phytotoxicity ??

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Starting to see some deformities in the new growth on my Dark Eyes :-( They were transplanted about three weeks ago.I first used homemade garlic spray....but first did a 24 hr test sample on a small part of one plant and there was no reaction....then five days later I sprayed them with neem oil. I also trimmed back two sets of leaves per branch to make it bushier. What should I do next? Should I cut off the bad leaves? I'm trying to up load a picture too. Thx!

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If you are doing battle with the gall mite, then it is also very important to feed on a regular schedule. Use half strentgh solutions of fertilizer and feed every 7 days. You need to use a spray that can kill the mites. It will be worth it. Dark Eyes is a hanging basket, isn't it? I only collect upright fuchsias.

66083, United States

Yes it is in a hanging basket...but what kind of spray for mites would you recommend? Today I found a baby worm crawling on a branch, maybe an army worm.

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