Major De-Clutter number two....please help with ideas

Crozet, VA

Hi folks - I was writing elsewhere on Clean and Clutter Free and decided to start a new thread and hopefully get some some new folks and new ideas. Many of you reading have been listening to my story for almost two years now. Many of you saw me through a many month long major de-clutter the winter of 2011. It was with the help, support and encouragment from other Dave's members that I was able at that time to send a lot clutter out of here.

Almost two years later, feeling really good about what was accomplished then, I am now ready to hopefully do a part two and hopefully find ways of getting rid of even more stuff that would be clutter related. Same as with other collectors, I am growing weary of too much stuff and am really starting to like a more minimalist look to my surroundings. I have loved each and every little knick knack that adorns this place, but am hoping that I am able to find a better suited style for my home.

The time has come that I am able to realize a dream of new flooring and that means a lot of packing up of things in order for the carpet installers to get in here during mid June and work. I figured that while packing every thing is the perfect time to once again go through items and see if there are things I am now willing to let go.

I am hoping to once again find some folks who will help me through this project. I don't believe I would have ever accomplished what I did two years ago if it hadn't been for the help and support I received from others who are also interested in tackling their clutter. Any hints or tips for making the job easier, will be gladly received. I am open to success stories, as well as failures. Maybe I can learn from others mistakes.

Anyway.....hoping I can get some dialog to help me through this major undertaking. Thanks in advance for all responses.

By the way, hope that everyone is enjoying the long weekend. Have lots of fun, but be safe doing it.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Hi Ruby, I think I once told ya that the more you declutter, the more you'll want to declutter. It becomes almost an addiction itself. I'd suggest that while packing up your stuff for the carpet layers, go ahead and cull out a few things. Set aside some boxes to put things in that you'd like to sell/give away and label the boxes as such.

The easiest way to see what truly looks good and fits your house is when it's empty. I've seen on Hoarders that they carry everything out of the house and then carry back in the essential pieces and then fit the pretty things back in, in moderation. After the carpet is laid, carry back in the bigger pieces of furniture that you know you want to keep. Then bring in the smaller pieces that you know you don't want to get rid of. Don't focus on sentimental items or reasons for keeping something. Evaluate it according to your plans for your new environment; does it truly match your theme? Is it unusual enough that you really want to keep it? Does it have a purpose other than "someone I love gave this to me"?

Sentimentality often keeps us bound to objects we really have no use for. If you have a large collection of items from someone, why not pick out a couple of favorite pieces and let the rest go? You'll be able to see and display and appreciate those two favored pieces rather than hiding them among all the many pieces.

As you carry in items, really pay attention to the feeling you get from them. Do you feel happy, more at home with this piece? Does this other piece fill you with some dread or distaste? Your own instincts can show you how a piece affects your mood. Surround yourself with only pieces that truly make you feel happy, not burdened.

Think also about the amount of time you spend on these items--dusting them, cleaning them, rearranging them, moving them out of the way, etc. Is your time really well-spent? Would you rather be doing something else? Do these items take you away from family and friends?

The more you let go of, the easier it becomes to resist impulse buying too. So not only are you clearing out stuff, but you don't feel compelled to bring more items into your home. My boyfriend wants so badly to buy me things and I'm having a hard time convincing him NOT to. He wants me to put a list up on the fridge outlining acceptable gifts. I think I'll just put building materials since I want to finish my gazebo and pavillions in the garden. LOL

Good luck with decluttering some more. You have a wonderful opportunity now to "start from scratch" almost. A blank palette can be so inspiring! Have fun with it and go at your own pace. Don't let it get hard or frustrating. Just do what feels right. If you end up keeping a lot this time, you can alway re-evaluate your belongings little by little over time. So just do what feel easy. It gets easier over time, as you know. So don't push it; just go with the flow.

Crozet, VA

Thank you BC for more wise words and guidance. I am planning to do exactly as you outlined. A very few things are being culled at the moment, but the plan is to do some real culling before bringing things back inside. I do have a vision of what I want things to look like after the new flooring, and it doesn't include all that is currently here. Yep, your words from years back have proven themselves true. I guess it kust took something as major and re-flooring the house to motivate me enough to begin doing things differently in terms of decor. Maybe I just hated this existing run so much that I put a lot of things around to distract my eye from the flooring. hahaha....

Earlier this week I found a website on de-cluttering that is pretty much emphasizing the same things you are saying, in terms of how an article makes me feel. I plan to use that when moving things back in. If I don't love it, it doesn't come back in.

I have made a few realizations by packing up this week. I am able to see that a few changes in storages spaces will make access much less toiling. I am changing my linen closet in to a storage space for many of my kitchen appliances that I don't often use because they are inconvenient to get to in order to use. Yep, those shows that empty the house out are right on target in terms of being able to accomplish so much more when you do indeed have a blank slate. I am still proud of the progress I made last year over the months it took me to go through items and get rid of so much.

Thank you for your continued interest and encouragement. I will get this done and am hoping that life will run a bit smoother because of my efforts. Happy boy friending.......sounds like a great guy wanting to buy you things. Shoot, even if they are construction related, that is what you want, so he may as well spend his money on something you will use.

Take care.


Crozet, VA

Hmmm.....didn't get too many bites on this one. I had a bit of extra time and came over to this forum to see if there were any new threads started. Not too many of those currently, but that is to sometimes be expected during warm months when folks minds are mainly on their garden chores.

My mind for over a month now has been on packing up the whole house and putting most every thing in storage so that new carpeting can be laid, starting tomorrow. The time is finally here. This has been a dream of mine for many years and was never feasible until now. My hubby always had good points on why NOT to put in new carpeting, but the time finally came when I could no longer live comfortably with this. I hope that I won't be disappointed, and the money I am spending will be worth it. I have really psyched myself up over this, so again, don't want any sort of disappointments.

After the project is complete and I begin bringing furniture and decor back inside, I am hoping to do some major paring of my belongings. I am already feeling as though I am breathing easier due to the few pieces of furniture that are already moved. I didn't realize that some of the rooms are as large as they are when removing the furnishings out. I will be the very first to admit that I have had way too much in this area to make it pleasing to the eye, or have it function easily in terms of things being in good storage places.

Some of the reading I have done on the subject of clutter says that you cannot organize clutter, you have to get rid of it. If it is not something you truly love and something that makes you feel good when seeing or touching, or it is not serving some use.....time for it to go. I am finally to the point where these very simple techniques are becoming more my mindset than how I have operated in years past when I subscribed to the more is better theory. I want very badly for a mindset of less is more.

The upcoming weeks will tell how well all of my research on the clutter topic has set with me. Will I actually be able to let go of some things that are serving no good purpose, or will I once again find myself with a jam packed house full of excess? Stay tuned.


Dolan Springs, AZ(Zone 9a)

I have one bit of advice for clothes. I grew up on clothes that came in large trash bags from the neighbors-it got passed around and you took what you could use. Or the cheapest of Kmart stuff. You get the picture. So I have a real hard time letting go of anything unless I've worn holes in it. But I am not 'financially challenged' now, and it is silly to keep collecting as if I might never be able to buy clothes again.
I choose a dividing mark in my closet, and when I wear something I put it on the left. If something remains on the right side of the marker through a whole season it needs to go. That way I know I'm not giving up anything I use, but I'm not holding on to stuff just out of fear of loss, if that makes sense.

Crozet, VA

Thanks Julia - Actually, I have never been a real clothes horse and really don't have much of an issue with letting things go if I haven't used in a while, or ever. I too have some things in my closet that I bought on impulse and have never worn. I guess a month or so ago when I knew that most everything in the house needed to be packed up for carpet installation, I did go through my clothes closet and was able to send away a good sized trash bag of very decent items that I felt someone else would make better use of. I loved all the pieces at some point, or I wouldn't have purchased them. After seeing many of them just sit in the closet and me never donning them, I finally let them go.

I am just hoping that as soon as I begin bringing back things inside that have been packed for a month or so now, that it will be easy for me to let a lot of other things go too. I am really looking forward to less crowded home. Thank for commenting Julia and I like your way of doing things, and just may use a system very similar in the future.


Tega Cay, SC(Zone 8a)

Hi Ruby: I hope you're enjoying your new flooring -- I love the feel of a new carpet under bare feet!

My husband & I often struggle with letting things go, and so I thought I'd chime in with some of our experience. We used to live in a relatively small house that had way too much stuff in it (we're not talking Hoarders level of stuff, but every closet & drawer was well utilized). Anyway, when we listed the house for sale, we knew we had to pare it back. But we couldn't bring ourselves to part with it. So, we rented a storage unit. About 8 months later, we finally moved into a larger house. When it came time to clean out the storage unit, we realized that we didn't even miss most of the stuff that was in there! Most of it was donated or sold, and it was so much easier to get rid of once the attachment was gone. For us, it was a powerful (not to mention expensive) lesson to learn.

So I guess my advice would be to box up as much stuff as possible, put it in an attic or garage for a few months, and then look at it with fresh eyes. Did you miss it? If not, get rid of it!

I also use Mountaindweller's strategy for clothes. When something is washed, it is put back on the right side. Anything remaining on the left is eventually donated!

Good luck!

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Julia, the 'divider' is a really good idea. I'm diligent about my clothing -- everything aside from swimsuits, socks & underwear, plus sweatpants is ON A HANGER. A nice one. Padded or good plastic. If I run out of hangers, then something has to go. But I've always wondered how to truly figure out what I wear as the seasons pass.

I also do NOT buy cheap clothing. I have a ton of vintage stuff, some artist-made clothing & a couple of designer pieces for dress-up. Even my T-shirts & tank tops have to be sturdy & form-fitting, shelf bras ideally, otherwise I feel frumpy.

Crozet, VA

Thanks JL for the your comments. I am finding the very same to be true here as far as missing things go. We suffered a weeks set back in getting things back indoors after storing them due to having no power for a week during some hundred degree temp days. No way did I have the energy to work in those types of temps, so I am running behind on getting things settled back in. That may be a good thing if your story of not having for a couple of months serves to be true here also. Oh yeah, the two china cabinets that I decided to keep look bare currently, but I will put things back as time allows. We did take this opportunity to down size bit and there are several pieces of furniture that were crammed in her that won't be returning. My third china press will be sold along with several metal stands that were holding mainly dust catchers will be either sold or given away.

Every one who has visited since the carpeting has been put down has commented on the spaciousness of the place. It has made a major difference, that is for sure. Even my grand children who stay here three days a week while their folks work have been better behaved and seem to not bicker as much and that may be due to having more space to hang out and not on top of one another all the time. Not sure....but it may have something to do with it.

I am with you on how cushy the new capeting feels to my tootsies. There is a major difference from the tiled kitchen and bathroom floors. Thanks for writing and sharing your experience. That is exactly what I am looking for when starting topics on here, I want to know of others sucesses and failures so that I can take heed.

Good to hear from you Summerkid. Oh gosh, the lady with a plan. You are so right in saying that our clothing deserves better treatment than we sometimes give them. We too switched some years ago over the the sturdier plastic hangers versus the wire ones which often wreak havoc on items. I pretty much pared down my clothing closet during the packing up project but still have a dresser full of jammie types of things and lingerie that I need to find some time and go through. I know that there are things there that haven't seen the light of day for ages and ages and would probably serve someone other myself a lot more than they are serving me in a drawer.

Thanks for the comments lady's. Things here are coming right along and I have been satisfied with my new attitude about letting things go. It makes such a major difference when working with a clean slate versus just one area at a time. I have faith that in the near future, I will be able to enjoy my surroundings much more than I have in the past.

Take good care all.


Crozet, VA

UPDATE.........things are coming along slowly. Been such a busy summer with so much going on. New carpeting, husband spending over a month putting on a new roof.....busy and pre-occupied all the way around.

By bringing in a few bins at a time and going through fairly leisurely, I have been able to begin paring down even more. I knew as I packed up stuff to be stored that I would not be bringing every thing back to live here. I have started two different sorts of sales piles. I have one friend who is going to try selling some things on ebay for me. In one of the bins I opened yesterday I found several ebay types of items. There is also another whole bin of items that I packed up some time ago to try and sell on ebay too.

A friend has offered to hold a yard sale for me and split proceeds at some point too. I am finding that there are going to be quite a few things that I am willing to let go which I wasn't able to let go of just a while back. This feels good. Upon bringing furnishings back in, we didn't bring everything. There are several shelves we were able to get rid of and an attachment to the large wooden desk I use has made some floor space due to not choosing to use it for now. When I thought about it, I realized that most of the drawers in the desk attachment were filled with junk rather than anything of real value. The three remaining drawers on the desk are quite sufficient.

While at it.....would like to give an elephant collection update. I enjoyed myself tremendously the last few days when unpacking elephants that many have been packed for a couple of years waiting on proper show space. As I unpack and wipe off the elephants I get to recall where they were purchased, or who gave them to me. Haven't yet begun to count how many I have collected over the years, but it is certainly up in the hundreds. Doing a bit of on line research yesterday I found out that some of the pieces I have are quite valuable. I have to also add that many of them have been purchased at dollar stores too and I love those just as well as the more expensive ones. I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite, as many really bring me a lot of pleasure when looking at them.

For now.....slowly but surely is getting it done.


Crozet, VA

Waving hello to folks out there. Not much progress been made since my last report on August 14. Haven't done much since washing the elephants and displaying them. I am now ready to tackle the items that I packed up from my small linen closet. That particle area is another that was convenient as a catch all too and thus while packing up, found all sorts of things that needed different homes. During the months following the carpet installation, I have pretty much filled the linen closet back up with things before even getting the things that were in it previously addressed. I did some switching around of items and now only have the very top shelf of the closet empty for bed linens. It will be interesting to see what I packed again and decide what will stay and what will go. Hoping that hubby will go to attic and bring down the packed items later today for me to begin doing something with them.

There are still full bins, along with some empty ones too in the plant room which is another area that can become a catch all quite easily too. I was advised yesterday that it won't be very long before house plants will be needing to come back inside for the winter, so I need to address the bins which are now taking up floor space. So much to do, and here I sit.....getting none of it done.

There is one good thing that I can think of at the moment. I now have two closets that have extra storage space. With a bit of thinking I am sure that I can find some ideas to solve some of the storage issues I have faced in the past. As of today, this has been a very long and drawn out process and I wish at times that things were already completed, and I would feel a bit better about my progress. For now, I will have to satisfied with the stage where I am and just keep putting one foot before the other and get it done.

Wish me lots of luck.


Victoria Harbour, ON

You are definately making great progress Ruby..kudos for you!

Crozet, VA

Hi Betty......things are rather slow currently. I was telling someone earlier that I am at the point where this isn't fun any more and I feel as though I could run the house hold quite nicely with what is in it now versus bringing in any of the other bins to go through. This has really taken up a major portion of 2012. Will be glad when all is said and done.

Nice to hear from you Betty......I am sure that you as always are going in ten different directions and have all sorts of productive things going on. I hope that you and yours have all had a very enjoyable summer and are ready for cooler temps to arrive and then get involved in all that brings along with it. Smooches hon.


Victoria Harbour, ON

Ruby, that must mean what is in bins is not needed..does big garage sale come to mind? Lol. No wonder you are exhausted, the heat we've experienced this year I don't know anyone who but you could have undertaken such a project..maybe your body is saying enough for now.

yes, maybe twenty different directions..just ad the Dg reunion for friends here end of June, really enjoyed their visit (5 days non stop re activities/sightseeing) then just back from Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans, just beat Isaac. looking at my calendar, next three months are booked..taking 4 grandsons away on the 22nd for the weekend to NY..meeting up with Dg friends in Frankenmuth Mi on Oct12th. Hamburg Ny in Nov. , a shopping trip to buffalo with the girls also in Nov. then Floriday for 2 or 3 weeks in Dec..add in Fall Color trip, Thansgiving in Oct, craft shows and there goes my 2012. Only good think is it keeps me out of mischief..that I'm thankful for.

back to Clutter Free, had a storage shed built in May, went through all the ropes and trashed an awful lot, then cleaned closets of treasures before the Dg gathering, trashed for some fall cleaning and The house shoukd be 'tidy and neat'! That being said when you live on your own and never there, not much cleaning to be done..

I do have a major project hopefully done by end of year, ceiling in basement and cupboards for the craft room..both will entail a but more declutter and organization..all and all, am making headway.

Bet you are sorry you asked Ruby!!

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Crozet, VA

Oh gosh Betty.....I love hearing all that you have going on. What a busy life style you live. I have always envied you for the activities that you are involved in. What a great thing about the get togethers with other Dave's members. I too have been fortunate enough over the years to be involved with plant swaps that the Mid Atlantic Gardeners here at Dave's host twice a year. There is one that we plan to attend next weekend in Maryland. Maryland will be about a four hour drive up and back, but the swaps are so much fun, that we try to attend all the ones we can. Cheap way to fill our gardens too.

Anyway.....really good to hear from you. Hope you have a great weekend. Talk again later.


Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

Ruby, here's one little thing that I've learned about tackling jobs that I don't want to do: I think about the big, giant job that I'm dreading....and then I try to break it down into smaller steps....and then I pick one little step to do. Just one. Just a little first thing. Sometimes it's "call XXX and ask about YYYY." Whatever. Not always, but very, very often, doing that one little step will give me the encouragement, the momentum, the sense of accomplishment (or something! Magic??) that I need to break the logjam. I find myself doing a lot more of the job that I even intended. It's sort of how you eat an elephant: one bite at a time. You know?

Good luck!


Crozet, VA

Thanks are correct. what you described is what I have found usually happens with me too. I can't count the many times I have kicked myself after starting a job for all the fretting I did before actually tackling the job. In most cases, I have worried a lot over very little and the jobs have never turned out to be as bad as I had imagined. I need to find a way to stop obsessing over things undone and use the same energy to get things done. I suppose it is all a process and a learning experience, and we get better with practice. I hope that you continue to hve good success with all your endeavors.


Newark, DE

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to DG. I posted on trash to treasure and one post on this forum, so this is my third. I have to say you gals are a great inspiration. I am in the middle of a transition from clutter overload. to living well. I used to "have a place for everything and everything in it's place" but not for a long time - life happens. My only sibling, a brother, broke his neck in 1988 and is paralized from the neck down. The month after he got out of rehab, a tractor-trailer ran a red light, hitting my car and giving me life long problems. A few months later and my brother's 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Thought they did get it all, but the chemo and radiation gave her severe learning diabilities. My SIL works, so I have to help out when I can. My Mom's health started to deteriorate through this all and since I was working but also caring for her daily all day to give Dad a break, something had to give. It made things tight but I quit my job and my "DH" (we're not married so I guess that's SO) agreed to pay all bills so I could do so. Meanwhile my own health deteriorated from the accident and also other problems. Meanwhile my pristine place started to become piles of crap everywhere.

Mom passed away in 2002. then I had a bad bout of depression. I didn't deal with her death well. I still miss her. My piles were still growing. Then Dad wanted all her paperwork and clutter out of the house. So I boxed it up and brought it home with me. I probably had 75 good sized boxes of just paperwork she hated to do and didn't. (Mind you while sitting with her I helped clean some rooms for her, bringing things in to ask what she wanted done with this or that so a LOT was gone). These added mountains added to my own clutter as well as depression from the memories as well as just seeing nothing but crap in every direction.

For a few years I could do nothing. My back and neck pain caused me to pair down to no longer carrying a purse (my other post here) and that was a first step. But I was suffering my own paralysis by analysis of each piece of paper. I couldn't throw away an old store bill if it was in Mom's handwriting!! I'd go through a box and maybe find a few things to toss, but not much. I bet I went through each box a half dozen times, before I startred to be able to let go. When I did, 95% of it I could toss, but going through it took time. I always kept a box at my feet so when I sat to rest my back I could go through stuff to trash. It felt so good to fill up that trash can. I have managed to finish all of the boxes of Mom's stuff. It's gone!!

Then, I started in our master bedroom, with the dressers and closets. They all look good. The master bedroom and bath - decluttered and cleaned. The main hall bath, the hall, the foyer, SO/"DH"'s den, kitchen, laundryroom (which is also a half-bath) are all deculttered and cleaned. I must admit here, I have to do the inside of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, but what you can see is clean. The dining room which is really my office, my living room (which is where I bring boxes to go through and has it's own piles too) are yet to be done. Ugh! That leaves the two spare bedrooms. Ha! That's a joke, neither have a bed in them but they are FULL! I used to call them my black hole bedrooms because I'd put something in one and I could never find it again. But I took about 20 boxes of things to the women's shelter and I still only have a path in them so maybe things are appreaing and they are really Stargates?

Anyway, I am working on things and feel encouraged by all of the posts I've read. That's a lot because SO/"DH" was injured at work. He had a double neck fusion and has healed enough to just last week have the double lumber fusion done. So I am trying to be quiet yet here to help him, if needed.

On top of that my own back is getting worse. The latest MRI showed several herniated discs which are worse than before and I have some nerve impingement causing a lot of pain. So my work time is very limited as well as what I can do'lift. Some days more so than others. I still have to do for my brother when his wife is at work and he needs to be at a doctor's appointment or something and now Dad has either dementia or begining Alzheimer's so I have to take him everywhere (and that's often) plus deal with his bills and such. Thankfully, so far he is still able to do for himself most things...but that will change.

I know it sounds like a soap opera doesn't it? LOL Sadly it is all true.

However, the GOOD news in all this is I think I have the depression beat! Some days I get "down" but I'm not in the bottom of the deep well I was once in. I have gotten rid of a LOT and I work on what I can, as I can. So I think I am winning it's just taking longer than I'd like. If I can learn to detach from some of the emotional things and the "but I could get somehting for that" syndromes I could do better. I'm working on it.

to all!

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Whoa. Not so much as a soap opera, Debbie, as just a whole lot to deal with. It just keeps coming, doesn't it? And yet through it all you have managed to remain sane. Who WOULDN'T get depressed once in awhile under those circumstances.

What you have accomplished to get back toward a more serene home is amazing! Truly.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Ditto what Summerkid said! That's a LOT to deal with!! Depression is bound to get you sooner or later. All of these responsibilities and disabilities will take a toll on you mentally and emotionally. It's brain overload for one thing. If you're not already on an anti-depressant, you might talk to your doctor. All this stress can cause your brain to quit producing the chemicals that keep you from getting depressed. I know this from experience. You have more than your fair share to deal with, so please take care of yourself in any way you can. I hope you do treat yourself frequently--just do something nice for yourself--go out to eat with a friend, take a nice little walk, get a pedicure (one of my favorite new treats), etc. You need some form of stress relief regularly to stave off the depression.

You've really accomplished a lot! One of the great things about it is that you're not leaving it for someone else. That's what I always worry about with my stuff. I just hate to think I'd leave a mess for my family to have to clean up. Your family will appreciate that you've taken responsibility. If you can't move as quickly as before, just work on clearing out the rest as you feel like it. And remember, today, there may be things you can't let go of, but as you've seen, at another time, those same things may seem useless to you and you just toss them.

Also, if you have stuff that's actually work money, sell it. It never hurts to recoup the money we've spent on our piles of clutter. You can use the money to treat yourself to something you don't bring home, like that pedicure. Who doesn't love having someone pamper their feet??? :)

You can sell stuff thru your local Craigslist, yahoo group, or facebook group. The facebook groups are popping up like mad these days. I've joined about 6 local facebook buy/sell/trade groups in my little area. I've gotten rid of tons of stuff and managed to acquire things I need. I LOVE Craigslist too. These online sources are free and easy to use and you can post pictures too.

If you have a bunch of small stuff, you might group similar items together and sell as a "Lot". Books by a certain author or a collection of angel figurines would be great as "lots". You can sell them for one price and clear out a whole box at a time. And selling on these groups are much easier than having a yard sale. You can clear things out as you go instead of looking for a place to store it all until the day you can have a yard sale.

If you're worried about people coming to your home, then meet at a McDonalds, Walmart, etc. But just about everyone I've met from these online groups are wonderful. In my area, we even meet up once in a while to do a mass swap/buy/sell. We all bring our stuff and sit in a parking lot (after obtaining permission from the owner for a group gathering) and go thru each other's stuff. It's a great way to make new friends too.

Welcome to our group, Debbie. It sounds like you're a go-getter and you're inspiring us with your post. PLEASE take care of yourself, and pop in and chat with us frequently. Let us know how things are going, whether you feel you've accomplished anything or not. We all understand the ups and downs of life and the decluttering process, and we're hear to listen when you need a friend.


Newark, DE

Oh summer, you are too kind..."yet through it all you have managed to remain sane" LOL I don't know about that .I have my doubts. Thanks for your encouragement and kind words!

Butterfly - thank you too! Everything you said is true. I am not seeing a doctor for depression. I did before, but the meds he gave me were worse than the depression. Back then, I researched and found that some foods and exercise actually produce the brain chemical. I watched what I ate and walked. I lost 75 pounds and felt so much better in so many ways. It even fixed a lot of the other things I was taking meds for. Unfortunately, as things have continued to happen and my own pain has worsened, the walking has stopped and a lot of that weight is back. Ugh! Things were slipping again - the housework getting only the necessity done, my weight coming back, and if I don't get a hold of it now, the depression will too. Anyway, going through all this I found I really do have a strong will power, it's just been missing for a while. I am determined NOT to let this get bad again - so I got on the computer to do just what you said - find something to reward me! A reward, like the proverbial carrot is what we all need at times. I love to paint and craft. I like to repurpose items too. So, in my searches I came across this site, and the trash to treasure forum, just 2-3 weeks ago.

"DH"/SO had his spinal surgery 9/5. It was a 6 hour surgery, plus the pre-op and recovery room time. I spent the day in the surgical waiting room online at one of their computers they have there, reading all the old posts on that forum. (It also kept my mind occupied on something besides worry for him and my own pain) I was so excited to find so many new things I wanted to try. It was encouraging too, because to do so, I'd also have to get rid of more "stuff" to make room for the fun things. (I nedd incentive) I was excited and felt I'd found many people like me - a sort of friends I just hand't met yet group. I posted an introductory to myself and included a couple pictures of some of my paintings I've done. Here is the link if you're interested -

I don't think I was supposed to post what I did on that forum, only T2T stuff or something. But I was only introducing myself and what I had done and liked. Truth be told, I was hoping for some encouragement to join in the T2T fun and find friends, not a chastisement. Whatever........guess I'll post there when I redo junk into something else and that's all. LOL

I was about to give up and I spied this forum. I thought ...wait a minute.... maybe there is inspiration there.... so here I am. I again read most of the old posts before I posted anything, hoping to stay within it's rules. All the posts have been very encouraging and have helped me once again realize I can keep going. I already do what I can when I can and then sit to rest my back at the computer - so I do both. Is that multi-tasking? ^_^

Anyway, maybe I can find a little higher gear as I get more done. That's my hope. I did get my herbs, spices and teas organized and on a shelf (also a pic in the other post of it) the other day. It looks so nice and it's great to be easy to find in the kitchen.

Oh I have sold a lot on eBay and Craig's List in the past. I intend to get back to that. I culled all the books I have read and want rid of and boxed them up. There are about 250 of them, more than 50% hardbacks and most are very popular authors like James Patterson, Dean Koontz, etc. I put an ad on CL for all of them for $100, which is cheap per book, but I think it is either just too many books, or too much money. So, I think I will take your suggestion and break them into "lots" by author and try again. That would be easier than individually on eBay. With the advent of the e-readers, books are not as popular with many. That will eventually change for some when the library they bought is lost when the electronic thing dies. LOL I was going to send them with someone I know headed that way, down south to a very small, poor area where the library is little more than a shed. But when I called the library, they didn't want them...........for free????...... Huh? (scratching head).

Personally, I never had a problem with people coming here. I always had whatever item I was selling at the door and so there were no "tours". "DH"/SO on the other hand, doesn't want strangers in the house, heck, not even on the property (and it's my house I bought, by myself no less) Guess it's a man thing. It wasn't a problem before because I just had people come when he was at work. Now that he is unable to work, I thought about meeting people at public places. There are always errands to run, so why not? So, yes, I have already decided to sell larger things, fragile things, anything hard to ship, on CL. Easily shipped items I will put on eBay. I may also list them on CL too, because they have a search function now and I sold something to someone in Texas on CL listing here in DE - COOL!

I must say I was a VERY good girl yesterday! I was on my way to refill a prescription for SO and I stopped at a yard sale. She was closing up and offered me several items for free. Two of the items were things I'd seen in the T2T forum....headboards. One was full size and perfect for a bench and the other a twin - perfect to cut in half to use as arm rails and make a coat tree. I saw that one here actually (a little more than halfway down the page stained kind of redish color) -

But do you know what I did? I thanked her and said I really wanted the headboards to make some things, but I needed to get rid of stuff I already had first. She asked what was I going to make, so I told her and she smiled ear to ear and said - "that's what I need..a bench!" She had 2 high backed chairs that prevented her from seeing her flowers, but a bench would cure that. So I walked away with nothing to bring home and cause more clutter even at free prices, and helped the lady too. How cool is that? ^_^

Oh I am rambling, sorry. I just wanted to thank you both for such a warm and welcome response. Your encouragements are greatly appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Debbie, you misunderstood the T2T posters ... there was no chastisement intended (I know those people!) ... they were just trying to point you to other helpful forums.

I think you need to put your foot down with hubby on selling things at the door rather than causing you more time & travel to meet the potential buyers. Sometimes it's OK to say no to "man things."

And we are very happy to meet you! As Butterfly said, you are an inspiration. You know why? Because so many of us come here in such a hole that it takes awhile to get on that upward spiral. But here you are, already a success story (You KNOW what it's like to be 75 pounds thinner. And uncluttered. And happy.) ... so we already have something to cheer here!

Crozet, VA

Hello Ladies - Debbie, welcome aboard. Summer and Butterfly have pretty much said anything I would say to a new comer. I would like to say that you are truly on the right track, to stay on track. Had I not had the help and encouragement from the folks on these clean and clutter free threads, over the years, I hate to imagine what my house would look like now. As you already know, de-cluttering and paring down is not an easy or quick job. It is done in steps and some days more gets done than other days.

Thank you for opening up about all the background stress you have going on. I am with summer and find it amazing that you are doing as well as you are under the circumstances. i am very happy that you have joined in the conversation because I always like to discuss the topic of down sizing.

A report on what I have decided to do. I recently packed up each and every one of our belongings in order to have clean floors for carpet installation. At the time I didn't sort through any thing to get rid of and decided to do that at my leisure as I began bringing storage bins back inside. That went okay for a little while, but I then hit a snag and haven't tended to the many bins sitting around here for some time now. After being a bit physically ill and have associated blues along with that last week, I decided that for now, I will send all bins back to storage and address them after the holidays and the new year.

There is not anything still packed away that is creating living problems for us, so basically, and if the truth be told......none of what is still packed needs to come back inside. I do plan to work on them in 2013 and send things for a friend to sell on ebay for me and I have another friend who has promised to do a yard sale for me when I get the items together for it. I too have had success with Craigs List in the past and gotten rid of some things, and my friend selling on ebay has sold a few things already. Yes, this is going very slowly, but like yourself Debbie, I have a life which often calls on me to do things that interfere with my de-cluttering work. Babysitting a very active two year old three days a week really cuts in to the hours that I might spend going through bins.

Anyway, again, so glad you decided to write and share your story with us. I have a feeling that you will have some ideas for me to continue on my process as I get back to it later on. Sounds as though you have done a great job on the decluttering as well as the weight loss. You go girl!!!

Let me take t his opportunity to wish each of you reading a very productive as well as very pleasurable weekend. Hugs to each of you.


Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Ruby, as long as the stuff is in bins & outside the house, then leave it there for now!
Enjoy the new flooring & the space with which to see it, no?

Newark, DE

Thank you all for allowing me to ramble. It's hard sometimes when there is no one to talk to that's not involved in the "soap opera" LOL

Summer, thanks for you kind words. I don't know what their intentions were because there was no forum she wanted me to post in for art and paintings. There is one for home decor, if you buy a subscription. So it seemed odd to me. But perhaps my nerves are shot with DH's surgery and everything else I deal with and am a bit on edge.
I'll not "put my foot down" on such a petty thing. Why cause any disharmony over something so unimportant? Believe me with all the places I have to go and take others, I am out all the time, so to meet someone somewhere is no big deal. Besides, once he heals up from surgery we might try to move to the mountains. My Dad, brother, and his family already have a place bought and we will find one of our own. They will be able to move in about 2 years and we should be too +/-. That said, if we find a place to buy, we can buy it, we can move what we NEED to the new place. (no crap) I can even move DH and the cat down and come back here. Then I can have a yard sale, donate and trash what's here and then fix up anything that needs done to sell my house. I will also have to deal with all of Dad's stuff too because my brother is paralyzed and he can't do anything. His wife will be busy dealing with moving their own stuff. So, there will be a TON of work to do then. That is another incentive for me to do as much as I can now. I want rid of it, I'd like to get money for what I can and I am NOT moving it with me. I'd rather get moved, set on the front porch, watch the sunset behind the mountains and the deer come out to eat my lawn. ^_^

Ruby, thank you too for your kind words. Everyone's are appreciated. Oh and yeah ....once upon a time I had my "stuff" together but it fell apart and now I am picking up the pieces. I guess in some ways that makes it easier but in others I don't think it does. You see, with it brings frustration and anger, both of which are not good for me, for anyone really. I know that too, but I can't change it. I am anry at myself. I am frustrated that my life has passed me by and I don't even feel like I got to be me. That's when the depression comes, when I get to thinking about all of that on top of the mountains of "stuff". It is a daily battle.

I do have good news about DH - we went to the surgeon yesterday and he removed the staples. He is doing well and has been able to walk about a mile every other day on the treadmill. The doctor said that was the best thing to do to heal and keep scar tissue from forming where it shouldn't. He'd like to see him be able to get up to 2 miles in the next few weeks. Of course, he is still wearing the hard plastic brace over the whole torso when he isn't in bed, but he said that it is much better to deal with now than it was at first. I appreaciate everyone's prayers.

Blessing to all for a great weekend!

Crozet, VA truer words were ever said......yep, those bins are definetly being saved for another day. I grew sick, sick, sick of going through them one after the other. I didn't make as speedy progress as I wanted, but no biggie. It usually takes me getting really sick and tired of feeling sick and tired before I make a new game plan and begin doing things differently.

Hubby moved the majority of the bins out of plant room yesterday. I left three in there that are partially gone through already, so they won't take to much effort to finish going through. I am in hopes of starting to bring house plants back indoors this weekend. We won't get them all in at once, but just getting started will satisfy me. A Dave's Garden friend gifted me with a large three shelved lighted plant stand earlier in the summer and I am anxious to get it set up and full of plants. Some of the furnishings that were in the plant room last year have now gone to other places. Yes summer, when seeing extra flooring space, we kind of liked it and so there are several pieces of furniture that won't be returned inside, but either sold or given away. Sure seems a lot more roomy here.

This is either year number three or four in working on the process of having a plant room which functions well and looks pretty at the same time. It has been a step by step process like all things worthwhile I suppose.

Debbie, here is wishing you continued success in getting some of your life stresses off your back. Gosh, so much going on in your life for sure. Good news about hubby's recovery though. It is great that you have something to look forward to in terms of moving to the mountains at some point. I am already settled at the foot of a range of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I cannot think of another place I would rather be at this point in my life.

It is very easy to misunderstand other people's motives when communicating this way. Without the benefit of facial expressions, we are not able to read what a person is saying as well as if they were sitting in front of us. Believe me, you are not alone in feeling you may have been slighted in some way by other chatters. I have had my feelings hurt a number of times while being a member of Dave's, and know that it doesn't always feel so nice. I have been moved to tears on occasion and I am no longer a person who cries easily.

Anyway......let's hope your future communications go better for you.

Nancy Ann......hope you are doing okay and will check in soon. I always love to hear what you have going on and it has been a while since I have had an update. To all reading.......I hope you have a great weekend.


Newark, DE

Thanks Ruby!

Yes I am looking at places not far from you. We're looking into southern WV, or maybe the eastern central part, in the mountains. It will depend on price, what the house is like and where it is. I want at least 2500' elevation, as much land as I can afford, and a decent house. I don't need anything huge or super fancy. There is just the two of us, and likely we'd have his son and (perhaps his family if he marries) visit us at some point so a guest room would be nice. We want a barn or garage, or reflect it's absence in the price and we'd have one built. We both ride motorcycles when we are able, my truck, his Jeep and my hot rod. So they need a home too. ^_^

I would hope that being on a mountain, there would also be a spring that will draw wildlife because I have always been close to animals. Beyond that, I don't care what style house or anything. Sure I have my "likes" but if it is in good shape - it'll be considered. I'd love to have a room or someplace for the craft things and painting stuff too, but if not, it can be stored and brought out when I want to work on it.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

It looks like everyone is getting on track. I fell off track earlier this year. I've been dealing with some health issues and will need surgery as soon as we work out the details. I'm hoping we can wait another month or so because I need to get the garden cleaned up. But the health issues are beginning to weigh me down (spent today in bed), so whenever the doc is ready, I'll be ready.

I finally faced the fact that I couldn't "do it all" alone and this past week, I hired a couple of people to help me clean up the garden. I was lucky to find a couple of people with energy. A lady about my age has done a bunch of weeding in my gardens. And the man (not related to the woman) has done all the heavy lifting for us. I can actually see my plants now!

In the spring, I spent a TON of money on new plants to add to my gardens. Unfortunately, I didn't get most of them planted and they all died. I got a few planted and they died due to the drought and my not watering. Out of all I bought, 4 potted sedums survived along with an orange mint. I spent over $1000 on plants in the spring and then the fatigue that accompanies my health issues hit me. Then it was 100 degrees outside and I just couldn't handle it. I feel so wimpy right now. Two years ago I worked in 100 degree temps and could work all day in the garden. I could run circles around people. Now I pretty much sit on the porch and watch people work. I now understand the old saying, "If you can't run with the big dogs, go sit on the porch." LOL

It is rewarding and inspiring to see my gardens reappear. A lady at work gave me a gift certificate to a wonderful nursery here, so if I feel up to it tomorrow, I'll see about replacing some of the plants I killed. I'll have my helpers come back and help me plant them next week. The guy is going to help me roof my pavillions too, so in the future we'll be out of the sun and rain when we're sitting on the little patios.

We had plans to build a master bathroom but that's been postponed til spring I think, much to my frustration. I've already acquired almost everything we need to build it except a few odds and ends. Everything is piled up on one of my porches, making the porch unuseable (which irritates me a bit). But maybe with the yard cleaned up, the bathroom can begin.

This summer, we replaced a sink, faucet and cabinet in the current bathroom and replaced countertops, sink, and dishwasher in the kitchen. I got all of the items from a guy on Craigslist who was remodelling a house he bought. Many of the items for my new bathroom came from him too.

Soon I must replace the dining room floor. My 14 yr old dog, who passed away last week, had become incontinent and was peeing all over the floor and ruined it. Now it looks awful and I have to find something else. That will probably be my next project because the current floor is ugly and half of it is missing now. So it annoys me everytime I see it, which is several times a day.

Welcome to you newcomers! It's always nice to add fresh "faces" to the mix. We can sometimes see things thru different eyes and become enlightened in new directions. Lovetopaint, that's great news about your hubby. I hope you continue to see lots of progress with him.


Newark, DE

Oh my, NancyAnn, you do have your hands full!

Your first priority should be yourself. I know because I have the same problem. Too many health issues but too much going on with others to see to myself. But you need to do this first. The rest is just "stuff". It will all be there waiting for you and you will do a much better job with it all, after YOU are healed.

Something I have learned after being so depressed is, you can't linger on what was or could have been. Yesterday is gone and you can't change it. There is no point on worrying about tomorrow either. It's not here yet and you cannot affect it, so let them both go. Instead, concentrate on the here and now. The present is what's important because that is where you are. I've read that is why it is called "the present" because it is a "gift". Hey, I'm not preaching here - well maybe I am, but I preach it to myself quite often.

I can understand wanting to get the floor done as soon as you can because of the look but also the reminder it is of your loss of your "fur kid". It's doubly sad and my heart understands.

I just recently found out about the Habitat for Humanity Restore stores. I stopped in when I was bringing my brother home from a doctor's appointment and holy cow! There was so mcuh stuff I could use to refurbish the house, craft into whatever... it was amazing! The had a lot of bathroom fixtures you might can use and the one I was in also had boxes of flooring that was brand new and very reasonable. From what I gather their inventory changes daily so it might pay to check often, but you may find something that is just what you need. Here is their directory page for AR - hopefully there is one near you.

Then you just have labor to deal with. If you, DH or other family are unable to do the work, check out Craig's List under the Barter section. Often I see contractor/construction people looking for work and many of them will barter their work for?? Perhaps you may find someone willing to trade for something you have. (If that something you have, is something you'd hoped to sell or donate - how cool would that be? You'd de-clutter in the bargain!)

Good luck, keep us posted, and know you're in my prayers,

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Hey Debbie, there's an H for H Restore in Memphis (about an hour and a half from me). I've been meaning to get over there to it when I visit friends there. I have almost everything I need for the bathroom, but I'll need some hardwood flooring for other parts of the house. So maybe next weekend I can get there and see if they have any.

My current "helpers" in the garden are from a Facebook group I'm in. I usually hire people off Craigslist, but no one responded. Facebook groups are popping up all over the net now and I've done a lot of buying, selling, trading, and hiring temporary help. It's wonderful!

Most everything I try to do myself since I'm on tight budget. I recently sold a second vehicle so that's what I'm using to pay for the garden helpers.

I do miss my furry friend, but I've known for about 2 years that his time was coming. He was deteriorating slowly and in his last days, he just couldn't get up at all. One day he looked at me with despair in eyes, begging me to end his suffering. The next day I took him for one last van ride to the vet's office. The vet reassured me that I was doing the best thing, that there was nothing else that could be done. I've cried and cried over the last two years, but I had 14 wonderful years with him--about 6 years longer than my vet ever thought I would. His breed's average lifespan is 7 or 8 years. I think all the people-food and the van rides kept him healthy and happy. I miss him terribly, but as my vet said, "Where he is now, he is healthy and whole" and he can still watch over me with that Sammy smile.

My health issues are a bother, but I'm waiting on test results and doc appts before I can have surgery. In the meantime, I'm trying to get something done around here when I have the energy. If they have to do invasive surgery, I could be laid up for 6 weeks, which will drive me crazy!! Will you guys keep me company? I'll have to initiate my Netflix account so I can catch up on Warehouse 13 and Eureka. LOL

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Newark, DE

Hi NancyAnn,

Well, since you would be visiting friends anyway, why not go to the Restore just to see? You might get lucky! If not for visiting friends, I would call them and see if they have any before I drove that far. One thought is, since you'll be close, it's worth going to see just what they do have. If it is anything like the one here, you'll be amazed. I was. You might talk to someone there and ask if they know if any flooring will be coming in and if so, leave your number for them to call, or you call them when it's supposed to arrive.

Something else to consider is; Lumber Liquidators.They sell all kinds, from laminates to real hardwood floors at good prices. They always have sales too. I see they have a place in Memphis and also 2 in AR, but I don't know which is closest to you.

I'm glad you found some help through FaceBook. I don't belong to that so I wouldn't know. But hey, I'm glad it works for you!

I'm like you on doing things myself. We never had a lot of money anyway, but then DH got hurt and that didn't help. My truck needed a brake job last year. He knew how but couldn't, so he sat in a chair and talked me through it. I replaced the brake shoes and the front rotors too. It was all done to spec with a torque wrench, just like a pro. ^_^

I had to replace my well pump and pressure tank too. Neither of us are great at plumbing but I did used to work in a refinery where I had to follow pipes to know the flow of things. (That was years ago before a tractor-trailer ran a red light and almost killed me). The job wouldn't have been so hard if I could have disconnected the old one and reconnected a new one.... but no....I couldn't be that lucky. All the new pumps had the two lines opposite from how the house was built in the 70's, plus they were different sizes. To make it work, I had to turn the pump (which I mounted on top of the tank so it is both) 90 degrees, then take PVC pipe and fittings that came out of the line in the basement wall made 3 - 90 degree turns with fittings AND reduce the pipe sizes but also what was on top now had to go to the bottom fitting and vice versa. Then the metal piping had to be changed too because the tank was moved. Geez. That took me a while to figure out, I drew myself a diagram and took measurements and went to Home Depot. I got all my parts, fittings, elbows and started laying it all all in the floor at the store. A couple guys walked by me giving me a strange look. One did ask what I was doing and if I needed help. I told him, he said "well, I can't help you, I think you know more than me" LOL Anyway, I got it together and it's been working fine for 2 years now. See we girls can do anything!! (Okay maybe not write our names in the snow in yellow)

I figure, if I don't know how to do something, I get on the Internet. There are so many places to find out the information you need, you can't NOT get the info. MANY years ago, after I got divorced, living on my own and really poor, I had to do a lot of stuff and it was pre-Internet! But they made books so I figured that was all I needed because I can read. That worked too. I find I can do most things but now with the health problems (and age) some of the heavy work is just too much. So occassionally I have no choice but to hire someone. Bummer!

Sammy was a beautiful dog! I love all animals and miss all of mine from the past. I've had dogs and cats and I know how difficult it is to lose them, even if you have to put them to sleep. I had to do that with two of my cats, both lived to be 18 although 2 years apart. One was a diabetic for the last 12 years of her life and the other one was a rare case, studied by some vet colleges here in the east - she was allergic to her own skin. That turned up when she was about 7 and she was not expected to make it, but I nursed them through with all I could and they lived well and to a good age. I now have a once feral cat I took in. I named her Hoppy because she was born with one back leg about 2 inches shorter than it should be. She's been in the house now for 2-3 years. She's discovered TOYS, how fun "bankies" are to sleep under, and a nice soft king size bed that she allows us to sleep in with her. She's not spoiled or anything though.

Sorry to ramble on... I type like I talk ......maybe too much, I think. Anyway, as I said before, I'll keep you in my prayers. I hope whatever course the doctors take, will be the best one and yes if you are laid up for 6 weeks - I'll keep you company. We can even talk about Warehouse 13 and Eureka because I like them both too! I should quit now before I take over this thread - not my intention. Sending "hugs" and good thoughts you way!


P.S. Sending a pic of Hoppy with a couple of her toys, plus a pic of my truck I did the brakes on. I love that thing. It's the only vehicle I ever ordered new, the way I wanted. She is a 1997 so she's 16 years old, but I baby her, take care of her and love it. I'll probably keep it for like....ever. LOL

Thumbnail by lovetopaint Thumbnail by lovetopaint
Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Debbie, we're two peas in a pod! Between the two of us, I think we can pretty much do anything. LOL

Hoppy is beautiful! She has every right to be spoiled. I think any creature that loves us so much deserves lots of spoiling. If you ask Nikko, my german shepherd mix, he'll agree--lots of spoiling! Who can resist those innocent little faces?

I always mean to go to the Restore in Memphis when I'm there, but I get sidetracked--flea markets, yard sales, the zoo, Beale Street, etc. But next time I'm there, I'll stop in and see what they have. I've been eager to go ever since I learned there was one there.

Have you discovered Netflix, Debbie? I love watching W13 and Eureka with NO commercials. I'm too impatient to sit thru boring commercials now. LOL

You've done good with that truck! That's pretty impressive! Love the color of it.


Thumbnail by ButterflyChaser
Newark, DE

Yes NancyAnn, we do sound similar. Kindred spririts......

Nikko is a doll. What a lovely face! That part looks more golden retriever than shepherd. Guess that may be in the the mix, huh? I agree. All animals need love and they freely give so much too. I think they demonstrate unconditional love like no human can. A dog will even lick the hand of his abuser. Of course, murders are a sad thing and mistreatedment of elderly and kids get me upset, but when I hear about an animal abuser, I feel like going to get the *4%@*& ^&%@$* myself!!

No I can't resist the innocent faces. We have raccoons and some will come set on the back porch in the morning waiting for us to get up so they can have some cat chow. Then they follow us to the bowl like little puppy dogs. I talk to animals all the time and they talk back. People look at me strange until they see the animal do what I ask - sort of acting out the answer, then they think I am special. Ha! No, anyone can talk and listen once they get over their "I'm better" attitude.

No I don't do Netflix. We have fiber optic network from Verizon. With the service they also have "on demand" which allows you to watch most shows any time and cuts out all but maybe one or two very short commercials. An hour show is actually about 43-44 mins. I'm caught up on all of them except this week's W-13. I'll watch it this weekend. I was sad they canceled Eureka, but I think they ended the series well.

I know you'll enjoy Restore. It'll be like another flea market in some ways. The one here had all types of building materials, (much could be used as craft stuff too) but there was also furniture, books, odds and ends. Next time I go Imight look for a smallish table to mosaic the top. I have been interested in trying that for some time but didn't know where to start. I've read many posts in the T2T forum and yep - gotta give it a try.

Thanks for the compliment on my truck. I like red no matter what color it is. LOL. My motorcycle and my hot rod (muscle car - '71 Camaro Z28) are both red too. Too bad we don't live closer we could go to flea markets together and fill that puppy up with goodies. LOL


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Debbie, I have a feeling that if we shopped together, we'd both have to take our own vehicles so we could load up ALL our treasures! I have a Grand Caravan with stow n go seats. I can flip the seats down into the floor board and make them totally invisible, like they were never there at all. Then I have the equivalent of a full size truckbed in the back of my van. OMG it's awesome! I've hauled couches, full sheets of plywood, metal siding sheets, and just about everything else in it. The first time I loaded a couch up in it AND shut the back door, the people watching me were amazed.

Oh, no! They cancelled Eureka?? Bummer! I used to watch Firefly, but they cancelled it. I loved Nathan Fillion. Now I watch "Castle", a completely different kind of movie, simply because he stars in it. But I'd like to have Firefly back...

Lots of people have mentioned the golden retriever look in Nikko. I'm sure that's part of his mix. He's a treasure! He's so energetic and always smiling; he makes me laugh even when I don't feel like it. That's the best thing about fur-babies; they're always the best medicine.

Newark, DE

Hey NancyAnn,

Girl you crack me up! I bet we could fill both of them no time. That Grand Caravan sounds awesome! I used to have a full sized van many years ago. But it was one of those custom things with a couch that made a bed, ice box, captain's chairs - the whole bit. I'll never forget a trip Mom and I went on with my van. We went down to WV to see family, across VA on I-64, stopped to see friends in Richmond and then on to the Pottery Factory in Williamsburg. We had a ball! And yes we filled the van with goodies. That was like 1984 or 85 and there were a lot of places with really cheap stuff there then. I have no idea what is there now. So yes we could have a ball and fill them up easily. We've both had practice....but you see... that IS our PROBLEM.....That is why we are on this forum. We're supposed to be getting rid of stuff....You know; "hello, my name is Debbie and I have too much 'stuff'. Please help me decide to get rid of it". LOL

I used to go to Goodwill once a week, but not anymore. Dave got hurt and was home all the time often needing help. Since I had to be here (if not off helping my brother or Dad) I started to get myself in gear to get rid of things. I realized my "problem" when I found bags of stuff I'd bought at Goodwill and never even opened them once home - just straight to the spare bedrooms (my two black holes). I thought "how stupid is this?" So I swore off the trips and thought okay maybe once in a while I might stop but I'll be more selective in what I buy. So busy with doctors, employer and lawyers ..oh my - (sorry sounding like Dorothy in Oz there) it was probably 2 years before I was in a Goodwill. When I did stop one day - they have raised prices like crazy! At first I was miffed, but then realized okay that'll help stop the wanting this or that problem. I have a weakness for books because I read all the time, even while I am "watching" TV.They were 25 cents for paperbacks and 50 cents for hardbacks. Now the PB's are $1 or more and the HB's are $2 and up. I saw one for $7!!! Well that put and end to that. You can usually find what you want on eBay for less than $7, including shipping! So actually I quit that habit all together. The sad part is those who may have shopped there because it was cheap and all they could afford are probably hurt by it. I stopped going to flea markets once I started to de-clutter too. Same reason. I'm not getting rid of stuff if I keep bringing it home. I occasionally stop at a yard sale, but not often. I stopped at one a couple weeks ago just as the girl was closing. She offered some things to me for free, one of which I really wanted for a craft project,(headboards for a concrete bench) but I was a very good girl and said I'd love to but really had no place to store it right now.I felt proud of myself, but at the same time, if I could have kicked my own butt, I would have. I had to go to the bank and grocery store yesterday and stopped at one down the street. I did buy 4 things, all were brand new and all were 25 cents each! A pair of shoes my size, a Ducks Unlimited baseball hat (actually bought that for me to use next summer while mowing since it's the ventilated kind - but Dave will probably snag it LOL) a long sleeved T-shirt for Dave and a real nice reuseable shopping bag that is the insulated kind and a better one than most I've seen. So $1 total spent but all of them will get used. Even at those prices, I walked away from some things that would have been great craft projects or things to craft with. So I am doing well, with my "addiction" and and perhaps once I get the rest of the house de-cluttered and cleaned I may go to others, just be selective in what I buy. I won't feel guilty about buying some craft project stuff, if I can get to my craft table to work on it. (and do so)

Yes they cancelled "Eureka" and I agree - bummer. It had enough science to be interesting yet a lot of humor and character too. It was different. But, by all means watch them all. It is still good and the way the end it was the best way to do so for that show, I think. I must say we are a lot alike because I watched "Firefly" too and then started watching "Castle" for the same reason. Nathan Fillion is one hunk for sure! Umm...umm! Oh if you never saw it, you must watch the movie "Serenity". It is the people from the "Firefly" series (remember the ship's name was Serenity) but it is a movie and it was made after they cancelled the series. It explains so many things that they never got to address in the series. It's good on it's own, but having watched "Firefly" - you have to watch the movie "Serenity".

It seems they get a good show on and then cancel it, but they keep the stupid sitcoms that aren't funny, the "reality" shows that have been admitted as scripted (duh) and "dramas" you know the story to within 5 minutes of the start. Ugh! I have been watching "Fringe" since it started. I actually do not read while I watch that show because you never know what will happen. Lots of science in it and a lot of hidden technology we DO have (acording to some whistleblowers) being mentioned in the show. But - yep you guessed it. This is it's last season. That sucks.

Oh as usual I'm babbling again. But hey - kind of cool finding someone who likes so much of what I do. Really cool, actually! Yes, fur kids are the best medicine for everything and I have Hoppy telling me her "fishy bowl" needs filling. I've babled long enough anyway.

Have a blessed day!

Crozet, VA

Wow....I am gone for a bit and so much chatter here. I love it. Nancy Ann, so very sorry to hear about the death of Sammie and also very sorry about your health issues. I have been dealing with what turned out to be pneumonia, which I had never had before, so it has been very interesting. I am healing now and am able to breathe okay and my cough is much looser. The doctor filled me up on steroids and strong antibiotics and I am much better than I was this time last week.

I haven't read any threads on Dave's for over a week now and have a lot of catching up to do. I am really glad that you two have decided to keep the chatter up because I love hearing about the projects you have going on and just hearing how we all live our lives in different parts of the country. The two shows you are speaking of are completely new to me. What type of shows were they? I still catch Hoarders from time to time and watch most of the Real Housewives Shows, minus Miami, which I haven't been able to get interested in.

Even though I had pneumonia last week, I still had baby sitting of grand children to do. They both ended up sick with some bug too, and I am praying I don't end up with it too. Last Friday afternoon I was kept busy wiping up throw up from my two years old grand son Isaac or rubbing his back while he laid on the couch. His sister Emily has started Kindergarten this year but had to miss both Thursday and Friday due to high fever and they both ended up with me. I was glad to see Emily again though and it is amazing how less than a month of school has matured her. She spent a lot of the day drawing animal figures and I was completely surprised with her artistic ability. She does better at five years old than I can do now.

Anyway......hope both of you are doing as well as can be expected. I am hankering to get out and do some shopping, but need to probably rest a bit more before trying to tax my body the way a spree would do. Hope you both have a great week coming up.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Ruby, so many people have gotten pneumonia this year. It must be something in the air. I'm recovering from it, my brother had it earlier in the year and several people at work had it. My 80+ yr old uncle is just getting over it too; he had to cut his vacation short and come home. There is a vaccine for it, so maybe we better take it...

Debbie, if you ever get down here in the south, you better come visit me! We have a ton of flea markets around here. And I've got this van with a truckbed in it and there's a luggage rack on top. I've been thinking about getting a trailer hitch and trailer, but that might be a bit much...but may not...??? LOL

I'm getting really good at "rotating the stock". If I get something new, I get rid of something old. Get a new chair, get rid of an old one. Get a new blouse, get rid of an old one. I actually do a lot of buying and selling and sometimes I make money in the process. I'm doing pretty good at not actually acquiring "more" stuff--just replacement stuff. I recently bought a very large toolbox, about 5 ft tall, for my storage shed. Paid $150 for it with a bunch of nice tools in it. I turned around and sold my much smaller toolbox for $125, with NO tools in it.

As for books, I've discovered Kindle! I used to be a book fanatic. My problem was, if I read it, I kept it. And I'd read one or two books a week. I ended up buying more books and more bookshelves. Years ago, I finally donated the books to the local library and sold the shelves. And now, I can read and keep any book I want...on my kindle! And it only takes up a space of about 5 x 7 inches! It's awesome!!!

I did see Serenity too. And I wanted to see more! I haven't watched Fringe yet. Maybe I'll start it when I get thru all the Eurekas and Warehouses. I really haven't been a Sci Fi fan but my ex boyfriend got me hooked on these shows. And I've discovered I like some of it.

Crozet, VA

I hear you on the pneumonia stuff Nancy Ann. My hubby was just out at the store earlier and came home and said the clerk who waited on him was going to the doctor later today because she was suspecting she had it. I didn't know about a vaccine for it, but it may definetly be something I might want to do. Will talk to the doctor about it. you know, it is kind of freaky and scary if a person hasn't had those sort of symptoms before.

I too have done pretty good with not returning all the book cases and some other smaller peices of furniture after the carpet installation. We liked the more open feel of things when all the furnishings were out, and decided not to return several pieces. Haven't missed having any of them either, which is surprising.

Anyway.....continued good luck in all your endeavors. Hope you have a great week coming up.


Newark, DE

Ruby - welcome back. I'm sorry to hear of your illness but glad you are getting better! You're right, pneumonia can be scary and difficult to deal with and it sometimes takes a couple months to get your strength back... so don't overdo. I've had it a couple times. Ironically, the first time I was coming down with it, was my wedding day. (I should have taken it as a "sign" it was a doomed marriage LOL) I was married in the evening and all day we were decorating the hall and such (not a lot of money - my family did all the work). All day I kept telling everyone I was really sick and everyone said "oh it's just nerves". I had to lay on the church hall's floor a couple times to get some strength to continue but we got it done. I made it through the service which was difficult because I sang to my husband in the ceremony. We got through the reception and then left. We only went about 20 miles to a nice hotel. I was so sick, we just sat in bed, ate some tea sandwiches and cake my aunt packed us from the reception, watching an old John Wayne movie and I fell asleep. LOL I muddled through our long weekend of a honeymoon just up in the poconos but I was miserable so as soon as we got home I went to the doctor. I had double pneumonia (both lungs). I'm like ..."see I told you I was sick". It was an omen, I am sure. ^_^

The shows you asked about -

Eureka - is on the SyFy channel. It is a story about a town held secret by the government. It houses the highest IQ scientists from around the world and they are always inventing some far out stuff. What makes the show different is the "normal" guy who is the sheriff trying to fit in, all the inventions usually cause problems and they all have to figure out what to do. They managed to combine sci-fi with lots of humor and character studies into one show. That's what made it unique and good.

Warehouse 13 - is also on SyFy. It too has some humor mixed in with a sci-fi angle. The warehouse is one of many in the secret cabal. (think the last scene of the original Indiana Jones movie where they wheeled the Ark of the Covenant into a huge warehouse). Warehouse 13 holds artifacts that have special powers, many not so good, causing havoc. The agents of the warehouse travel the globe finding and recovering the artifacts to get them into the warehouse for everyone's protection. Lot's of twists and turns along the way too, like H.G. Wells is a female. Anyway, a little mixture of things that make it different enough to be interesting.

Firefly was a series years ago and Serenity was the movie that followed with the same characters. It was more sci-fi/western combned. Yeah I know that sounds strange but that's the closest way to describe it. Space was the "new frontier" and it was a race for resources and survival with supplies. Story wise it was a little different but not really. Star Trek was thought to be the "Wagon Train of space" by it's creator Gene Roddenberry. Firefly was more a character driven plot, yet the combination made it good.....oh yeah and as NancyAnn will attest the best part was Nathan Fillion who played the captain. ^_^

Fringe is on FOX. It is more sci-fi with a lot of sci-fact. It is a much deeper scientific show. It has some funny bits but it is mostly science based. It involves a parallel world to ours, how they can easily be influenced and what repercussions that causes. It is one show that keeps you thnking and not knowing what is coming next. This is it's last season but I saw a commercial the other night that apparently the Science Channel is going to show the series from the beginning, starting 11/20.

As for the vaccines. Yes they have them as they do for everything else. But be aware they have actually found live viruses in the vaccines - not conspiracy - but fact. Notice how you no longer see all the ads for "One less" after so many young girls dropped dead, became autistic or comatose after receiving the Gardasil vaccine? Yeah, that's because they were actually given the virus. They were sued and no longer push THAT poison. But others are also causing problems, including cancer. This is a result of the live viruses and also the carriers used in the vaccine. I found a good form to print and take to your doctor before you get any vaccine. If he will sign it, you might be safe -

I hope you continue to feel better each day and have a great week. Just don't do too much and take 2 steps back. You might want to get some Eucalyptus oil for helping you breathe and break up the congestion. Take plenty of vitamin D as it is a natural defense against illness. It helps your body build it's own immune system. We don't get enough sun at our lattitudes so I take 2000 units in the summer and 5000 units in the winter. Vitamin D also diminshes as we age, so it needs help. Your doctor can do a blood test to see what your levels are.There are also herbs for infections and such. Just a thought, you choose what you feel is best for you.

Nancy Ann - next post this one is long eough. LOL

Newark, DE

NancyAnn, Oh I'd love to visit and go to sales!! I'd love to have a flea market/yard sale buddy. Believe it or not, the only perosn who likes to go to stuff like that with me is my brother. He's paralyzed from the shoulder's down, so I have to lift, carry (do the dumpster diving if we see something good LOL) and all that, but I don't mind. As long as the weather is good and my pain level is tolerable (or I have my pain pills) I can do it. He is the one who knew about the Restore here and where it was. The time I went was just a couple months ago and it was bringing him home from the doctor's appointment. We both had a ball and will be going back. We also go down to the state surplus store and check it out now and then. I have been to AR before but have no idea if and when I'll ever get back, but if I do ,we'll get in touch. For now, guess it'll just be postings.

Oh I get rid of books once I read them. I might keep one now and then if it something I will go back to as reference but the rest go. In fact I cleaned out the shelves a few months ago of all I had read since last year.I do that every year but I think it will be something that is done more often. I have about 250-300 in my truck right now leaving here. I don't have the time to sell them individually on Craig's List or eBay for what they bring these days. Pre-Kindle, books sold well, but not any more. I have considered Kindle but I decided not to go that way. I literally have thousands of books here, so why buy a machine and the books again just to have them on a Kindle? The other reason is the fact that it is just an electronic library. If it crashes, you've lost it and all you have invested in your "library". You can prevent that loss by backing it all up on thumb drives. But what if you forget to do so? Then yeah this is far out but not really since we have already been threatened by 2 different countries...but what if we are hit with an EMP weapon? No Kindle will work then, nor computer, nor even the newer cars. We'll all be busy growing and canning our food, but when I sit to rest, I can pick up a book and have some enteratinment. Maybe that is a far stretch to justify having my books, but hey I do think about that stuff. Ironically the book I am reading now is called "One Second After" by William R. Forstchen and that is the subject matter. This book was mentioned on the Congressional floor and talked about in the Pentagon for it's accuracy if we should get hit. I read about half of it yesterday and it's very thought provoking. So I don't think I will be doing Kindle. I'll keep what I have and get rid of them as I read them, but thanks for the suggestion. Oh and regardless of how you read books you may find this site as great as I have in keeping books straight if they happen to be in a series or connected.

Just look up the author and it will list all of their books and group those connected together.

Oh and Fringe - I guess you read above that Science Channel will be starting it over beginning 11/20 so if it's not on Netflix, that is an opportunity. It is a more in depth show but very fascinating. I usually read while I "watch" TV because most shows only need a few brain cells to follow, but Fringe is one I actually watch. LOL (I still read during commercials). I love sci-fi and sci-fact and even paranormal occasionally. I've read that stuff since I was a kid. I like stuff that makes me think.

Okay enough babbling today - two long posts. Geez. I need to throttle myself. Ha!

Have a good one! Hope you're feeling better too and you get some good news from the doctor regarding your test results.


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