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Help, it's so ugly!

Fort Dodge, IA

The PCV growing up the back of my house. I'm thinking climbing rose on a trellis? Anyone out there have a fast growing, cold hardy (zone 4), climbing workhorse (something like WILLIAM BAFFIN comes to mind) that they can send me cuttings from for trade or postage?

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Cocoa Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Why not plant your own Trumpet vine on a trellis to hide it. Morning Glories would work until theTrumpet vine is established.

Pearisburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Buy an evergreen and plant near it. Then work around it with other small shrubs or plants.


Blackshear, GA

What are they for? Could they be taken down?

Fort Dodge, IA

They vent something. I put a trellis on it today. The trumpet is way to agressive for me to want to deal with a 2nd one, also this is the girls garden so I like the romance of the roses. There is one I drive by every year that I just love, I may just drop by and ask the home owner if I can take clippings.

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

you could ask on the roses forum. buy something evergreen might be nicer like cross vine

Melfa, VA(Zone 8a)

I wil never, ever plant trumpet vine again!
Will clematis grow there?

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Fort Dodge, IA

LOL Estrail, my husband hates our trumpet vine. He chops it down every fall and it is back every summer. :) It was here when we moved in through, so it's not my fault, but I know better then to purposely move it someplace else. :) I might get a clematis to grow there. I'm putting a morning glory and some peas there for now and may plant something more permanent if I can nab something on the end of season sales. Garden budget is getting a little tight. :)

East Tawas, MI(Zone 5b)

good old venting! yup, they can look blah.
think about painting them....hmmm, long neck birds, worms. ah, monarch catapillars!
then, even your shorter plants will look nice and two monarchs would be very girl like. also, do the maybe bathroom, one fernace I think....anyways, does heat come from it? you may not be able to put anything very close to them...and certainly nothing that may grow up into them. whatever you decide...I know you'll do great!

hay, I bet you could even find colored tape instead of paint. just thinking out loud---have fun

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Melfa, VA(Zone 8a)

I sure know about garden budgets!!! We bought 6 1/2 acres of former soybean field and built a house on it...then 2 sheds, a hay barn, horse run-in w/ tack room, a preformed Lowes poo', awning like thing thatcomes almost to the ground for parking boat and motorhome in, chicken coops and run.......SO...landscaping for the last 3 yrs (we finally moved in last Nov!)!!! Fruit trees, berries of all kinds, a garden, grapes....just on and on! I traded for about 1/2 of my plants on here and most of the rest came from end of season sales at places like Lowes and Walmart. I also hit every place that had what I call a "trash and burn rack". It has taken every one of those 3 yrs to get my landscaping done.
The last addition was the carport for the boat, etc. and I decided with DH agreement, to plant boxwoods along one side to sortof closein around the bottom. It never ends but I don't know what I would have done if I had not found Daves Garden!!!!!

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