Need an answer about oven dehydrating

Dahlonega, GA

I walked off and left my dehydrator in Texas . Don't want to buy another for Georgia , and the peaches are coming in . I want to put up a coupla bushels but have never used my oven . Does it work pretty good ? my dehydrator has a fan and thermostat that I won't have in the oven . Need some input on this, please . Lot of money and work , I don't want to mess up .Thanks

Talihina, OK

Hey if it is an oven with a pilot light should work ok if not you are on your own .You know Academy Sports sells a pretty decent one under $40

Dahlonega, GA

Hi , Grits , no , it's electric . Thanks for the info and Academy is too far away . Guess I'll have to spring for another one .

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