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coming home

Mcallen, TX

As the sun sinks slowly, a tired dove comes home... and stretches before the night air sweeps in

Mcallen, TX

oops...left out the pics!

Thumbnail by Fauther Thumbnail by Fauther
(Zone 5a)

I really like the one with the tail feathers flared out. Beautiful. Was this a Mourning Dove?

They are one of my favorite birds. So many are, any more...

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Quote from Chillybean :
Was this a Mourning Dove?

White-winged Dove - white bar on wing (a bit easier to see with the pic brightened), and rounded (not pointed) tail


Thumbnail by Resin
Mcallen, TX

Yes, Resin, you're right. It's a White-winged Dove. You have a good eye!!

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