Strange little swaying "bug" - Please help me id it

I tried to photograph this little insect but he or she was so small it was difficult to get a good picture. It looked pure white to the naked eye, but other coloration is visible in these pics. It was very very very small. The little grooves on the black surface are on my little laptop. It swayed back and forth from a sort of standing position for the longest time. In the moment I did not want to do anything to it and tried to capture it to see it more thoroughly but it disappeared. One thing I should mention though was that as I was looking at it up close it either jumped or flew onto my face! I saw this during one during the day on my computer as I said.

Since, I have seen two others like it but slightly bigger. I think they are the same sort of bug but I am not sure. These were also solid white and had eyes that were turning a bit yellow orange. At this point I was getting very worried, and unable to capture them and put them outside, I resorted to smashing them. I felt very guilty indeed. I don't kill things. But I thought maybe they were roaches. Anyway. The second one I also saw in the day, and the third at night.

The last two were quite fast but not roach fast, and I am afraid that I was able to smoosh them quite easily on the first try.

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mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

the only insect i can think of that sways is a praying mantis but your pictures prove otherwise. they are just not clear enough for me to make even a guess.

Ok, but ignoring the swaying would you say the body shape is roach-like? I am worried they are roaches.

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

no, doesn't look roach like to me at all. i'm not familiar with any white roaches.

(Zone 7a)

Wrong body shape for roaches. It looks more like a baby grasshopper but I don't know of any white ones. Leaf-hopper, maybe?

Minot, ND

It most likely is a nymph of a planthopper or leafhopper.

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