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Summer Rose Transplant

Fort Dodge, IA

I have a lot of life changes going on right now and stress wears at me. Being in the garden in the mornings, working in the quite helps me get though the rest of the day. Being in the garden always makes me feel close to my late grandmother "granny" because she taught me everything I know about gardening and we used to work in each others flowerbeds in the summer. This year due to my own life changes, and the death of a dear friend, also a gardener has me feeling even more sentimental in the garden then usually.

I have been working this summer on a flower bed behind my house. It was going to be a garden dedicated to my two girls. Both have tourette's syndrome and like very sensory type plants, fuzzy, smell good.... However one of the main plants going into that area was my grandmothers snowball bush. She took a piece of that bush with her to every house she ever lived in, and the original bush still grows on her farm.

After the recent death of my best friends mother, who was also a dear friend and gardener it brought a lot of my own recent family loss of grandparents back to me. Looking around my home and garden I am surrounded by things that were my grandmothers, right down many of the plants in my yard. My lawn furniture that sits on my deck is the same iron chairs that sat at my grandfathers farm when I was a kid. There was a big hole missing in the picture though. I didn't have anything from my husbands grandparents, and his grandmother was the dearest sweetest lady, and she loved to garden. I sent a message to my husbands aunt and asked if I could come and take some clippings from the roses. She said she was ripping out two roses and a peony and I can come and get them! (I did tell her not to 'rip' them up that I would come and remove them myself)

OK so I am uber excited but it's the middle of summer and these plants are probably in bloom. I'm doing a lot of research into transplanting them. Such as it looks like I should prune the roses way down to stems, it's going to kill me to do it but if that's what it takes to keep them alive! Anyway I wanted to touch base here and absorb any advice you all might have for me as these plants hold a lot of sentimental value to me and I don't want to loose them.

Also I was thinking since I have to prune them anyway I would take cuttings, worst case scenario with the plant transplant and all so tips and advise on that would also be greatly appreciated.

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