Baby Grackle

Mcallen, TX

Only its momma could love a face...and body like this little guys. He can't be more than a couple of
days old. He landed in our backyard and waited patiently for his momma to feed him as I took pics, then
I walked around him to load the feeders and feshen up the birdbaths. Question: When will his eyes turn
that piercing yellow color?

Thumbnail by Fauther
(Zone 5a)

It's a little more than a couple days old. Grackles are naked and blind when hatched; they fledge at about 18-20 days later. After fledgling the parents will still feed them for a time. Their eyes will turn yellow before their first winter.

I found the info doing a search, but since it was a pest removal site, I won't link to it. I enjoy learning this kind of thing to store it in my quickly shrinking memory bank. :)

Mcallen, TX

Pests? If it weren't for these birds we'd REALLY be infested with pests! Bugs galore! We had a mayor that hated grackles. He went around his yard shooting at them with a pellet rifle. Oh, and while I'm on that subject, I met a very nice couple that loved birdwatching. They had a beautiful backyard with feeders, birdbaths and plenty of vegetation. Then the lady whispered to me (why do people do this when there's nobody around to hear) that she shot sparrows off the feeders from the patio. They were just pests.

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