Have/Want: Ceropegia

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

I have the following Ceropegia would like to trade for Ceropegia species I don't have.

Rosary Vine - Ceropegia woodii

Taper Vine - Ceropegia ampliata

Parachute Plant - Ceropegia sandersoniae

Pictures are in same order as the list.

If interested in trading please d-mail me with "ceropegia" in subject line.

Thumbnail by Xeramtheum Thumbnail by Xeramtheum Thumbnail by Xeramtheum
Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Anne, I have a question for you:

I got a huge Ceropegia sandersoniae from a grower last year, put it in the greenhouse and it ruled my world for many weeks. THEN, it started rotting, so I kept taking cuttings and now have a pot of rooted/growing cuttings, but they, too, are starting to rot. WHAT am I doing wrong?

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Probably keeping them too wet and humid. I keep mine on the dry side. I get that problem in Winter when soil doesn't dry out very fast and algae grows on top of the soil.

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

I figured as much and re-planted them in half sand and half potting soil mixture - we'll see if that helps.

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks for your help, Anne - they now seem to be doing fine and growing.

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Great .. also they will tolerate full sun but the foliage and stems will go bronze. I get my best results and flowering with morning sun and afternoon shade.

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