Decatur, GA(Zone 7b)

Echinacea Twilight. I expected it to have more red, but it is pretty.

Thumbnail by back40bean
Hamilton, OH

nice looking bloom.. but i don't know if it's truly a 'twilight' though. Even a faded 'twilight' doesn't fade to that tone (in my experience). Could be one of the other Big Sky varieties.

Decatur, GA(Zone 7b)

It may not be getting enough sun where I have it. I'll move it and see.

Hamilton, OH

They sun would just bleach it out more. From my experience, lack if sun just causes the plant to be lankier and have smaller blooms, but the color of the bloom should be the same. When nurseries carried the whole line of the Big Sky plants, i would see whole batches mislabeled, so i would lean to this being the issue with yours.

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