First frost in the Brug garden-Australia

Sydney, Australia

First frost this morning, I see some calyx damage on the existing buds, so this may be the end of the blooms for me,I just hope my choice chosen crosses will be ok in their shivering pods, a bit worried though, so thank goodness for the seeds from over the pond just in case.
Jean your buds might open, I think the Frost didn't get them, Ivoire is a brave little beauty, it copped a light frost but bravely opened a bloom, I don't know if the other buds will make it on on it but at least I have seen this dear little thing pic 1) 2)
Jean your little seed babies are pic 3), I told them you were waiting to see them, so I hope they make it before the frost finishes them.
Pic 4) is Mea Culpa covered in buds but stuck it's head up into the frost sadly, I told them to try and be brave, poor little things.
5) Knightii is doing it's best to open.
The seedling babies in their humidy cribs are fine, but Winter has just begun so if I lose them it won't be a surprise really, but it's a great feeling to know the seeds are fertile, it settled any possible doubts.

Lots of other frosty buds out there, it has only been a light frost but Winter has arrived and whispered it's frosty words of warning here.
The sun is out and it probably be a beautiful Winter day.
I hope everyone enjoys their Friday, it seems to spin around so fast every week now, or is it just me that thinks that ?
We came from

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Merino, Australia

Just a few pics of my brugs in the cold. ...
They are slowly starting to get the odd yellow leaf now so I expect I will see bald brugs over the next month.
The buds are still hanging on and I expext some to flower.

pic 1 ... BB, Lipstick & OE
pic 2 ...Clementine, one of the knightiis & some of the seedlings brugs
pic 3 ... Frosty Pink with Elfin Pink & seedling OA x BB
pic 4 ...suavoleons & some seedling youngsters.
pic 5 of the sangs & other coldies.

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Merino, Australia

I also found these buds on one of the Iochromas.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Chrissy, glad that you got to see at least one Ivoire flower....just wait until Spring....

All of my Brugs that have their heads above the fenceline have been scalped, anything below is still happens every soon as the cold southerlies come in...
Unfortunately the twins pods are up high, so I can only hope....

Jean, I didn't know that you had Lipstick, has it flowered yet?
Is that Iochroma one of your seedlings?

Cairns, Australia

I cut back one of the white ones unnamed a little to much 4 weeks now, the cutting on the ground grue,so I planted some the 2 in the pots are Tantra x noid seedling. the other white there is it to.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

I have no doubt that the one you chopped back will reshoot, you will have 2 of them now...
The Tantra x seedlings look good...

Sydney, Australia

helloooo beautiful !

Dianne ... 'Ivoire' is a perfect name for this darling ...a perfect description of the colour and lovely dense rich texture and tone.
I love the way this lovely sits up and looks you in the eye .
Couldn't smell anything at 2C and the melting frost, but it will be good I am sure.

Jean your garden is full of lovely interesting projects and plants, I think so far your place is warmer than mine so far, my Iochroma
Has been in bloom for months (the lilac seedling) ...the coral one finished a couple of weeks ago, not so bountiful as the lilac one but they both have fruit on them. Yours are lovely.

Gena yes your plant will come back bigger and better very quickly are doing very well with your seedlings.
When they all start to bloom it's like Christmas ^_^

Well the Sun is out, the sky is that stunning blue we get in Winter (so nice to see it after it has been hidden most of the Spring /Summer here where I live.
Sadly the early frost is starting to take it's toll on things but after all, Spring will be here in a blink (hopefully a real Spring and not a Winter extension like last year.
Long weekend ahead everyone ...Enjoy !


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West of Brisbane, Australia

Still awaiting the first frost here, probably won't be this week as it's raining lightly now and will be on and off for most of the next week. Hosing time is way down even without the rain, which is wonderful.
Three of my double pink seedlings are flowering. They're all pale now, which is to be expected, but what's unusual is that two of them have set double skirts for the first time:
1. Phanomenal x Superspot, showing the dropped inner skirt. (Has always bloomed double, but the relative length of the two skirts is very variable.)
2. Pink Velvet x Dalai Lama, which has only bloomed with a single skirt before although I did see the remnant of what might have been a second skirt when I peered up the corolla. Still, it first bloomed two seasons ago and this flower now, after the second growing (i.e. spring/summer) season, is the first time it's set a double bloom.
3. Joli x Bergkonigin, aka my bud dropper. Chrissy, you said it was likely to be a double because it kept dropping its buds, but every bud dropped showed only a single skirt. It finally bloomed for the first time last autumn, with a strong-pink single bloom. Now the colour has washed out but it's set a double bloom.

Full of surprises, these seedlings ...

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Merino, Australia

Lovely blooms cestrum.
I hope my doubles improve too.
I still have lots of buds and am hoping they stay on for at least one flower on each plant.
I am surprised at Mango Cornet putting out so many late buds. ( must be at least 20 on there now)
GHA & BB of course , are loaded with buds & opening flowers.
My OE also is stubbornly hanging onto about 15 buds.
It looks like I am going to get some pods too. There are 2 on aurea Lucas and about 10 other ones still hanging on various other brugs.
I was very disappointed to see the pod on GHA from Senorita Rosada , fall off after being hit by a small falling branch.
There is always next time.

All the brugs seem to be liking this cold. Silly things , but if they like it and flower, I am happy .

Sydney, Australia

What a lovely surprise for you there cestrum.They might stay double from now on, some doubles need time to sort themselves out.
So nice to see you still having some pretty blooms.
We had 2 nights of light frost, though today is a bit warmer due to cloud cover and expected showers.
The frost did do some minor damage but there are still buds out there.

Have you had frost yet Jean ? I hope you get your buds to bloom, what a shame that little pod you wanted, dropped off. Never mind more chances in Spring.

I guess we will be going into winter recess in the Brug garden any time soon.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Look at all of those Winter blooms. congrats all of your babies.
We in Melbourne east side near the Dandenong Ranges have not had frost at the moment but we have had mist for the last few days.
I have not much to report on the progress on my garden other then there are buds on many plants and it's like you guys "wait & C".
I have many Pods but as the weather worsens the more immature pods are dropping but what to expect.
I have Munchaausen with about 5 buds on it & waiting for opening should be here soon.
the seedlings are also doing well that i have potted up in to 3"pots and all placed in hothouses, I have over 300 seedlings waiting to be potted up but not doing that till late winter so 3 months from now, I may loose some seedlings to fungus and mould spores with i have also almost lost a full batchof my own because of it i have used every thing to minimise the problem and nothing working so i will count this pod as a fail

West of Brisbane, Australia

Hothouses ... does this mean they're heated? I've given up on germinating seeds and growing seedlings in my sunroom over winter because of the recurring problems with wilt/damping off/fungus gnats. Now the seedlings I do have (like the abutilon pictured) are growing in (unheated) mini-propagators with the lids shut, kept outside. I find that the propagators aren't airtight, so when it rains I have to tip out the excess water, and keep an eye out for snails/slugs which still manage to crawl in sometimes. (Just found a large slug floating in one of the mini-propagators as I went to tip the rainwater out.) That's just my experience, though.

The JxB seedling has two blooms on it and both (including the green one shown in the photo below) are double, so perhaps this one will stay a double. The inner skirt also has some yellow mottling, which was also present on the immature single skirts of the earlier flush, so I'm guessing it might be able to pass on some yellow genes to its seedlings. Meanwhile, the white suaveolens is still spot flowering with the occasional six-pointer but no more cut petals.

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Cestrum, the Hot house is not heated it's more what it's called then what it is possibly used for tho the heat would come in handy with seedlings.
the hot house is great and seems to stay warmer then others i have so it will hold many seedlings over the winter and a few capsicum plants that im also trying to get throw the winter.
those pics are very nice there cestrum, hope you have a few more blooms before the winter dose set in for the few months.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Could be that whatever problems you're getting re fungus now might be magnified if you had any sort of heating in those outdoor greenhouses. Just a thought ...

I'll be lucky if that immature second bloom from the JxB seedling makes it to maturity before the first frost strikes, but I'm not too fussed about it. Instead, am relishing the all-too brief downtime. The winter solstice will be here in 11 days and, although the temps keep falling, the days will already start getting longer thereafter. Spring/heat/humidity/storms will be here all too soon! (Although early spring is pleasant.)

OT but my C. diurnum sets bountiful berries, which the birds like. I saw a Silvereye hopping around them one day, pulling them off in its beak one by one, eating the odd one but just throwing the others to the ground. Perhaps not ripe enough?

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Love the ?Cestrum diurnum. love the fruit color remind's me of capsicum i have a few cestrums also but not that big at the moment
all mine are cuttings from summer & autumn

Clifton Springs, Australia

cestrum, your JxB seedling looks very promising.....can't wait to see it and the others in the Spring....

Chrissy, glad that you agree re the ivory is lovely, especially with those long corolla teeth....
I think that I admire it as much as Jean loves her GHA, well almost... :-)

The pic below shows the 4 stems growing about 6ins from the base on Ivoire...straight up for about 8ft...
If I had more garden space I would bush it out.....still it flowers up the stem from about has pods all over the place...I didn't take those off.....

I am all in favour of this resting time too....I don't have to worry about the pots drying out....and the babies are much easier now too, just a light spray......

Sorry that you lost your pod, Jean.....I'm not holding my breath either...

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West of Brisbane, Australia

Is there ever enough garden space, Dianne LOL Having just done a spring clean (yes, in winter: too warm in spring) I've come to the conclusion that stuff expands to fill the space available :-)
The inner skirt on the JxB seedling has relaxed a little but, because it is still closed, I couldn't smell anything when I sniffed it this morning. I imagine it will be a richer pink when it reblooms in warm weather.
The cestrum berries are being eaten, possibly by birds at dusk/early morning or even by bats at night. Maybe even ants? You can see where something has been chewing at them. Plus, many of the berries have disappeared overnight and others are scattered on the ground around the plant ... So, what types of cestrum do you grow, Shaun? I used to have a hedge of about a dozen plants of C. nocturnum but the perfume on warm humid evenings was overwhelming so I've winnowed it down to just one.

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Sydney, Australia

It's cool and rainy here so not much to show or tell, I will try and get out between the showers (if it stops-been raining almost all night). The rain keeps the frost away.

Dianne yes Ivoire is a very eager grower, it's a beauty !

My cestrum D from you has lost almost all of it's leaves in this cold, most of the berries are gone too. I think mine just fall off.
Fingers crossed for your new double (ex single) ^_^

Shaun I think we are pushing the envelope trying to grow warmth lovers in Winter ...can't help the temptation I suppose, but it isn't worth the worry. They do just as well planted in the Spring after the temperature has reached 20C.

Waiting for the rain to ease off before venturing outside.
Hopefully back later.


Merino, Australia

Well , finally we nearly had a frost this morning. The temp got down to around 0C .
If it had not been wet and damp from the rain yesterday , the ground would have been very white.

The sun is out now although a real wintry sun.
Still , any sun is good for the plants.
My brugs are still looking good despite the cold. I think they are liking it.
Be a different matter soon after winter really gets set in with weeks of very low temps.
The brugs will be looking for the electric blanket then.

I have 2 quite large pods on aurea Lucas , so that is going to be fun to see what they turn out like

My coldies are finally starting to look like they are enjoying themselves. New leaves more height..

Cestrum, big floppy is nearly out again with still more buds coming.

One of the arboreas is opening and no buds have dropped so far on anything except that darn Clementine.
She wont keep her buds on even in the warm weather.
The only time she flowered was when she was on the veranda early last season. She looks very healthy but is just a moody thing here so far.
I hope she is in a better mood next spring or I'll put her down the back in disgrace.

Going out to sit int he sun and contemplate the garden

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Cestrum i have cestrum purpureum var.smithii, C.Xcultum, C.Elegans C.parqui, & C.nocturnum there all i have at the moment.

Chrissy we always wanna push the envelope and see what may come of it, the weather is cold and the seed are still germinating.

Just potted up into 3"pots about 5 varieties about 10 of each variety of my crosses from the start of the year should be interesting to see what happens.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Quote from DeadlyNight :
Cestrum i have cestrum purpureum var.smithii, C.Xcultum, C.Elegans C.parqui, & C.nocturnum there all i have at the moment..

I think that's quite a lot LOL
The C. diurnum is for curiosity value only, as it seems to be barely scented most of the time. I'll try to remember to send some berries your way in spring.

I've introduced Golden Butter#2 to JxB but the pollinated flower might be exposed to frost so it's a long shot at this time of year. Didn't hurt to try ...

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Sydney, Australia

Nice colour on Golden Butter, good luck with that cross ...too wet here to go outside darn it !

Good luck with your buds and pods everyone.
Those little seedlings too of course.


Sydney, Australia

ok got out between the showers this morning but had to run back inside, when it got heavier.
Nothing flash just battered Winter Brugs (I love them for being so brave in this awful weather.)
Knightii 1) 2)
TT 3)
FFA 4)
Jean's Axelrose x Jamies Monkey Business. 5)
Must rush ...back later, stay dry warm everyone


edited to say ...oops that last one is Super Pink x Apricot Queen. Looked at the wrong tag.
Very thin texture sadly, nice shape but the thin texture isn't a good thing sadly.

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Sydney, Australia

Went out to check that tag again because it didn't seem correct ...sorry about that Jean, I guess it is pretty similar to your result.

I forgot to put this pale Tenshi pic in, with her donor pod (10ft) 1)2)3)- Ivoire trying to colour up in the cold rain 4) S Px A Q
I will see what A Q x S P does in Spring, I like the neck and the tube shape, in fact the shape is nice, just very thin ...this could be a winter thing, so I will give it a chance.
Ivoire is very sturdy and strong in texture, I am delighted with her.
Can't detect any fragrances at all because of the weather, but I am looking forward to that in the Spring.


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Clifton Springs, Australia

Nice to see a few flowers Chrissy and cestrum...mine are too battered to photograph....not many left anyway....
I only have the pods to look at now...fingers crossed for everyone's.
I think that Ivoire is another Pink Panther by the number of pods...

Brisbane, Australia

I had a nice flush of FFA blooms last week but sadly most of the blooms badly damaged by the strong winds. I was able to photograph a couple of blooms however with minimal damage. The second photo shows a nice big fat seedpod on the bush (FFA X Fernando). All of my many seedpods are still hanging on nicely with our mild Winter temps here in Brisbane.
Mango Cornet is an amazing bush and has been flowering continously for 11 weeks now. I have been feeding it liberally with a good fertilizer high in potassium and I feel sure this is helping to keep it blooming.

Thumbnail by boolarong204 Thumbnail by boolarong204
Merino, Australia

Chrissy, your SP x AQ is certainly very like mine. Íts a shame about the thin texture ,as I thought the shape of mine quite good too.
My plant has put out more buds and even though it is out in the ground in the open, is doing well , so it will stay.

Shaun, I was moving pots around and found a bud on DRC. It has been hing behind a larger brug.
It looks like the pod on DP&G is going to stay on .

Its been very windy here and is again this morning. Poor OE being tall , gets blown around , but hangs on to those buds.

No frost here so far although it has been down to 0C.
The pod on aurea Lucas is getting quite large and I still have hopes for others on various brugs to hang on.

Allan, I love Mango Cornet too. The first flower on it for me, just kept looking wonderful far longer than usual and now the plant has about 10 more buds.

Even PP has decided to show off with a few more buds.
I hope all this activity continues next spring so I have lots of flowers to pollinate.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Allan, it's interesting how you're getting more colour in your FFA angel blooms than I've had in mine so far, but whatever colour they're quite lovely. That FFA x F cross should be a beauty!
Chrissy, you describe your Super Pink x Apricot Queen bloom as having a very thin texture. I've been puzzled by my Big Floppy Apricot (Joli x Angels Flight) seedling because its floppy blooms just did not seem to fit the description of either parent, and I did wonder if the pollen donor might be Apricot Queen, as I was given seeds from a batch from the same hybridiser with AQ as one of the parents. (Hasn't flowered yet though, so can't compare them.) I reckon there is no way that Angels Flight was the pollen donor of BFA! I don't know whether Joli could still be the pod parent, though ...

Merino, Australia

Cestrum, you may be right, as looking at my BF flower it is similar to the SPx AQ one .
Difference being that BF has more color while the SP one has only a hint of it.
BF is nearly out again with another 3 buds still to open. It is very like the SP x AQ in growth too.
Both healthy and standing up to the cold well.
I may put BF in the ground next to the SP x AQ . They can chat to each other .

Sydney, Australia

Lovely to see FFA in colour for you Allan ^_^ hope the pod stays on ...the pod growth slows right down in Winter but grows again in Spring, in my garden, your Winter may be milder than mine.Fingers crossed for you.

Jean the blooms are still ok so that thin texture does not appear to be fragile as I thought it would, we have had some pretty wild weather but they seem unaffected.

cestrum I agree re your cross not seeming to be the right one ...but these Brugs are full of surprises aren't they, though of course some bug may have gotten into that bloom before the grower pollinated it. (I know that happens now- though I once would not have believed it ).
Knightii 1) 2)
Ivoire 3) no weather stress at all !
Axelrose 3) 4) lovethis Brug, it's now leaning into and topped the clothes line.
Jean's seedling 5) handled the weather ok despite the thin texture.


Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
West of Brisbane, Australia

Anyone who has cuttings or seeds of Big Floppy Apricot will have to note that it almost certainly isn't a seedling from the cross Joli x Angels Flight. I'm almost certain that (1) Angels Flight is NOT one of the parents and (2) Apricot Queen is. What I don't know is whether only the pollen donor is wrong (i.e. if something pollinated the bloom before the hybridiser did) in which case the pod parent is Joli (probably Joli x Apricot Queen), or if it was wrongly labelled in which case even the pod parent may be unknown (so possibly Unknown x Apricot Queen or Apricot Queen x Unknown).

Merino, Australia

I think that my BFA will just go into the garden alongside its "maybe" relative
I am not worried as to its parents . The two will just be pretty flowers out in the garden.

just goes to show that anything can happen with pollinating.
I see lots of insects getting into mine but have never seen any bees doing their job on any of the brugs.


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West of Brisbane, Australia

Jean, it'll probably thrive when turfed out there as that's typically what happens to the ones we don't much care about ...
Meanwhile, there's no doubt about the parentage of Joli x Bergkonigin. It's darkened nicely, esp. given the cooler weather--but perhaps it prefers cooler conditions? The skirts have separated a little and resemble more closely the pollen donor, Bergkonigin. Still haven't been able to get out at night to sniff it.

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Sydney, Australia

It's looking good cestrum, and does look like the sort of result you would get from those two. You must be pleased.
Remember a lot of the glorious pictures we see are taken in Winter, inside places. Thus number one, they are not subjected to the wind and rain so they seem perfect and so much darker than our outside ones.
I think ours do pretty well when you consider the conditions they face outside.
I plucked a big hairy caterpillar out of one off a bud today-Tintarella (I didn't squish it because it was a butterfly type- just moved it on). Finally no grass hoppers, but of course snails and slugs abound.
I have three different kinds of bees here ...lots of blue striped ones, some very fat hairy ones and the normal ones, so many wasps too both the paper wasps and the mud wasps mostly but also the huge yellow and black one, still see one or two when the sun is out, but they will go away shortly.


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Clifton Springs, Australia

Those seeds of your's sound very like the crosses, Volker sold a couple of years ago...
I bought different crosses, from him....
Joli x Charleston, all of them followed Charleston....3 seedlings survived, all white doubles..
Angel's Flight x Charleston only one survived.....the one that I named Joseph's Coat..
Still waiting for the Charleston x Apricot Queen.

Jean, isn't that unusual, that the bees don't do much around your's.....mine are always covered in bees
though they don't touch Zabaglione, which is on the other side of the garden....I have a feeling that it's Buck's Fizz that brings them in and they spread out to the others, especially PP which is next to it.

I had to smile, when I was looking at the weather beaten, ratty looking, Brugmansias that are growing in the garden, growing in amongst them is Fernando, which was badly battered a while back and I only got half a flower that didn't have a top corolla only the underskirt...well it's a mother to's that!!!
Guess who is right next to it......Pink Panther.....
I hope it is the pollen parent, it should be a nice match.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Lots of different pollinators, those wasps, Chrissy? The very fat hairy bees--are they the (Jesus was a) carpenter bees? I like those, and they LOVE the yellow cassia shrubs (C. alata and C. didymobytria).
We'll be awash with doubles next year as all those overseas seedlings enter their second (and hopefully) blooming year. Will be pretty much impossible to identify a brug in the way you could when there were so few cultivars and seedlings available.

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
West of Brisbane, Australia

I'm wondering if in fact Big Floppy Apricot might be Color Point x Apricot Queen, which was a cross by the same hybridiser. I think it would be more likely to create the floppiness than would Joli ...
Yes, Volker hybrids via Mya.

Sydney, Australia

Some crosses are floppy in the day over a certain heat.

Never mind you have lots of delightful plants to look forward to, it is a shame but it's all part of the journey with Brugs.

I think it is this one (the big fuzzy bee)


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Around Christmas i was talking about having some type of forum that we could put all the Australian Breed & Grown Brugmansia in to 1 place and also to have a drscription of the plant and a few picutres, which every one was wanting and at the time there were not much we could use.
I have decided to start a community Blog so that we can add our babies on it,
the old plants from Australia
the new seeds imported to Australia from EU & US
the new Hybrids that have also be created in Australia

i am now wondering what the Blog name should be????

ABGBG--- Australian Breeder & growing Brugmansia group?
BAB-- Breeding Australian Brugmansia?

what are your thoughts?????

Sydney, Australia

edited out my suggestion.

So many things to keep up with at the moment , so I will leave that to others to get on with.
Good luck with it.


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