Repotting Dypsis decaryi

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9b)

My triangle palm got pretty beat up by the wind a while back. I had tied it to a post in two places in hopes it would survive the wind. The result was the rope that secured the tree broke, but not the rope holding the pot. Several roots broke.

It has seemed for a while that few new roots are growing. It has had a couple inches of root visible beneath the trunk for quite a while. So my question is this. Will the tree survive if I prune some roots and repot deeper, bringing the soil level above the bottom of the trunk.

Sorry about 90˚ rotation on the second pic.

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Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

I don't know if it will survive... this species is pretty sensitive to having its roots messed with.. I would gently pull it out of this pot, trying not to disturb the current roots (do NOT prune triangle palm roots, ever!) and stick the whole thing in a much deeper pot and bury all the roots up to the trunk, and tamp down gently, water well, maybe add a bit more soil, water again and tamp again. Be sure the water is draining well from the pot (add a good, well draining soil mix, like that sold at Home Depot for palms, or maybe even a cactus soil mix). Place palm somewhere where there is no possibility of it blowing over again preferably completely out of the wind and mostly out of the sun (at least hot, afternoon sun). And hope for the best.

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9b)

Thanks Palmbob. I went the cheap route and put it in a 30 gal trash can. The Supersoil palm and cactus mix works well, though their formula changes from time to time. Generally I'll add some pumice or perlite.

Thanks for the warning about root pruning. You have said in other posts that some palms won't tolerate digging and transplanting.

It's in full shade now on the north side of the house. It will also get some wind protection there. I may move it to the back though. It would get some morning sun, and with as close together as these houses were built, it will be better protected from the wind.

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