Lawn Drip Irrigation: A few problems....

Conroe, TX(Zone 8b)

I had quite a bit of drip line left over after installing a system in my rose garden, so purely for kicks, I installed a system in my front yard. Yard is about 40' in width x 60' in length. I ran 2 lines down each side of the yard, and connected 6 equally spaced line to each end line. The system is on a timer, and does use a pressure regulator, filter, and backflow device, plus flush valves in 2 locations.
This works well, but I do get areas of thicker growth around the water lines, and when I mow, you can surely see the streaking where the lines are located. Any suggestions would be appreciated; the only solution I can think of is to double the number of lines across the yard, or possibly run the lines in a semi-circular manner every 10' or so (yes, that would take a lot of line) in order to more evenly distribute the water. That's the big problem with this system. I mainly did this because the front yard is relatively unshaded most of the day, and in these hot Texas summers, one has no yard if some measures aren't taken.

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