I am one sick feeling puppy. There are also other medications that do the same thing. She doesn't deserve or need to suffer with this.

Good luck with everything.


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Howdy everyone!

Hope all of you have been having nice weather and productive sessions since I was last on here! I know I've been "in absentia" for many weeks due to all the art shows, with my photography prints, but thankfully that has slowed down a bit to allow me to get some more things done around my place. I do have a photo to post that shows I've "controlled" the clutter inside my hallway bathroom. Yay for me!! I have had my 'space saver' over the toilet area for some time now, but had never had the time to "anchor" it to the wall. That all changed about 2 months ago. I spent a Sunday working on anchoring the unit to the wall and then got all the toiletries and other items "corralled" inside some baskets that I bought at Michael's when they were on sale for 40% off each basket.

Some of you may recall me talking about the 'sticky tiles', a few months ago, that I was going to put under my kitchen sink area ~ yep! ~ that's been completed too! After I had the last small piece of plywood cut, then I could start on putting the sticky tiles down. I've got photos of that project too, but might still be on the memory card. Now since this project has been completed, I can take all the lower cabinet doors off & drawers out to start prepping the area to be painted. When I had posted the pics from b/4 when I cleaned the kitchen, one of the pics shows the right hand side of the kitchen [lower cabinets] ~ those are the ones that I'll start working on hopefully next week. I had to go out & buy some more paint for the cabinet fronts, since the other paint that I had of the same color had turned into something that looked like & had the texture of "silly putty." I may have to go out & buy some more of the "Pale Marigold" color for the main body of the cabinet.

Since I had been doing my cleaning, I had put all my "paint chip strips" of the paint that I actually am using somewhere & now can't recall where I put them. UGH!!! Thought I had put them somewhere with all my paint supplies, now the ones that I had collected over the past 3 years aren't being printed anymore.

Since I have to keep the lower cabinet doors off for painting, I don't want to put anything back under the sink yet, since I've got the 4-legged "nosy" roommates that will undoubtedly be inside the cabinet area. Unfortunately, there is enough room that they can jump into the drawer where I keep the dishtowels. LOL!! Anyway, gonna sign off for now. Just wanted to let y'all know I've had a productive few months. More 'up-to-date' progress reports will be posted when time permits. ** First pic is of the bathroom space saver. I did find 2 of the preliminary pics that I took of the kitchen cabinet project ~ one pic shows the completed plywood flooring & the other one shows a partially 'tiled' floor area. **

Y'all have a good week & will get back on when time permits! Bye for now..........

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Sounds as though you have been hard at both in terms of attending art shows and working on projects at home Jennie. Way to go!!! I can't remember when and where I have posted updates on all that I have going on, but I have a very major project almost completed here too.

A bit over a month ago I signed a contract to have all new carpeting installed through out my home. This has required that I have spent the majority of my days packing up years and years worth of clutter and belongings to be put in to storage while the carpet is laid. I can tell you that it hasn't been all fun and games. On a few occasions I have become bone tired and along with the high temperatures on some days, I have certainly lost my cool a lot more than usual.

I didn't try to de-clutter, down size or pare down during the packing. I decided that after the flooring is put in that I will take my time and begin bringing in a couple of boxes or totes at a time and go through them with a close eye and decide at that time what still fits with the new house and what can be donated, sold or given away. I am enjoying the space that has opened up already with only a very few small furnishings gone but a lot of decorative pieces packed away and am hoping upon the re-setting up house keeping that much of this will go away from here or stay in storage and let my heirs deal with it later on. I guess I should ask them if that would be okay with them first though. hahaha I have some nice things but was really limited on space to display things, so something has to give somewhere.

I do know that the TV shows which are dealing with hoarders and collectors have the right idea when they empty out the houses or spaces to be dealt with. I have been able to come up with some better organizational ideas now that closets are empty. When we first moved here, things were just put wherever was convenient and have stayed that way since. With the items moved out, my brain was able to think of better ways of doing some of the organizing and storing when things return inside. That is a great benefit already.

The carpeting won't be installed until the 25th of June, so I still have a week to do the final packing. I have one closet that needs my attention and then I can sit back and enjoy the spaciousness of my small place. I already know that I like the minimalist look enough that I am not going to be willing to junk it up the way it seemed before. I am sure also that making some storage areas serve to different things than they have in the past will also make a big difference the smooth running of the household day in and day out.

So glad that you checked in Jennie. Continued good luck with future endeavors. I especially love the over the toilet storage idea. It is decorated very nicely and is very eye catching and looks like a peaceful spot. Way to go, keep up the excellent work.


Yucaipa, CA(Zone 10a)

Hello Ruby!

I won't make this very long, as I've got some other business to tend to on the computer b/4 I shut it down for the night. Great news to hear about the new carpet coming and your packing up everything to be able to put it down. I'm glad you're also enjoying your new "minimalist" look inside your house. Hopefully one day, I can get to that point too! As I know Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will my "de-cluttering" process be done in a day either. Would be nice though, wouldn't it!?! When I think back on how long I've been without a job, I should have realistically been devoting much of that time to cleaning my place up. I know a lot of the photoshoots and art shows have taken up my time, but I'm going to make a "conscientious" effort to do something along the lines of "de-cluttering" on a daily basis. I know the kitchen is always a source of 'inner stress' for me and if I can keep it clean on a daily basis with only mild touch-ups, I'd feel so much better. So, tackle the kitchen again I must! I've got a check list on the front of my fridge with at least 5 items that need urgent attention & as I get one done, I cross it off! I only have 3 items left to go & then another list will take it's place. :)

I finally remembered to bring in the camera from the car that I had the "completed" pics of the 'sticky tiled floor' on and just now uploaded them to the computer. I'll attach two pics that show each end under the sink area. I didn't take a pic of the center area, since it's assumed that it's also completed.

So glad you like the bathroom space saver! I'm so glad I 'finally' had a chance to attach it to the wall & organize with baskets! This bathroom has the "satin nickel" finish on the faucet & space saver.

The back bathroom will have the "rubbed bronze finish" on things. I've already got the light fixture. The back bathroom also has the 'oak' finish for the other bathroom fixtures [t.p. holder, towel rack, etc.] I'm going to get the 'bronze' finish toilet space saver for that bathroom too. The back bathroom is going to be another total "gut" job in regards to things being replaced. Only thing that is staying is the bathroom window. I've already got at least 90% of the bathroom painted and doing the rest as time permits. I'll also post pics of that room in it's different stages. I only have one 'before' pic & it shows the vanity area a total mess! Only the completed floor in the kitchen this time. :) Comments are always welcome from everyone!

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Crozet, VA

Hi Jennie - Sounds as though things are coming right along for you in your attempt to beautify your surroundings. Don't be overly concerned about what you haven't done and give yourself praise for what has occurred. I too have a tendency to be very hard on myself, and feel as I should do or be more than I am often capable of. I do know that I have worked as hard this past month as I ever have in the past. This project is very similar to moving, and most folks hate the thought of moving.

I have learned things about myself during the process though, so that is a good thing. With emptying things out versus trying to organize with every thing in place, I have found it to be a lot easier to think of new ideas for organization and such when you are working with an empty space. My hall linen closet has to take the cake for being a big disaster. It was kind of a catch all for some many different types of items. When emptying it completely I have been able to come up with better use of the space which I believe will pay future dividends in terms of having better access to things.

Anyway.......here is wishing you continued success on your projects, and also hoping that all mine go according to plan also. Have a great Sunday.


Dolan Springs, AZ(Zone 9a)

My grandfather was a Depression survivor, and never tossed anything, my mother was the same. When I married a man who was a minimalist there was quite an adjustment time, but now I love the simplicity of having only what is necessary. Our home is only 24 x 30, so space for everything is minimal.

Here are a few pics of our home. The only rooms you aren't seeing are the bathrooms and son's bedroom, which are equally sparse and small. It is really quite liberating to not have stuff, and cleaning is so quick!

We are in the process of building our retirement cabin now. It will be 14 x 20, with a basement the same size. So then I will REALLY be downsizing!

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Very nice. What a cute home you have. I just saw a new book on decorating small spaces and the author was visiting the talk shows. She had some great ideas and her apt was very small. One of the ideas I really liked was a decal of a coat rack she put on the wall. Then used clear plastic hooks to hang her coat and umbrella. So much cuter than just hanging them on the wall with hooks. I have friends that live on a sail boat in the Caribbean. They retired last year and pretty much go rid of everything before they moved down there to start their new life.

Dolan Springs, AZ(Zone 9a)

That coat rack sounds very cute!
Living on a sail boat is really small-but imagine waking up every day to that kind of beauty!

Monson, MA

Hi Ruby and everyone!
Have been busy and have some decluttering to do, had bought birthday and Christmas presents ahead of time and they do add up (most for grandchildren and things that they do like, tools, aprons etc..)they do enjoy unwrapping my Christmas presents, never knowing what I give them, plan to add some special gardening items that they could use and help with their gardening next year.
Had also stocked up on seltzer water when on sale, I do like to use sales but all the extra is tough on storage.
My spare room has a center walk way only....will try to get to it this summer....perhaps some shelving would help.
Did get a small 4X6 greenhouse (at sons house, 1 block from my apt.) took 3 months to arrive FROM SEARS!! What a situation that was! But will be great next year when I start seeds! Have put in some shelving and am trying to keep all my garden tools in it. Will put heavy duty plastic on top shelf to keep water off all I stored under therm, think I will make a ridge also aroung 3 sides of the watering shelf, will have to work this out.
Good luck with all your new carpets!!! :: ) =^.^=

Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

Jo went back into the hospital Father's day with another Kidney infection. They took the stent out. Didn't see anymore stones. The infection resisted antibiotics. It became severe. Ste stayed until last Friday. She is home again, but having complications. She has a follow up appt today. Please continue to pray for her.

The appraisal on the house has been ordered. We have most of the things out of the house. Will go over there today and get some more. My poor hourse looks like I am a horder. I will be so glad when I can work on this one!

All the pix look great! Good job everyone.

Monson, MA

Hi Mountaindweller! Wow!!! So easy to clean!!! And I bet you save $$$$$ many ways!!

Dolan Springs, AZ(Zone 9a)

Hi ladyslipper, since I took those pics we took out all the carpet and laid down a pergo type floor that looks like wood. VERY easy to keep clean, and very scratch resistant. Yes, housework is quick and easy, with so few surfaces and knick knacks. I get to spend my time outside, or reading, or on DG :>)

Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

Hi everyone!

The appraisal on Mom's house came back "High" w/ no repairs, so we should go to closing next week!!!!
We have a few more things to get from there tomorrow.

Praise the Lord!!!!

Eventually I can start decluttering this one!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying cool! Belated Happy Fourth of July to all!


Crozet, VA

Hello To All - Welcome mountaindweller and thanks so much for sharing the pictures of your home. Oh yeah, it does look as though cleaning would be a breeze.....something I want to give more thought to in the future. Due to being without power the past week, I am way behind schedule in terms of getting things put back in place after the carpeting was installed. It was too hot for me to get involved in anything that required more than sitting on the couch reading or working crossword puzzles. I supppose later in the week when temperatures are suppposed to be lower, and I have fully recovered from the past week, I will then begin sorting through the many packed up boxes of items that I very hurriedly packed before the rug was put down.

The rug is in and I do love it. I vacuumed the first time yesterday and picked up quite a bit of dust and dog hair which thankfully hadn't been visible to the eye. I am vey much looking forward to once again moving out a lot of clutter thats only purpose had been to use up space. One thing I was able to do a few of the days with now power was to begin going through a couple of bins full of papers that needed sorting in order to not throw out anything important. I have sorted lots of paper and have loads of shredding to do that will eventually go to the compost bin.

If I am able to get rid of my collectibles and room decor pieces as easily as I have with clothing and papers, I should be okay when the time comes to begin making letting go decisions. I have been proud of the little success I have made so far, and hope to continue with it and eventually have a home that would be described as a minimalist decor.

I appreciate hearing others thoughts on the subject, so please feel free to continue the comments. It sure helps hearing hints and tips that others use in order to get our homes in a fashion that we are comfortable with. For now I am off to see what I can get in to and continue to give thanks for having power.


Yucaipa, CA(Zone 10a)

Hi Mountaindweller ~

Nice to meet you on here. From the description of your place, sounds like you have a single-wide mobile home, correct? Just wanted to say how cute your place looks from the pics that you posted. I love the log bed you have. I have a double-wide and am constantly working on trying to get things more organized. When I first bought & moved into this place, I was doing a little in each room, but not seeing much progress at all. That's when I decided to "concentrate" on one room at a time. I've been doing most of the work in the kitchen at the present time, while the back bathroom that is connected to my bedroom is in a "state of demolition" ~ everything except the window is being replaced a little at a time. I've got about 95% of that room painted and will do the rest when I pull the vanity cabinet & existing light fixture out. Not sure when that will happen with the cabinet, but the light fixture will happen soon. Right now, there is a huge opening where the old medicine cabinet used to be.

Rome wasn't built in a day and this place won't get done in a day either. I'm hoping to one day get to a "minimalist" environment or at least something along that route. My main concern now is trying to find a job, so quite a lot of my home improvements are on the back burner. I'm only doing what I can with what supplies & material that I can use without spending more money than I have to. I was going to 'enlist' the help of my two older grandkids to help with some of the 'de-cluttering' but that might not happen now either, since I just found out that my car has to have the "on-board" computer replaced and will cost me $875. I have to get it smog tested, so have to get this done so it will pass the smog test [another $60], just so I can renew my tags for $114. Nice huh? Going to cost me almost $1000 just for $114 tags.

Well, time to hit the sack. I've been keeping really strange hours and need to get my body's time clock straightened out here soon. I do like getting in bed at a decent hour & not being a "zombie" as my friend calls me. Take care & stay tuned for more progress on my end! :)

Crozet, VA

So glad you wrote Jennie. Gosh, what a bummer about the car expenses. Is there any way for your insurance to help on any of it? Wouldn't hurt to call and ask, even though you shouldn't get your hopes up. I know how it hurts when unexpected things hit and finances are already strained. Good luck on finding some employment soon.

It sounds as if you have taken the right approach about re-modeling your home. It is frustrating when we can't see any progress. I know that these past months packing up all my belongings and putting in storage has allowed me to see better ways of doing things. I have done what I thought was a major de-clutter a while back, but it has certainly opened up my mind by having every thing out of here and sort of a blank slate to work with.

Texasgal, sorry I didn't address any of your comments when writing yesterday. It sounds like good news about the house, so hopefully that is one less worry. So sorry that your sis is still experiencing complications. That seems to be about par for the course when having medical issues. Seems like a person begins dealing with one thing and then all these other things tend to pop up that need addressing. Hope that she will continue to do better soon.

You have so much other going on currently that it is no wonder that you feel pressured about your own place. Remember as Jennie said......Rome wasn't built in a day and any thing worth while takes some time and effort. Your house and its issues will be waiting when you finally have the time to address it. Please don't allow it to drag you down. I am preaching to you and needing to hear the same thing myself. I was really upset this last week when we were without power and it was too hot for me to begin putting things back in order after the carpet was laid. I sat here all week looking at moving boxes and every thing being out of place, and wished that I could have done more, but the heat and no power made it impossible for me to get in to doing anything. Hopefully this will be a productive week for me and things will get moving right along as I have the time and the cooler temperatures to deal with my mess.

I know that having health issues to begin with it makes things difficult for me at times, but I do know from experience that if I don't listen to my gut and remain calm, cool and collected, I will end up becoming so ill that doing any thing will be impossible anyway. I know instinctively when I am pushing too hard, and know what awaits me if I don't slow down at times, so am better at resting and recuperating than I used to be when I felt as though I always had to be forging ahead.

So, every one stay cool and have a good week coming up.


Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the advice! I have been in bed much of the time since Jo got out of the hospital the second time. I am just now beginning to gain my strength back, and yes, the house is just as it was......it is still waiting for attention. haha!!!!!

Hopefully little by little I can start giving it some.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Crozet, VA

Join the club Jeanne about the house being in same sort of condition. I was just writing another friend and out lining all that I still need to do since the pack up in June. I am no where near unpacking every thing. The difference is that as I unpack, I am being sort of selective in what I plan to keep. I have two different areas for things to get rid of. One area is for yard sale stuff, and the other area is for things that a friend is taking and trying to sell on ebay. I thought that I would see what I could get money wise before donating the items.

I am so sorry that your last months have taken such a toll on you. Let's hope that your recovery continues and that life will begin going better for you soon. Hey, when there is illness, either with ourselves or our loved ones, house cleaning is about the last thing we need to try focusing on. As you know, it will be there waiting for you when you are better able to address it.

Take care and continue to check in from time to time. We will be here.


Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)


I still have boxes to go thru that we brought from Mom's, plus my own........it'll all get done in time.

i just don't move very fast anymore. I only have one speed......slow.


Crozet, VA

Dear Jeanne - don't feel alone. I too am facing many boxes and bins sitting around in different places in the house. I hurriedly packed every things some months ago to allow for the house to be empty when the carpeting was installed and I am going extra, extra slow on getting the boxes and bins back inside and gone through to see what to keep and what to let go.

So, know that I am with you in spirit as you slowly go through the contents of your own boxes. The old saying of slowly but surely is good to apply here. We will get there. No need to beat ourselves up emotionally over it. I realize and those around me realize that I too with health issues can't do and accomplish all that I did beforer having health issues. It was difficult in the beginning of illness to accept that I could no longer perform as wonder woman. I have spent many an hour emotionally beating myself for my not being able to do what I did in a previous life. I suppose I am getting better at not beating myself up as much as before and now kind of look at it like, heck....here I am with all sorts of odds against me and I still am able to function as well as I do. I have some folks share with me that they are really surprised that I am as able to do as much as I do.

So, pat yourself on the back for good work done on each and every little thing you accomplish. You are working against great odds and most healthy folk don't understand what it is like to rely on an uncooperative body. Don't let is get you down.....keep plugging along......it will get done.


Monson, MA

Hello All!!!! I am still alive!!! Glad to see you still here Ruby! What wonderful advice I have got from you!
BEST ADVICE!! Before you buy something for the home, you have to throw something OUT!!!
However!! Did straighten up my spare room, only to clutter AGAIN!! Have been buying thing for Christmas, especially for the giving at the church. Perhaps some shelves would be a plus in this room. Will have to think on this and keep my eyes open at sales. What do you think??? Now I have bags and bags just piles up on the floor.
Back is bad....but will survive....just have to sloooooow down some and take pills (UGH!!)!
This aging of the body is dificult to accept and adjusting my life is not easy!
God bless you all....and good luck with your projects!

Crozet, VA

Hi Sweetie - I am so glad that you check in from time to time and give an update. Good to hear from you and it sounds as though you are in a good mind set even though you, like most of us, have a few complaints. I hope that your back will cooperate. Nothing like nagging pain to take joy out of one's life. Sounds as though you have much the same problem as myself with purchasing lots of gifts and having no storage space for them. A couple of years ago when doing the major de-clutter I was amazed at how many little dollar store items I had sitting around that had never been given to anyone. I kind of like to keep a stash in case someone visits or something and I can send them home with a little something, but I had way too many.

I too have been picking up children's Christmas gifts on some of my outings. Since every thing I have purchased so far is small, I have space on the shelf in my master closet. If I buy anything with any size to it, I am not sure where I will store it. Your idea of a bookshelf or some sort of shelving might be a good idea. Since you know that you have a tendency to have these gift items sitting around, may as well address the issue and at least have them looking neat. Go for it.

I am considering purchasing another book shelf. I have so many books and I hate the thought of giving them away or the thought of them just being packed away, and I want to go ahead and find a place to display them.

Thanks for checking in honey.....I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

We will be starting on another room sometime soon, as well. New flooring for the BR we use for the Grands. The carpet is at least 15yr old and light beige. Want to do the same thing as before. Move everything out and go thru it all before it goes back in. We have some fall traveling and yard work but hope to get it done before the middle of Nov.

Yucaipa, CA(Zone 10a)

Greetings all! Yes, I'm still alive and dealing with all my "day-to-day" household 'clutter' cleaning issues among other things. I know I've been absent for awhile, as I've have had so much going on in all areas of my life ~ it's still a bit stressful so I'm just taking things day by day. Still no job of any kind and have gone back to school as of August 15th. Started back with my Admin of Justice classes again. Also have my car back again, smog tested & tagged now!

I think the last time I had posted anything on here was in relation to the sticky tiles for under the sink. That job was completed and then it was onto the painting of the cabinet doors & drawers on the kitchen sink side. That was also completed! :) See, I've been busy since I've been away from here. [Photo will be posted showing the recently painted cabinet area].

Y'all recall that I mentioned that I had brought quite a bit of paper documents from my Dad's house about 1 yr ago, before it was auctioned off. I've got a few plastic totes sitting around with stuff from his house. I've got an area near my bookcase that has 'his' totes sitting there ~ got the cardboard box emptied out & gave the box to my neighbor for his recycling needs. There was a lot of things from the box that got trashed, while some other things may have possible resale value on "Craigslist" ~ small digital camera pouches, etc. Now the plastic tote [the box sat on this] that held all his "old" banking statements is now completely empty and I've got another empty 'file box' to use now! :D

I also started cleaning off my wood bookcase that had turned into a catch-all for all kinds of things the past few years. I need to clean this bookcase, not only to have all the shelves orderly, but somewhere to put my books I have in the bedroom right now. Once I get the floor area cleared away from the 'junk' there, then I'll be able to work my way over to the boxes that are under my kitchen's breakfast bar area. I've managed to get some other smaller areas of the house a little uncluttered so I'm seeing some progress there as well.

On another note ~ I've had my first water disaster happen to me since I've bought this mobile home in 2006. Last Thursday morning, the 13th, around 5am [yes, I was still up on computer], I had heard a sound like water running or something. I thought my neighbor had left his outside faucet running. Anyway, the cats were looking towards the back of the house since they heard the sound too ~ I go to investigate the sound, washing machine is fine ~ all good there. Went into my bedroom and this water sound got louder. I walked into the back bathroom to find water gushing out of the toilet tank bottom! It looked like "Old Faithful" ~ only going down instead of upwards. There was probably about 1/2" of water all over the floor!! I got the water shut off at the stop, shut the water off at the main outside and then grabbed my large metal bowl to catch the rest of the water in the tank. I got the water line off & drained the rest of the water into the bowl. Almost 1/4 of the bowl held the rest of the water. Then out came all the towels to soak up the water. After all this and I finally got a chance to check where the water came from ~ a nice hairline crack going straight down the back of the tank. That bathroom was out of order for a few days until I was able to get the tank replaced. Good news here! This is where I scored big!!!

I went over to the local "Habitat for Humanity Restore" in Redlands and was talking to one of the guys about what happened with the tank. Since he didn't have the right size of tank that I needed ~ he told me "how about I sell you this complete toilet here for $10"...didn't have to think about that too long ~ it looks almost brand new ~ it's a "Bemis" brand. Best thing is the tank doesn't lean up against the bathroom wall anymore, has a 2" space like it should. I just saved over $70 by getting the toilet there, instead of Home Depot or Lowe's where it would have cost almost $100. I also got a "pendant" light for $12.99, which will replace the kitchen's ceiling light. I saw a pendant light in my "Shades of Light" magazine that looks similar to one I bought ~ that one was priced almost $200. Did I "SCORE" or what!! [Photo will be attached]. That's what has been happening with me lately! I just wanted to pop in and let y'all know I'm still around. Next on the list is the leaky kitchen faucet that went from an occasional drip to a steady flow. LOL!! It just never ends does it?

Hope all is going well with everyone and will drop in another time to give you an update on the continuing attack of the "clutter" mess. Until we chat again....Peace out!! :)


Thumbnail by Fleur_2011 Thumbnail by Fleur_2011
Crozet, VA

Wow Jennie....you really did luck out with your shopping trip. So cool. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love the kitchen cabinets, what a bright and cheery place to do hum drum work. hahaha You sound in high spirits despite some life issues that can bring a person down if we let them. Glad to hear from you and am happy that you seem in a really good space these days.

Holly......I know that when you and Ric decide to do something, you two go all out and get things done right. Folks, I have had the great fortune to visit Holly's home twice now and I refer to it as a paradise. Most of my time has been spent outside in the gardens, with an occasional trip inside to the potty which between my two visits had a beautiful update and is now a tranquil room in which I could sit for hours and just take in the beauty and calm of the place. She also has a glass plant room off her kitchen which I have envied since seeing pictures of it years back. Two of the walls being sliding glass doors makes it a wonderful place for house plants and also opens up views of the lovely gardens they have.

I can report that since being ill late last week and earlier this week I have come upon a new plan in regards to what I plan to do with my major pack up in June. I too am sitting in a home with totes sitting around. I am so tired of looking at them and not having the time to address them properly and it really doing a stress job on my head. I decided this week that for now, I am going to put all bins back in storage shed outside and forget they exists until 2013. Deciding to that has eased my mind a great deal. The bins I have already unpacked and put items in places where they belong has afforded the household to run as smoothly as ever, so I am calling a truce and giving myself a break. This whole packing up the entire house and then trying to unpack and store has really worn me down. I desperately need a break and am giving myself one. Yippie for me!!!

Next week I will begin getting the bins to storage and then begin to work on bringing in houseplants to their new and improved home. Here is hoping that each of you have a great weekend. Really good to hear from both of you. Hugs on you!!!


Monson, MA

Looking good Jennie, I put a low plastic bin under the sinks now to hold things. This makes it easier to pull all out to organize and it there is a leak items in cardboard and bottom of cans don't get wet or rusty.
Yes, Ruby got a set of shelves and thinking of getting another. Now I can see all items so when Christmas or birthdays pop up I know what I have. Got shelves on sale and saved $20. I did find some nice things on aution on e-bay that I know my family will like and getting ahead at great prices helps a lot.

I like to read historical romances and keep the books I like to reread 6-9 months later. I find them relaxing at night or when nothing on tv I like. So another set of shelves is in my future planning.
Stay well all and stay in touch even if only every month or so.... great to hear from all...+^.^+

Monson, MA

Ruby do be careful with all that packing, I know it is depressing...had to a household in Fl. to move back to MA was tough. Not able to take many things I had collected but now it is easier to care for the apt.. I should get rid of some other things and will as time goes on. Knowing I have not used things for a while makes it easier to part.
I do try to stick to 'bring one in take one out'!!!
Where are you moving to?? A smaller home??? You are in my thoughts! XXXOOO :: )

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

fleur, Looks great! what a big difference a coat of paint will make.

Crozet, VA

Hey Sweet Gerry - I ain't going no where honey. I packed up during the early weeks in June in order to have new carpeting layed throughout the house. There could be nothing on any of the floors, so that meant packing and storing almost every thing we own. I really didn't take the time then to go through and decide what could stay or go, so now I am faced with loads of plastic totes, many full of things that I don't need any longer and can go to new homes.

One day last week when feeling under the weather, both mentally and physically, I made up my mind that at this point, there is enough unpacked and put in their new homes and the household is running as efffeciently as ever, and that means that most of the totes not yet unpacked are full of things that I can eventually let go. I decided that this project now going in to month number four is getting on my nerves and I am going to take a break from it until after the new year. I will then proceed to start unpacking and decide what can be sold or given away. I am truely very thankfuly for the new carpeting but hope I don't have any other major projects occur for a good while. So much work!!!

So happy you wrote and it is also great to hear from Holly who must have inside work on the mind as she is participating in some of the clean and clutter threads recently too.

Jennie, keep up the good work. You are good inspiration for all of us. You folks all have a great week coming up.


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