my pereskia needs help ( leaf cactus)

Thomson, GA(Zone 8a)

It started on a few leaves most mature green leaves.Now it's on every leaf and they are falling off.The leaf cactus is a colorful summer plant with new growth starting red,then turning yellow until it mature into a pretty two toned green leaves.I have been forum hopping looking for someone with any idea of what to do about it or what it is.The stems have started going bare and new growth is slowly stopping.

The last picture was taken before the plant "got sick"
have a pleasant day

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Sidney, OH(Zone 6a)

The brown spots may indicate a fungus of some sort. Google "plant leaf disease spots" under Images until you find a leaf that looks like yours. Click on the photo to read the full text. If the information is incomplete, google "treatment" to find suggestions on how to save your plant. Cinnamon may be helpful in treating certain bacterial and fungal problems. Simply sprinkle on leaves or mix with diluted hydrogen peroxide and spray.

Melbourne, Australia

Not sure if this helps...
I've noticed with succulents and cacti that unlikely as it seems, they can be quite sensitive to light, especially sudden changes in light (such as moving a pot from shade to sun). Stress from too much sun or sudden change etc. can damage leaf/tissue and they tend to change colour and in extreme cases look "burnt"
when the leaf/tissue is damaged the plants are far more susceptible to bugs and disease. While this wont often kill them, it does make them look sick.
It may be worth removing all the crappy foliage and cutting it back. Wait until the soil in the pot s is fairly dry, then use a razor, or similiar sharp blade to prune it all back, down to a desirable shape. Keep the plant in a dry area and only water sparingly.

Thomson, GA(Zone 8a)

philistine,thank you so much.That sounds like some good advice.I have been thinking about doing exactly that.

I have re-potted the plant it is now in a chunky mix actually it's an exotic orchid mix of bark,charcoal & arcilite (sp) it's rock.The leaves are now few and far in between,especially after the re-pot knocked a lot of leaves of.The stems seem healthy and believe it or not it seems to be still trying to produce new growth.

I'm just a little nervous about how far to cut it back.This plant roots so easy i may be able to root what i cut off.I am curious to see if a rooting off that plant would grow healthy.If the rooting does the same as parent plant then I know it's a virus & to burn the plant.

The plant was in direct light earlier in the spring when it wasn't very hot and when the sun got closer,hotter i should have moved it out of the direct hot sun.I waited to late.So your advice does fit and makes since.

I have been going to post pictures of re-potting it.It's not 1 plant it's a bunch of cuttings.Took me for-ever to re-pot.

The last picture is the mix i use only this time i didn't add anything to it.Some plants i add a little soil or peat.

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Melbourne, Australia

I wouldnt stress about how much/little to cut off, it will be fine.. as long as there is at least 1 node left on the plant... even a leaf will send out roots if it falls off the plant

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