SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Many of you have inquired about our DGer friend Joy, in Florida. Many of you will remember pics of Joy's eBucket operation in her back yard. She probably set a record for the most eBuckets going at one time! Joy produced beautiful harvests in those eBuckets!

Anyways, I just spoke to her, and she's pairing down her growing operation. To that end, she has about twenty (20) of the two-bucket eBucket systems available to whoever wants to come pick them up from her place at the end of August. She currently has tomatoes growing in them, but at the end of the season, they can be yours.

These units are the original "bucket-in-a-bucket" design, with the pond basket wicks submerged into the water reservoir in the bottom bucket. The top bucket held the potting mix. Joy is offering complete units each consisting of the two buckets, the pond basket wick, the fill tube, AND the potting mix.

If you are interested in picking up some or all of these the units, please send me a dmail and I will give you Joy's contact number. She no longer has computer access, and is no longer on Dave's Garden. Joy lives near the Fort Walton Beach/Pensacola, Florida area, and says to come with a pickup truck!

Not to worry, though. Joy still has 31 original Earthboxes, and will continue gardening in those.



Carmel, IN(Zone 5b)

Can't take advantage of her generous offer, but please tell Joy we miss her.

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