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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

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Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

BonnieB -- I have this thing about early morning or late night phone calls...

unless it;s an emergency, no calls before 7am [that's for DMIL] 9am for the rest... and after 9pm at night.

I think I want more Penstemons.... doing some internet browsing... boy they are expensive.

sitting outside with the furkids... the back yard is western exposure, so i can sit here with the laptop and not be blinded by the sun.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Thanks for pasting the address for here, I am not with it this morning.

sandy and andre

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Thanks OK Sandy.... got'cher back.

Love that Pic of Andre and Mr B.

another bright sunny day here. looks liek it's gonna be warming up... at least, so far, it;s not humid.
90 for sunday. uggg. I hate driving when it's so hot. me and Bud will be heading back north on Sunday... DH and the boys will be back late-ish, but I have to work monday morning ... so i'll take Bud with me so he's not alone at home.. the cats will be fine for a halfa day with no one home.

i'm leaving the Z home for Alex to drive for a week or so... so i will have his car, which is more comfy for Buddy. Alex will eventually inherit that car, as he's the only one of the kids that can drive stick.

Time for some eggs and wheat toast.... already drank all the coffee....

somewhere, PA

Good Morning

Terese - I have a few really nice penstemons I can save seeds from. Hirsutis & Smalliii

Just a quick post - my battery is almost dead

Thanks for the new thread Sandy!

Loretta - we're getting a new deacidifier for the water. Gary thinks the limestone block has the mud in it. Plumber agreed it was a possibility. WE don't have a backplush capability either so the new one will have that - will keep the filters clean and save $$ on the replaceable types. Fingers crossed this reall solves the problem.

Have a good day!

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

so much for a nap.... i just start drifting off and the cell phone rings.... solicitor -- I dont even answer as i did not recognize the #
5 minutes later, Bud barking at the UPS truck next door... I gave up.
too hot to do anything outside... will have to wait til later.

this morning I went to a local DG'ers house and picked up some plants. She had a Purple Emperor Sedum for me and then gave me a few more -- especially since i told her all my WS seedlings died. got some Dwarf Ruds and Scarlet MW's.
Then i went to get gas.... yikes, 4.069 a gallon for premium, went to PetCo to get Bud some dog bones... they were still closed... then Sams and Walmart ... home by 11:30 -- spent about 30 min in the yard, and that was too much... felt like a piece of bacon.

I'm trying to keep very hydrated, and drinking Crystal Light with electrolytes --- I really dont want another one of those cramp things.

Haven't heard from DH or the boys... though I did tell him we'd talk on Sunday. Jimbo [the oldest] did post something on FB about dinner and drinks. I know DH takes them to this Brazilian steak house 'all you can eat meat' places that about 50bucks a head.... well, it is "Boys Weekend" -- one reason i quit going...

Still tired... may try napping on the couch.

Ack -- forgot to call my dad... guess that is next... then a nap.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Just before this last round of rain(2 days) I emptied Andre's pool and now it is full to the top and probable ran over.

Verona, ON

Just had our tornado watch lifted. wow, this is so new to us, we never get warning like this.... sky looks great now. T and L forecasted off and on all night with the whole of tomorrow under that warning too.Those of you who have experienced this weather probably think I am nuts - give me a good ole show storm anyday.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

WOW -- that's a lot of rain. I'd like to take just 20% of that....

having a hard time planting seedlings with this heat and dry soil....

Lee -- great Friday song... you need to post that here too.

did get in a short nap... DH called and woke me up, of course in a hurry barking orders - as i'm trying to shake to cob webs...

phone ringing again....

Pasadena, CA(Zone 9b)

Okay. Friday song.....sung to the tune of "Blowin' in the Wind"

How many roads must my black car drive
Before I can sleep until light?
How many times must I look at the clock
Before the end is in sight?
Yes and how many hours must I sit in this cube
Before I can call it a night?
The answer my friend is Friday at Five
The answer is Friday at Five

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

OH, Lee you are so good at this! I love your Friday songs!! Thanks for a bright ray of cheer.

My good news for the week - as absolutely horrible as these treatments are, they are working. My weight this week is 272, down from 286 last Friday - without drugs. I weighed 298 on May 29. The lymphatic massages and compression bandages are forcing the waste materials from my body. They are convinced that the injury to my lymphatic system occurred during my partial knee replacement surgery. This does not mean that the surgeon did anything wrong. You have to cut through the lymphatic system to perform surgery. Sometimes the system interprets the cut as an injury.

T & L here. I have to shut down.


Lyndonville, NY

We had a small storm move through, more to come they say. Spence was outside and had his romp early and we came in soon as the sprinkles started.
He has found dandy lions and loves them, along with clover. I have to watch him close so he doesn't get pudgy! lol

Bonnie, that is wonderful news!!

I heard back on my blood work, my thyroid is messed up, need vitamin B supplements...possibly B12 being reviewed with my primary.
Diagnosis of neuropathy...which is what I told him I had when I went! Grrrr! Need to find out why!

New eye drops, new contacts.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Dianne, I too have never been in an actual tornado and guess what - I don't want to. We have had tornado warnings off and on for the last two years. We had a gorgeous day here and then all of a sudden it got dark and the rain came down and then it cleared up again.

Bonnie - congratulations!!! I'm so glad this is working.

Lee, love your Friday song.

Debbie, sorry about the Dx's - it just can't get easier can it?

Tammy, I hope your trip home was pleasant.

So glad it is Friday. So tired. Teddy was sleeping in a paper box today - I really want to take him home and raise him as a cat. hehe

I'm going with my Dad to see if someone else can give me a better price to fix my car. A word to the wise - when the exhaust starts to make noise don't drive with the windows open.

Got stuck in traffic on the way to work. Trees brought down the power lines and I guess they had to wait for the power company. I think with the storms we have been happening this is going to keep happening. After the early snow storm I think there are a lot of damaged trees out there.

Lyndonville, NY

Oh Elsie, be careful. Did that YEARS ago and ended up in the ER! NOT good. Thankfully kids were not with me.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Debbie, I have been running the AC which is okay.

somewhere, PA

I'm home!


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening friends.

Bonnie you have such good news. At least you know the torture is doing something helpful for your body. Do they give you any indication of how long you must wear those bandages?

Lee, love your Friday song. You ought to be writing for some well known singer. hehe.

Terese, sorry about your nap or non nap. That is horrible when you have the time, but have so many interruptions. Anymore when my cell rings, if I don't recognize the number, I don't answer. let them leave a message and if it is something that I need to tend to I will call them back.

Elsie, I hope you get that exhaust fixed soon. That could be very dangerous. Just be sure that you aren't in the car for long periods of time. Sorry that you are having those storms, isn't that unusual for as far north as you all are? Raise Teddy as a cat? Hehe, he and Chloe would be plotting against you, I can see them with their heads together plotting to do something to raise havoc.

Debbie, Spencer is so pretty. I am glad that you are taking him outside to graze each day. Guess it is better for him finding his own plants and greenery than you feeding him a fixed diet of green veggies. Maybe he doesn't like broccoli or cabbage!

Dianne, sorry for your weather. That is really strange to have tornado warnings that far north. This is usually our busy tornado season and it seems like our season had warnings early like March, and has settled down. It is really not over here until the last of June. How is your back doing?

Tammy, I guess I missed what you are doing for the muddy water. A sup pump? Or something else. I am sure that you will be glad to be home tonight sometime. How much longer will you be commuting to CA for the work? Does this project have a deadline?

Have done better today. I got up had my coffee read the paper, then put in a load of laundry. Took a shower and dressed. Took a letter to the mail box, then came in and finished a book, then napped and rested till about 5:00 when DH came in and showered and we went out to eat. So my stamina is getting better every day. Wish my moods would even out, I guess I am just getting frustrated at how slow this is going.

Need to start thinking about bed. Seems that is all I do well anymore is sleep.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

A friend sent me a box of peppers and tomato plants..15 of them! I am going to keep some and give the rest away...
I transplanted a potato plant today and it was having a baby..cutest little potato I have ever seen! Smaller than a marble.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

calling it a night... can't visually focus on what I should be doing....

hope i can sleep til 6am.

Tam -- welcome home.

somewhere, PA

BonnieB - we've had a problem with occasionally the water in our house gets muddy. Its happened maybe 3-4 times. We replaced the water tank & pump the first time and it was a while before it happened again. DH was sure it was the water line to the house getting mud in via a crack. We had to replace that when it broke 18mo ago. But we've gotten the muddy water again. So now we're installing a new deacidifier with backwash. Hopefully this will eliminate the source - DH think that the mud from the spring gets in the limestone and eventually gets re-released into the house water system.

Thanks Terese. I hope you sleep well tonight.

Time for me to get to bed myself.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, boy that echoed hollowly in the empty room. Time to get up and get moving. Be back later, when there is some company here.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Good morning. Slept well, and slept til 7am.

sitting outside enjoying the weather with the furkids before it gets too hot.

somewhere, PA

Well I got up at 9:15am! Boy did I need the sleep.

I obviously skipped the plant sale this morning. Its so nice to be home and have a real cuppa coffee and my own cereal for breakfast. I'm gonna catch up on my mail & bills, do a little grocery shopping and get out in the garden for a bit. The greenhouse still needs to be cleaned out from the mud, though I got a start on it before leaving & DH worked on it bit while I was out of town.

BonnieB - are you feeling a little better mood-wise? Are you supposed to be "getting a move on" yet? cluck cluck cluck. :-)

Terese - glad you did get in a good rest too. I didn't comment on the windows - I've heard it from other folks & did it myself, when you are building or remodelling, the add-on expenses seem to get out of conrol and then you pull back on them. I limited the number of cable outlets at the end of the remodel - they were $60 ea I recall and I just didn't put them in as many spots as I wish I had now. I hope you find a good source for replacement windows that gives you what you want there.

Loretta - did you replace those blueberries lost to Chloes hair attack? I'm catching up on Dr Oz. He had a Dr Furman(?) on to share "the most effective diet he's even seen." Almost exclusively plant based diet. Did you see that episode? Basically focused on eating high-nutrient dense foods. He says just eat 90% nutrient dense foods (10% dairy, meats, breads etc). Blueberries were definitely right up there on that list of great foods!

Debbie - is DH doing better on his diet to keep the gout at bay? I forget what you are up to this weekend - anything fun?

Dianne - how are the turtles behaving? Are they digging in any of your flower beds? I think its just so interesting that you can see the egg laying & hatching up close. Is there nicer weather in your future there? No more hail?

Melva - how's your new business doing?

Vicki - did you finish all your planting? When do you have a few days off?

Lee - thanks for the Fri song. Any news on Loius (?the hunky GS you were having Maddie evaluate)? Or did I miss the outcome?

Bonnie - how are you doing with the help Tia arranged? I hope you don't have to cook or do other things requiring you to be on those feet!

Adina - I bet that garden of yours is just beautiful now, especially with all the help you are getting from young Mr. Nicholas!

Sandy - I guess Andre doesn't mind that his pool is full. :-)


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

The yard guys came, Weather Liers said only a 30% chance of rain---they lied!!!!
They are wet and the hairy supervisor is wet also

sandy and a wet andre

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Good morning! I have a hard work to do today : filling the hole where the sewer was installed with sand. It's very hot today so I had to have a break during noon. Andreea is at the jerk's...sigh...she called earlier saying that they went to the pool and NIcholas was excited and didn't want to go out of the water anymore!LOL

Tam, it's interesting what you are telling about having a muddy water....we also got muddy water a few weeks ago after so much rain, when the basement was flooded, but it was only for a few days until we changed the filter. Our plumber told us that it might have been from so much water from the rain. But our neighbors had their wells full and some were flooded and went overboard...not so pleasant. I guess we were lucky this time!
I hope your water will clean up after you install the new deacidifier.

Bonnie , I'm glad you have such great news with all the torment you are going through! How much longer do you need to wear those bandages?

Debbie, I hope you get the better treatment and feel better soon.

Dianne, how unusual to have a tornado watch ! Thank God it went away without hitting your place. How is your back?

Elsie, how awful about those trees! You also had the same situation last year, as I recall. Such bad storms! Glad you are OK! What an awful day you had at the store and then back home! I hope you have a nice week-eend!

Lee, ,what a lovely song! Thanks! The GS in the picture is gorgeous! Are you going to adopt him?

BonnieB , you seem to have your old life back again. I'm so glad that you are felling better everyday! I hope your DGD feels better .

Sandy, sending hugs for you and your Mom. How are you today?

Terese, you are one busy bee!

Melva, what a great friend! Have fun gardening!
Vicki, how are things?

Have to go and make lunch so I'll talk to you later. have a great week-end everyone!


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somewhere, PA

I missed what's going on w/Melva & her friend.... do tell (again)!

Adina - I think it is the heavy rain that brings the mud into our system but we've gotten it w/o the rains too. That's why we think it got held in the deacidifier. Please drink lots of water and take plenty of breaks so you don't get heat stroke!

well I sure am not a busy bee today. lol I went through the greenhouse & watered & did a little cleaning (like 10min) and transplanted one of the begonia's I bought via Lee's shelter fund-raiser. And I changed clothes. I'm having a quick lunch and then heading off to the grocery store. Never smart to go hungry. :-)

I hope everyone else is out there having a good day?


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Adina we are doing good today

The wet yard guys are gone, at least the grass get cut. And I have a tired wet dog-he will not go out in the rain for me but he had to supervise the yard work. In fact he is soaking wet and then he laid in the dry dirt next to the house. Can any one say MUD!!!!!!

Waving at everyone

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

Oh I bet he's a happy muddy dog though. I bet he did a great job with the supervision. :-)

Can you coax him into that pool to wash off?

Really off to get groceries now...

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Adina, listen to Tammy - drink lots of water. I hope you can get the hole filled. Isn't anyone helping you?

Sandy, it's raining on and off here. I don't think we have had a dry day for a long time.

Dianne, how is your back feeling?

We went to a different garage to get an estimate on car repairs - this was was more expensive. Hopefully I can get it fixed next week. I'm going to ask for your good thoughts that the guy can cut out the part with the hole and weld the new one in. The whole pipe is over $1000 so I don't want to pay that.

I had a delicious piece of salmon last night. I usually poach it but I pan seared it. It was really good. I should be much smarter today.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

I think Adina meant my friend Michelle..she sent me 15 plants..tomatoes and peppers..3 kinds of peppers and 2 kinds of tomatoes..Brandywine and Black Krim...way too many for just me..I am going to share most of them...

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Tam he did get into the pool and then right back into the dirt pit he has dug.

Now the sun is out

Waving at everyone

sandy and andre

somewhere, PA

I am enjoying a low key day. I've been running every spare moment I've been home since I started this bi-coastal work thing and decided its OK to take it a little slower today. I put together a big slow-cooker pot full of squash lental stew after I came home from the grocery store. It felt so good just cutting up the veggies and watching some TV. I'll cook it tomorrow. Tonight we'll have omelets with kale, red peppers, mushroom & onions. Maybe I'll catch up with Loretta in brain power if I add a little olive oil to the mix? :-)

Melva - that sounds like a wonderful collection of plants. Be sure you keep a goodly number of tomatoes. They cook down a lot when you make roasted tomato sauce and there's nothing better than roasted tomato sauce. :-)

I'm having a nice cup of tea and relaxing a bit before I make dinner. I plan to open a bottle of wine to have a glass with dinner. Yep. I'm taking a me-day today.

Sandy - sounds like Andre is taking a me-day too.


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

when i was on my garden walk-about earlier today... i saw a pretty Poppy, that was a volunteer... possibly a "Peony Poppy" but it's been so long since i've sown them - i can't recall what it was... but it was a pretty Plum color. I was going to wait until the sun was lower to go take a photo.... went out about an hour ago, and all the petals were GONE. was a breezy day... guess the wind took care of it. I think there is one more bud, but not sure if it will open before i leave.

I'll collect the seeds though...

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I hate when that happens
Right now my plants might drown!!!
Lots and lots of water. We already have a road cave in, the soil was washed out where the road crosses the outlet of the pond where all our water drains to the river.

Waving at everyone

Sandy and Andre

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I was watching a 'snippet' of the Panhandle.... 8+ inches.... talk about getting it all at once.

I'm procrastinating... i have to finish laundry and start packing.
I"ll leave some time tomorrow, me and Bud. I hate driving when it's so hot, gonna be 90f tomorrow...
so i really should leave early ... or maybe i'll wait til about 6pm but that gets me in about 8:30pm.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening, sounds like most have had wonderful days, except Sandy and Adina.

Sandy, I hope that the rain stops and that you get a chance to dry out some.

Adina, thought about you lots today. Hope you got the hole filled in, and I hope you took the advice to drink plenty of water.

Tammy, you deserve a you day, if ever anyone did.

Elsie, that would be so nice if that one piece could be welded, rather than have to pay that ridiculous price for a whole new one.

Melva, save several of those tomatoes, Tammy is right nothing better than roasted tomato sauce.

Terese, see what putting something off yields? hehe. Hope the other one opens and you get a shot of it. It sounds very pretty. Take care, and be safe on the road tomorrow.

I have had a busy day. Yep, did lots more than I have done since I have been sick. I carried all the pots back to the garden shed, getting them out of the greenhouse. Did a garden walk, many daylilies in bloom, went to the garden and collected onions, broccoli, cabbage and yellow and zuchinni squash. Then came in and rested, napped and read the rest of the day. Did cook supper and cleaned the kitchen, then took Mr. B for his ride. So it was sort of over the top kind of day. Hope I don't pay for it tomorrow.

Heading down the hall to bed. Hope you all have a restful night.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Terese, I hope it blooms before you leave. I love poppies and can't seem to grow them.

BonnieB, that is great that you were able to get out and about.

Tammy, you sure deserve a me day. I thought it was the fish that was good for my brain.

After lunch I thought I would knit for a while and quickly fell asleep. I woke up and crawled into bed and woke up at 8:00. I just had dinner and I'm thinking of heading back to bed. I'm either just plum tired or I'm coming down with something. Hopefully I will have a more productive day tomorrow.

somewhere, PA

Loretta - oh yes... salmon is supposed to be really good for the brain. Omega-3 ... I was just riffing on your comment.

I totally forgot we had been invited to watch a movie at a friend's house tonight. They called at 6:30 to see if we were still on so after dinner we zipped over. Good movie. A German movie with subtitles- about Eastern Germany before the wall came down.

Sandy - I so feel for you with all that water! Be sure to batten down the hatches and keep fresh water in stock, as odd as that sounds.

BonnieB - I sure hope you didn't over do it today!

Off to bed. Was a really nice day here.

Pasadena, CA(Zone 9b)

Hi all!

Lutz is here! We introduced him to Maddie today and they did well so I brought him home. It's been nonstop mayhem and play time since he got here. THey really like each other and he is super attentive to me.

More to come later! (did I mention I'm worn out now?? phew!)

somewhere, PA

YEAH!!!!! I'm so happy for all three of you Lee!!!! What a nice way to end the day. I'm glad I checked one more time.

Can't wait to see pictures. :-)


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