Mixing Flower Colors in the Garden

Fort Dodge, IA

I have always been a very soft color pallet gardener. I love the purples, blues and yellows and usually buy plants that pretty much stay in those colors, mixing a little white or letting the purples lean towards pale pink sometimes.

My big dilemma is coming from my new flower beds I am doing. Three years ago I found a coral/yellow sweet smelling rose, there was something about that flower that just reminded me of my little girls so I had to have it. I have never in my life kept a rose alive before and this one is still going! It's also the only thing going on in this bed because I raided the rest of the flower bed when I relanscaped the front yard last year. This year I brought in "hush little baby" daylilys to compliment the color of the rose, some lambs ear because my daughters love it so much. My grandmothers snowball bush, some dark purple, and purple and white irises.

Then there was a death of a very dear friend that was also a gardener, and I am feeling sentimental and missing that older generation that I used to garden with. My grandmother, my husbands grandmother, my dear friend who was actually the mother of a high school friend. They have all passed on, and I want to put a piece of them into my garden with me. I already had my grandmothers snowball bush, so I wanted something from my husbands grandmothers farm also. They are giving me a peony and a rose bush, both red.

Red, I'm not really a red flower girl. And I'm weird, I wouldn't wear red and coral together so I wouldn't usually plant them together. Is that just a fashion thing though? Can I mix and clash my flower colors? I have to have the plants in the garden, even if I don't like red. My husbands grandmother planted those plants with her own two hands and it means a great deal to me to be able to have them with me in memory of her, but I don't want my "memory" bed as I am now calling it to look like it was planted by a color blind person either. :)

Am I over thinking?

Tips, advice from someone with more experience and a better eye would be appreciated!

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