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Fig espalier near house foundation

Brisbane, CA(Zone 10b)

Can a fig tree be grown as an espalier against the house without hurting the foundation? How far should it be from the foundation? We bought a Genoa fig tree a couple of years ago. It's still in the nursery pot that it came in with. We just bought a house and our landscaper designer recommended it be grown as an espalier. I wonder if it's better to grow it in a bigger pot or directly in the ground next to the house? Thanks in advance for your advice!

Brisbane, CA(Zone 10b)

This link convinces me that I shouldn't plant the fig near the house.

Carneys Point, NJ

I can understand your concern, but people have been planting fig trees near their houses for many years without any problems. You happen to be in the perfect zone for figs. I live in the northeast where lots of folks plant them on the south side of their homes for pertection and warmth. I would plant at least 4' away and shape it anyway you want.


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