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Looking for help to plant "TELOXYS ARISTATA"

Lockport, NY

First, to the moderators, if this is in the incorrect forum, I apologize, this seems to be the correct place since I have never planted any kind of flowers before, so I am a beginner.

OK, now onto my questions. I am looking for help to figure how best to plant TELOXYS ARISTATA. Also known as Sea Foam. I am confused by some of the information provided on this website, including the type of soil I need. If lists several different types of soils in terms of pH level all the way from Mildly acidic to alkaline. OR does that mean that this plant is very adaptable to the various pH levels of the soil.

Has anyone planted this before and have any additional information on how best to plant this. I live in Western New York. I am thinking of creating an artificial green house using sun lamps and a dehumidifier to control the humidity since from what I can tell, this plant grows best in low humidity and cooler climates.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Again thank you, and if this is in the wrong forum, I would ask the moderators to direct me to the proper forum so these questions may be answered. THANKS!

Ken L.
Lockport, NY

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