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Smart Pots Users

BUda, TX(Zone 8b)

I'm looking into using the Smart Pots for a fall garden crop and am wondering if they are as good as their brochure says or is that a lot of hype and advertising. What are the good and bad points of the pots??

These are some of the vegetables that we plan on putting in a fall container garden:

Brussel Sprouts

Was also curious as to what size pots should be used for the fall vegetables...



Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)


when I lived up north I grew a few flowers in them until I knew if they were any good. They were great. I'm going to be growing all of my veggies in 5 gallon grow bags.

I'm looking into doing a co op (the new way here) on them. Still trying to get the delivery details worked out and then I'll post and interest threat before I go and pay for the classified ad for them. So if you have time to wait another week till I have all the details, I can't get a for sure answer on delivery time frame after an order is placed. Do really want to place an order and have to wait 8 weeks, as I wouldn't like that and I don't think others here would like that either.


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