Moth pupa turning dark brown? Please help?

bangor, United Kingdom

Hi I posted a topic a while ago about two reddish/brown moth pupa I found, I now think they belong to some species of underwing. Iv'e been looking after them for just under three weeks now. I'm a little worried as one has turned a very dark brown colour - I'm pretty sure it's not dead, it wriggles it's abdomen if I pick it up.(I guess the sudden change in colour could be an indication that the moth will emerge soon?) I'm just worried that it may have a parasitic wasp or something inside it? The other pupa is still reddish/brown all over but it has small dark brown bands on the rim of each abdominal segment - I read somewhere that these bands on butterfly chrysalis indicate that it has been infected by a parasite, I haven't found any specific info on moths though? :( please help!

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Minot, ND

No real way of knowing until eclosion occurs - just keep your fingers crossed...

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