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Birds growing their own food?

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

Hubby spotted this sunflower growing from the gutter on our lean-to:

Thumbnail by HoneybeeNC
Cherry Grove, OH(Zone 6b)

You have some smart birds there in Charlotte!
I wish the Ohio birds would do that and leave our blueberries alone.

Here we do find quite a few volunteers where the birds roost. Pokeweed is common but cherries, grapes, roses, and raspberries aren't unusual either.

Cool pic. Thanks for sharing. You may start a new trend of "gutter gardening" :)

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I've watched cardinals scratching a few sunflower seeds into the yard after they were full.One year I let them grow there,looked real out of place, but the goldfinches had fun till the kids knocked the stalks down. Birds are kinda cool,cardinals, blue jays, dove hawks, and woodland woodpeckers that look like a big ole rooster especially so.

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