Did I miss the seed wagon?

Fort Dodge, IA

I have never had much luck with seed. Of course most my experience with seed in the past was to buy a wildflower mix and keep my fingers crossed. This year twice I have put individual flower seed down around perennials that I planted in the garden, and now little seedings, of a plant I know what it is, are starting to grow. Now I caught the bug, but did I catch it to late this season?

I ordered bachelor's buttons and forget me nots. I have read that both these plants do well in the spring. I also drove by a house with bachelor's buttons growing and looking beautiful all along the fence line already. My seed are supposed to come today, will I get those beautiful blooms if I plant now?

Other seeds I am planting and would love any input if you have it are
Black eyed Susan
Purple Cornflower
Malvia Zebrina
Shasta Daisy
New England Aster
Tidy Tips Daisy

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hi DC....I am posting a Spring Planting Guide for Iowa for you. It may get too warm for some of the plants you want to start, and some may not get enough time to bloom before your first frost. I hope this helps.


this is from Iowa State extension service....


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