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Cheap, Effective Remedies for Mid-Atlantic Problems

Warrenton, VA

Hello, I invite all who have home-made EFFECTIVE remedies that they swear by, when combatting problems for our area, to please post them here. We can just come to this thread when we are a'scratching our heads (or skin, or something weird off a leaf...). Bugs, weeds, fungus, watch out! The cheap, the proud, the experienced, are on the march! (LOL) Thank you in advance!

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Tea Tree Oil & Lavender Oil - if you have both of those on hand, chances are you can fix many topical skin conditions that ail ya!

Lavender oil (can't find the info but also good for minor burns when applied immediately):

Tea Tree oil:

Warrenton, VA

I'm a believer in using Epsom Salts on roses, and fact, the Heritage Roses came to me with instructions to use Epsom Salts...
I've just read they are good for Clematis Wilt as well.

Warrenton, VA

Here's another one. White cotton twine. I truly believe that it is the duct tape of the gardening world. I just plain LIKE IT for almost everything - you know? I've tried to have an open mind with those newer types, but they just don't cut it compared to white cotton twine. It's a remedy for my vines, and straying tomatoes that need propping up (sometimes I even use it to tie the doggone tomato cages to my fence later in the summer when they get top - heavy and those storms hit...

I cut it to the same length as the short length of my veggie garden (like, 35'), tie it between two stakes, and VOILA!
Never a better straight-row guide was made - you just measure from one end of your garden, push one stake in, and go to the other side of the garden, measure the same length from the end, and in goes the other stake. NICE! Neat! And when you plant, you just move it over, and move it over, etc...then roll it up and use it next year!

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