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Can you identify these lavae?

Hi! I posted a few days ago about some eggs that had been layed a while back... I had no idea what they were.

I live in NW Oregon, USA.

Here is a full collection of all the images I took:


My personal observations were:
Small, translucent brown eggs
Took a month give or take a few weeks to hatch (I am not very good with time, so don't take this as fact!)

Behave very similarly to caterpillars -- They appear to have a set of suction cup legs in the back, a set of claw-like legs in the front, and a relatively large black, slightly shiny head. Their bodies are translucent, and the pictures were taken within one or two days of their hatching. They also have, and do use in emergencies, some sort of thread -- I have sene them on numerous occasions fall and try to use their thread to pull themselves back up.

The coin in all images is a penny -- It may not look like one, though, it is an older-ish penny from my collection

Thumbnail by Flynnn Thumbnail by Flynnn Thumbnail by Flynnn Thumbnail by Flynnn Thumbnail by Flynnn
Minot, ND

The eggs are moth eggs and those are newly hatched caterpillars, possibly Geometridae ('inchworms').

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