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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Sorry, i havnt been snobby, - my phone supply stopped on [last friday], so no internet,.,. but all fixed today. [ i was starting to climb the walls]- problem was down the street about 200 metres,.,.Yes- its been cold here[5 frosts], but 'yes' ive eaten 'lamb shank casserole' from the slow cooker tonight and 'chicken curry casserole' on monday night.,.,with left overs to enjoy later this week.,.,....very busy at work, and exhausted when i come home,..,[not used to it] and no sun when i get home....plenty of firewood[so we wont be freezing],.,.off to bed now, when i put sooty downstairs- Anthony

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Love those rocks, all of them.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone
Very cold wind all day yesterday but no rain.
I think I prefer the rain as it doesnt seem quite so icy when its raining.
This wind is what my Mum called a lazy wind. It goes right through you , not around you.
Lots of little fungi everywhere. I get a large one that grows on an old tree stump every year.
Lots of teeny ones in the plant pots and around the garden.

Anthony, we missed you.
Hope all is well with the phones now. . How is Cocky doing in the cold ? I hope he has a warm place to sit and supervise when you are doing anything.

Teresa, It wont be long now, until you get your house back.

Sue, Your garden will be taking shape as winter creeps along.
Spring should bring you lots of bulb flowers .

Dianne, hope the wind left you alone there. I am not going out here until I see the sun.
Looking out the window, I may not go out at all. ...lol

Colleen, my winter hippie is getting taller. It should open in a few weeks.
I saw a blue flowering bulb ( very similar to a hippie) for sale on eBay buy way too pricey for me.

Moon, how are things over your way. I hope none of those fires are in your area.

Charleen, pat those furry ones and throw some cookie crumbs out for Abigail & friends.
Hope the weather is behaving in your area too. .

I am off to get another cuppa. I need one to keep my fingers warm.
Enjoy whatever weather you are getting and keep safe.

Try a slice of this very decadent ...Mud Cake. ( one of my favorites )

Happy gardening

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning folks.

No Jean. The fires are far Northwest of me, and no cyclones at the present. Just temps up around 38C with indices around 41C....hot and dry. No rain here for nearly two weeks after almost daily rains before....feast or famine seems to be the word. So hot and dry, the weeds are droopy....and I laugh....grin

Sydney, Australia

Glad you can still grin moon ...no way I would be grinning in that heat because of the fire threat, I hope you get some rain soon.

It's been interesting looking at the various rocks, I have a collection from Broken Hill.
The chat about the rocks has also bought back lots of memories,no more though, too much to divest myself of, as it is.
You don't realize the amount of stuff we collect until you start to consider downsizing.

Elaine ...so happy you are with us now, I hope your health has improved, nice to see your projects again.

Everyone looks busy ...and that is good.

To those with health issues, lots of warm vibes sent your way, health is everything isn't it, may yours continue to improve and your energy return.

Charleen ...give Charlie a nuzzle for me :)

Love all the adventures ...it puts a smile on everyone's face !

Jean, your special moment with the stars ...ahhh moments like that are what makes life well and truly worth living, thankyou for sharing that with us.

Have a beaut weekend everyone !


Camperdown, Australia

Good Morning everyone, Goodness seems we all like rocks as well as plants and do you know I do think they are sort of flowers of the earth in a way- so beautiful and different and with such stories to tell.

Dianne here are some of my Desert Roses- these ones came from Morocco but are the same to look at as the Australian ones. They are softer than most rocks being made of crystallised sand but with time ( thousands of years?) they will turn to harder quartz- some of mine have begun the process.
Karen I love those snake agates- just lovely and Jean's Picture rock is divine .Can't wait to get to Brissie and go to that market.

Maybe when I go to WA on my dreamed-of fossicking trip Jean you will tell me where to find that black rock you found and I can get you another bit of it. Casterton has agates in the creek and apparently diamonds have been found in the past and Morella has smoky quartz crystals but the road in is pretty rough.
I have a friend up at Gemtree and fossicking in Hart's Range which is North of Alice Springs so when they get back I will know more about that area too- it is very rich in collectable gemstones apparently.

Will see who on the Fossicking Forum knows about the Tas red jasper deposit - several are keen Tas members and take us visitors out when we go down to the Apple Isle. The West and North Coasts are particularly rich for fossickers.

Karen I heard there that Petrified wood and some agates can be found along the beach at the north end of Redcliffe. Plan to go there when I stay with my brother at Petrie.

Garden news - Man came to do the rails for the fence and it looks just wonderful!! Whoo Hoo next week I will be all fenced in and my Chookington Palace will be well on the way as the fence is part of the yard & shed for the chooks as well. No more cows eating my veg will be good too.LOL
Planted a Mandarin and two roses today. 1 Iceberg climber for other side of the gate out front and one weeper for my weeping stand. Oh and three different maples too , one is a smaller one for beside the pond but all will have good colour in autumn.
Now it is raining so they will get a good soak to bed them in, i just gave them some worm 'tea' at planting.

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Merino, Australia

I love your Morroccan "roses " Sue.
I wish I could get to so many places for fossicking but nothing is close enough to visit and hubby thinks its a boring way to spend a day.
I cant tell you where the " picture rock " came from exactly ,just that we were camped at Bingara ( NSW ) and we went out to some old glacier site.
The rocks were all along the dirt road.
I couldnt tell you where in WA, I found other rocks because most were on private stations, way out in the outback.
We were camped way out while looking for gold.

You wont know yourself with the new fences. .
I wish I could remember where I went to find the bits of pertrified wood too but it was so long ago and I am no longer in touch with the rellies I went with.

Raining here again, so nothing done for the day outside.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Lovely Roses, chookie...pics of the chook palace please when it's occupied...

Trying to find this pink/red quartz that I saw on TV is really driving me nuts....they weren't like Jasper, Chookie
trouble is the more minerals that I look at, the more I'm getting confused.....I'm sure that they were like crystal quartz, all spiky and absolutely magnificent...I can remember drooling at the time.....I think that he was getting 6 figures for them.....they were all in a vault.....the locality was never revealed only that the mine was in Tassie.
I will keep looking.....

Merino, Australia

Oh my....


and again...oh my....


Is this what you saw Dianne ?

I NEED these . I wonder if Anthony knows about the pretty red stuff.

Clifton Springs, Australia

I think that you are on the money Jean, it's just that they don't seem expensive enough...
The mining story sounds right.....when they showed them on TV they were on a black background and beautifully lit and they didn't seem so orange....my site shows their specimens that have been sold...and there is a page that mentions the vault in Arizona or somewhere....so it must be them...


But looking at your first site, WoW aren't they gorgeous and what about that amethyst cave....I wonder where that is now.

Camperdown, Australia

This it Dianne???
http://www.redleadmine.com/ (pronounced LEED not Led)..means a line/lode of ore.

Love the Pinterest images - some lovely specimens there....Yum

Clifton Springs, Australia

On your site chookie the colour is RIGHT....so between the 3 of us we have solved my problem..it's Crocoite.....thanks heaps.

Brisbane, Australia

Oooh, no news today, but I've been drooling in some of those rock links. That Tasmanian red crystal looking one is magnificent! Jean, I love the "painted palms" too. I've seen a pic of similar somewhere with the name of it, but I can't remember where. It was some time ago. Aren't there some beautiful stones on our planet, and to think, all made by Nature herself.

Nice to see sunshine again today after an early shower. Looks like we should be in for a fine weekend too. Yeah! Hope you all have a good one.


PS, sorry the image didn't work :(

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Jean- youve put me on the spot!!!!!Im going to Salamanca tomorrow, and im sure ive seen the rock sales b4 down there,.,.,.,.,.,.Will see if i can get a cheep specimen.,.,.,.,.failing that , i know a '
rock collecter at Margate-Anthony,.,.,.,.,.,.Lily madness continues here, more 'rare ' bulbs planted this arvo.,.,

Sydney, Australia

for the rock fans :)
this is a forum you may love and it is right here at D's G ^_^

Have fun at Salamanca Anthony !

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

I go ,once about every 5 yrs[when i go for a blood sugar rise test-3hrs][ mainly for a 'silver hill' sausage in a huge roll][I hate crowds]-so this will test me[I only live about 8km away]-have ridden the pushbike there, about 15 yrs ago-as we have a concrete track, from here to there.,.,.,a lot of crappy/ yuppy stuff there as well

Merino, Australia

Now people, this is what you call a crystal... (or 2 or 3 or 4 )....lol
You may have seen shows about this cave.

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Sydney, Australia

Here is something to inspire you all ^_^

I love pretties too !

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Love that last piece , it was beautiful. But really I love them all.
Charley sends you all warm soft nuzzles of love. Will be getting his rolls of hay for him this weekend. then he will be happy boy.
Been hot and dry here. having to water brugs about everyday. But all is well.
Love you all.
Love those rocks too!!!!!
Need to borrow Charley to haul the rocks out??? We can train him when we get down there...:-)))

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hi Chrissy....if ya don't laugh, ya just might cry....seriously though, we got almost daily rain for a couple weeks before this hot dry spell and South Louisiana is not nearly as prone to wildfires as the north western part of the state, with open prairie land and pine forests.We have swamps and bayous, lakes and ponds and a very high water table that adds a layer of protection for us.

I must admit I am also a rock hound....I pick up bits and pieces where ever I go, Rose quartz, obsidian, snowflake jasper, garnet(unpolished) amethyst geodes and any oddly shaped, interesting colored rock that catches my fancy....collecting bits and shiny things like a magpie....lol.

Anthony, glad they fixed your phone lines...such a big bother when they are out of service.

Chookie, congrats on finally getting your fence. I know you are anxious to start the Chook Palace.

warm thoughts to you all....the seasons are moving so quickly it will be Spring there before you know it.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.No more rain here and its cold, but its winter.
I think the Magic Carpet is needed for a trip to warmer places so we can all find some of those beautiful rocks & crystals.
Whos up for a tour of great fossicking places ?

We could start in Tassie , pick up Anthony and see what we can find there. Maybe some of the pretty red stuff Dianne liked.

A quick turn over to the WA gold fields and other areas. We may find my large crystals.

Back to SA, to see what Colleen can find, then up around New England to see what is waiting to be picked from the ground.

Zoom over NZ, see what is to be found there , then over to anywhere you desire to see.

Moon & Charleen must have lots of rocks to show us.
We can use Charley to cart them back.
I think we can carry all we collect back to home on the carpet.

We may see Louise while we are there.
Have to watch where we land though. I dont want us sinking into a bayou to become alligator lunch.

Tell me if you want to go and when, and i will dust off the carpet.

Nothing done here as its just not nice to be out in the cold wind.
I mainly have pruning to do so nothing much.

Looking at all those rocks etc makes one want to get out there and search, but when you think of just how much time people put in to finally find something worthwhile, it brings a bit of reality back.
It is fun though. I wish I had taken more interest over the years and maybe kept one or two of what I did find, but regrets get one nowhere.

I will see if I can convince hubby to go out in the warmer weather for a bit of a look at a few places not too far away.

Better put out something tasty for morning tea.
Try this scrumptious Layer Cake...

Enjoy the weekend and stay safe and warm.


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Clifton Springs, Australia

The wind is so cold at the minute, I had to come back inside,

A cat was trying to sneak up on my big fat doves, most owners here are responsible and we have a lot of birds around here....this big grey one is a newbie.....well he will get hosed, if he comes into my garden.
Tilly doesn't chase cats or birds, so we have many birds of all sizes coming in for a drink or some nectar.

The way this cat was crawling along the top of the fence, it is obviously an experienced hunter....lucky that I was looking out of the window...the poor doves are too slow to get away.

I bet you froze this morning Anthony, hope you got a bargain anyway....

Yes, Jean....a trip on the carpet to go fossicking is just what we need....Charleen definitely bring Charley, Mick's too lazy....even though he's big enough...
That magnificent Sherry coloured sapphire, wow....I think I'll look for one of those...lol

Keep warm those who need to and cool for the rest...
Have a good weekend.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Went to Salamanca-1 big fat pork bratwurst w onion and mustard, a free sample of 'rocket fuel' whisky, 1 bunch of huge radishes and some silver beet for the birds,.,.,.,.I found 3 stalls with 'Crocoite' for sale..It ranges from $10 for a matchstick sized piece in a display box- going up in ranges up to $85 for a chunk,.,.if anybody wants some, i wouldnt mind another sausage in a week or so, so just let me know, or i have a website on a card i was given-Anthony

Sydney, Australia

No Dianne that Sherry coloured Sapphire is mine ! ^_^ wasn't it beautiful ?, I love the warm sparkles.

Anthony you did alright, I love the "rocket fuel", I bet that warmed you up !

Waving over the pond !

western sydney nsw, Australia

This is my last down size all plugs are being pulled .

Merino, Australia

Ha ha.... Anthony, I see you going back for the "rocket fuel ".
I would be more likely to visit Cadburys, for chocolates, if I ever get to Tassie.

Love to have a bit of that pretty Crocoite, but its too pricey for me.
Maybe on the carpet trip, something fantastic will turn up.

I'll let you all know when I have the carpet cleaned and ready to fly.
It just flew back from a holiday in Morocco and is full of desert sand.


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Sydney, Australia

Elaine ...are you downsizing too ?
What plugs are being pulled ?

Yes comes a time when it has to be about the last home, the last move.
We are taking a risk and staying put here for two or three years, instead of perhaps moving twice.
At the moment I am trying to wrap my mind around leaving here and imagining a smaller more manageable place, no stairs- smaller garden (ouch) etc.
At the moment I am really about to divest myself of decades of "stuff ", finally "letting go", it's hard but I won't leave it until it's harder to do.
Jungle gardening will have to go , more formal sort of planting will be the go (sigh) ...in the front anyway.
No one knows what the future really holds, I choose to try and get excited about it (it's hard).

Nice carpet Jean did you sprinkle some fairy dust over it ?
。* ♥ ˚ ˚˚ ˛★* 。 ˛ 。* ♥ ˚ ★ *˚ . 。*˛˚ ˚ ˚ ~♥~˚ * ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥ I've sprinkled happy dust on your carpet˚* ˚ ★ ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥* So Smile !˚ ˚。* ˛˚♥...♥ ˚ 。* ♥ ˚ ˚˚ ˛★* 。 ˛ 。* ♥ ˚ ★ *˚

barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. Well I've had the most laziest day for a long time. The boys have gone with John for a couple of days camping and motor-bike riding so I started my day at 5.30am, made a coffee, switched the computer on and just sat in front and read the posts and played a couple of card games and then sat on the lounge to watch a bit of telly for a while. Well I woke up again at 9am. Had some brekkie and went outside for a look and potted a couple of plants. Read a little and had some lunch outside but then the chill started to creep back so came inside put the AC on and sat down to watch a movie. Woke up about an hour later. Every time I sit on that lounge I doze off so had better sit here for a while. It's been raining quite heavily yesterday and today, so no watering needed. I'm about to ring the boys to see if they've had any rain down there. John wasn't too worried about it raining as it hardly ever does down there. He was a bit worried about the wind but they can have a huge fire and if it gets too bad they can always come home. Don't think that will happen til late tomorrow night though. I'll be ready with my little fossicking kit Jean. Will be great to go for another ride on the carpet. I hope everyone has had a great day . Colleen

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. . Very wet here after rain all day yesterday and during the night.
Nothing is getting done outside, but at least we are not as wet as those who have been flooded.
The wind has eased so not as freezing cold.

I will need to get out and trim a few pathways so I don tget so wet just walking around. Everything is growing fast now.
( including the weeds)

I hope you are all keeping nice and warm . Anthony will have a nice fire going down there.
We are taking off for parts unknown this week.
I will zoom up to pick up Karen and anyone else up north who is coming on our fossicking tour on the Magic Carpet.
We will then call on Dianne & Sue. I know they will be bringing plenty of suitcases for their finds.
We can then pick up Colleen if she is coming too.
Then its off to Tassie and Anthonys warm fire.

Get ready everyone.

As its the first of July, I thought it time to make our walk to the Tea Room a bit shorter so we have moved to here.

grab a piece of this delicious ......Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake
as you go.
Happy day

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Camperdown, Australia

Good Morning everyone. I hope you are all enjoying a nice restful weekend. MY fencing man came back yesterday unexpectedly so we spent the day fixing the iron to the fence a lot sooner than I expected.Looks good - only the chook pen to go now as it has higher iron for the shed and wire for the fences. I am pleased to say it is low enough not to block any of my views up the mountain but hgh enough to deter the cows from my garden - perfect!

It is pouring with rain since last night so indoor day today I think. The top of the mountain is wreathed in low cloud this morning, and the sky is heavy dull grey so looks like it might rain all day.

My almond trees have already begun to bud and I haven't pruned them yet darn it. They are big and old and I was waiting for a friend who said he would come and do it..... but still waiting...sigh.

Jean that was an absolutely amazing image of the crystal cave - the man in there looks tiny - how wonderful to find something that huge. I hope they left it alone and didn't begin to souvenir bits of it. I hope you get your car back Ok tomorrow.

Pic from top corner of chookpen looking East down the fence.
Looking South from behind shed.
One of my crystal geodes with a few fossils.

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