stuttgart anyone??

cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

does anyone know where you can get a stuttgart canna thats virus free?? The only place listed in the info page is plant delight but they seem to not have the product anymore.. I've tried for 3 years now to add this to my collection, but all 3 times got shriveled up roots.. I would like this year to be my year for them.. Any help would be great, thanks..

Coal Center, PA(Zone 6a)

All the 'Stuttgart' I have acquired in the last years have carried virus );
The original one I had started out clean. Too bad it contracted virus before I understood before I better understood virus.

cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

ya you were my first thought but i remember the thread of you asking if anyone had one.. I figured even if you did get one, your supply wouldnt be big enough to sell anyways... So should i give up on the search, and just block it from my mind lol...

Coal Center, PA(Zone 6a)

No, keep looking ... Give up? I never give up .. lol
I'll bet it's out there somewhere.
If you find one let me know. And I will let you know, too.

cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

i've givin up on the internet sites, after 3 shrivel roots i think most of those sites get the same supply.. i worry about ebay as you never know really if they are virus free.. And any well know site with virus free cannas dont have this one :(

Tuskegee, AL(Zone 8a)

What virus? I think I'm coming late to the party.......

I bought three Stuttgart rhizomes that arrived prepackaged (Netherlands, I think.). One was DOA. Another was half brown, and the third was a tip cutting -- normally not a problem, but I had the feeling it was too tender to come out of dormancy and re-establish in our heat.

Wanting to make sure they had sufficient aeration, I used at least half perlite, put them in a bulb pan in part sun and kept them moist. the 1/2 dead one put out one root, but rot overtook it (pic 1). The tip cutting did nothing, and, when I took it up after it had had plenty of time to root, it was hollowed out by fungus gnat larvae, except for the tip, but the rot reached within 1/4 inch of the last node (pic 2). I didn't think there was enough margin for the cut to cure and leave a viable node. I still gave it a shot, angling half of the tip into peat & perlite in a 2" pot on a window shelf where I would see it often and spritzed the tip, avoiding the cut, at least twice a day. Even if the cats hadn't disappeared it, I doubt it had a chance.

Are these "virus" symptoms? I'm in correspondence with the seller who seems willing to work things out. Another canna I received from him was misidentified. It was supposed to be Pink Sunburst, but sprouted as either Striped Beauty or Pretoria (pic 3). I don't know how to tell them apart until they bloom. It was a massive field-grown rhizome, thick and about 14" long, but it only produced one weak shoot that is growing very slowly, as if stunted. In the same pot, I started a small Tropicanna that is progressing just as slowly (also pic 3).

On the other hand, the third canna in that pot, a NOID that, to me, resembles Alberich (from the seller's pic), is growing well.

I took pic 4 just now, two weeks later.

Are these also signs of this virus? If so, I'm glad I kept them in pots instead of putting them directly in the garden.

Please educate me, or, at least, give me a link where I can learn about this.

I was determined to add the "top five" variegated cannas (Tropicanna, Pretoria, Striped Beauty, Pink Sunburst, Stuttgart) and canna Australia this year, and my plan is NOT proceeding as hoped!

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cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

just google canna virus you will get pictures as well as tones of information.. As far as your cannas go, that yellow and green leaf looks iffy to me.. its usually hard to tell a virused canna from the beginning i find it takes a bit for the virus to show up, as the leaves get larger the plant just looks worse and worse.. the problem with the variegated cannas is they are hard to get one thats clean..


Tuskegee, AL(Zone 8a)

Ah. Thanks. I thought it was something obscure that I'd never find in general searches.

I have nothing that looks like that, thank god. I guess it could have contributed to the failure of the Stuttgart rhizomes, but I'll never know. I'll just toss the soil and sterilize the pots as I always do when a plant dies under suspicious circumstances.

The others are probably stunted by the heat, by the drought and by my starting them in only nutrition-free sphagnum moss and perlite.

I'll pot them up into a decent potting mix with some good compost and be more consistent with watering.

Launching a community vegetable garden has taken me away from my own plants and gardens too much this year.

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