Shipping Fever Outbreak

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

We have been having a rough time at the barn. Two other families from our barn went to the same ride we went to. We set up our own watering tub and roped it off. The fire department kept it filled for us and only our horses used it. One of the other families also took precautions but the last family didn't. Their horses drank from the community tank and they brought shipping fever back to the barn. It went all through the barn. 17 of 20 horses got sick and needed meds. Penicillin and gent were flowing like water. We had to give a lot of bute paste to Ben because he is so sensitive to needles and gets a sore, stiff neck after injections. They are all over it now but 1. That horses is also having problems with his feet. I think it is thrush. I want to do a bit of studying on navicular disease and rule it out. It's makes me nervous that this horse's sire also had problems with "limping" episodes.

I rode Coffee a few days ago. Rode Ben just before he got sick. He has a wolf tooth that needs pulling so I am careful with him. I am using a "D" ring snaffle with him right now and it's working fine. He is very green but so willing. I'll take that everyday. :)

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