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Central Florida, FL

I recently bought a pack of gourd seeds that said they were for crafts and drying -Large Bottle Calabaza gourd. The package did not say how large is large.

Last year we had to prune a crepe myrtle that was close to a power line and one of the branches was so neat that I saved it. So when I started to plant the gourds instead of using a conventional trellis I buried the 8' tall branch and planted four seedlings around it - great way to recycle. My vision was the vines would trail up the limbs and eventually I would have gourds hanging from the branches - like a gourd tree. My vision has come to fruition but I have a couple of questions

The plants had dozens of delicate white blooms, but only a small amount set fruit - is this natural? Is there a nutrient I could have added to help set more fruit?

Second - should I try to make some type of sling to help support the gourds? I don't know how large they will get or how much weight the stems can support. Any suggestions-ideas will be appreciated.

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Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I believe that gourds have male and female blossoms like squash and the males out number the females by several times.

I can't tell you about a sling, I've always grow that sort of thing on the ground.

Orlando, FL(Zone 9b)

Doug is right, there are female and male flowers. you will be able to tell which flowers are which before they even open. females have a swollen ovary behind the petals, and males are normal.
and yes male flowers usually outnumber the females by a lot. sometimes they aren't open at the same time at all. but you are lucky.
ok, i know they get heavy and quite large but i don't know about using a sling, so you might want to pick them when you see them bending stems or obviously too heavy to be hanging -you know?

Central Florida, FL

Thanks for the help.

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