What are these tiny black bugs?

Phoenix, AZ

In the last few days have come some kind of tiny black bugs, they look like beetles. I was able to take good photos of them but have not haad any success finding anything like them on internet. In general, they are attracted to water. They come around the sinks, in the bathtub, they hide in crevices and cracks in the kitchen walls and cabinets. I have been killing them all the time, but they are endless. I cannot keep our bathtub always dry, neither the sinks. They move slowly and are easy to kill and smash, but they are driving me nuts. I have no idea what their source of food is, but I got rid of everything that had an open package, flour, potatoes, anything. All of my food is in airtight containers now and I think they might come from the drain, but it doesn't make sense for them to come up, the drain would have water too. They also reach the ceiling and go inside one of our lamps and just hang out there. Also in the fan in the bathroom. They are so tiny, so I enlarged the photos, but there is one with a penny for comparison. Help please :(

Thumbnail by neznaeshta Thumbnail by neznaeshta Thumbnail by neznaeshta Thumbnail by neznaeshta Thumbnail by neznaeshta

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