Heucheras indoors and outdoors

Plainfield, NJ

Will Heucheras do well as container plants outdoors in the summer (assuming they get enough shade, of course), and house plants in the winter? I'd like to keep some heucheras in pots on my patio in the summer, and I assume I'd need to bring them indoors over the winter to keep them alive.

I'm in North Central New Jersey, zone 6.

Will this work?

Thanks for any advice.

(Clint) Medina, TN(Zone 7b)

I know people who leave them outdoors in containers all winter. You might have to sink the pots in the ground in your zone though. I'm pretty sure they are hardy there. I have some cuttings of mine growing indoors now until they are rooted. They do better if you put a small fan so the air blows across them.

Bardstown, KY(Zone 6a)

My guess would be that they'd need a cold period over the winter and therefore probably would not do good inside a warm dry house during the winter. However if you had a cool basement you could try a couple just to see the results.


Plainfield, NJ

Thanks for your suggestions. I emailed the local Master Gardener help line at the County Extension office. They wrote back: "It will be fine to keep your container heucheras outdoors during the summer and bring them in during the winter. The next spring, the plants should be divided to keep them healthy. If planted directly in the ground, your heucheras can remain outdoors all year round in this area." I think I'll go with their advice, as they know the local climate.
- Jan

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Jan, we (generally) have similar winters to yours. We have about 15-17 Heucheras, and almost all are in containers. Some containers are fairly large and have two plants. I bring them close to the house during the winter but have never lost a plant to cold weather. Occasionally I bring one inside for the winter and put it outside during March. Indoors, it is treated like any houseplant, with warmth and light. As soon as it goes outside, it seems to flourish. The Heucheras I,ve lost were due to my lack of talent in dividing. I though I lost a Georgia Peach when I divided it into 3. However, this spring, all three plants are doing well. While most are, not all Heucheras are super hardy. All of mine take a lot of abuse. I most them from sun to shade depending on the strength of the sun and ambient temperature. If they don't do well under a shade tree (thank to insects), I move them to the east side of the house where they get morning sun.

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