chicken has problem standing

Durham, NC

For some months one of our 4 year old Buff Orpingtons has been getting worse - we have expected her to die for several months now. Initially we thought she was eggbound but finally ruled that out. She walks fairly well but appears to almost topple over when she stands. Occasionally she has tipped over backwards when trying to take dust bath. She does not mingle with others but does go to chicken house at night, continues to scratch in the yard and drinks water.

I hate to see her like this and would love to help her. I cannot euthanize her but maybe could get someone to do it if that is the only hope.

I have not used this forum in years and have forgotten what I did know about it. Be patient with me. I am not even sure I would know how to find answers but will certainly try and appreciate any suggestions.

(Zone 6b)

Wish I could help but just don't know what to say. Something is making your bird sick or she is injured. Sounds more like a sickness or disease. Guess you've wormed her? The vet here has given my chicken baytril and it seems to work for chickens pretty well, if it is some kind of bacterial problem.

Hope someone else has something to add. :( I'm very sorry for you and your chicken. I know it is upsetting to see them sick and not be able to help, or even know what to do.

Bridgewater, ME

It could be so many things,I did a quick search some people found that they were lacking in some vit, so they gave poly-vi-sol (baby vit without the iron) and it cleared up within a few days,another said hers was not getting enough calcium.These are two fast and cheap ways to go for now.

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