Germinating Magnolia seeds

West Bengal, India

Hello , Im from West Bengal , India . Here now its summer with 40 C , 75 percent humidity . In winter its 4 C . Recently I got few Magnolia insignis , virginiana and doltsopa seeds . Ive no experience of germinating Magnolia though a friend gave me few valueable tips on virginiana germination . Would you please share your valuable tips for the seeds ! Regards , Chanchal . h

Ste. Eulalia, Costa Rica

íHola! I am living in Costa Rica on the edge of the Central Valley. I grew up in L A & the SF area, so I am amazed by my subtropical jungle!
After close to a year i begin to see what wet & dry seasons are versus the CA seasons (no laughing!). Ive walked thru hills & valles, watched local yards and haunted the local Vivaro (nursery), I am beginning to see distinct plants, where they grow in gardens & over the countryside, so hopefully I'm ready to plant our minimally developed gardens, slowly.

I am hoping to accumulate some thoughts & ideas from tropical gardners here - fast ideas, pleasures, recommendations of plant life & books, websites, what mistakes to avoid ... I will so appreciate any help or encouragement!
íMuchas gracias!

noonamah, Australia

Chanchal, I've never tried germinating Magnolia seed but here's an old thread discussing that topic. You might find some good information there.

I only have one Magnolia and that's M. champaca Alba. It doesn't produce seed, it's a hybrid. I've heard the only way to multiply them is by marcotting. When it grows larger I might try that. Their fragrance is incredible.

West Bengal, India

Thank you tropicbrezzee , d . M. champaca alba does not grow seeds here also . Its usually grafted on M. champaca but morcottage , layering are also fruitful . Happy gardening ! Regards , Chanchal .

zones 10 to 11, United States

Easy... clean the red part... dry... add to damp peat moss in a ziplock bag with the seeds in it and no air. put in refrigerator for 3 months or so. Bottom drawer, with no light(stratify).... Plant them ^___^. You should get at least 80% germination rate. But make sure the pods are good for picking, or your work was all for nothing. You could always open a couple and check the endosperm... if you have doubts on how it should be, open a young pod and check them. Different cultivar seeds have diff shapes, sizes.

Hope this helps!

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