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Cut Rose Bouquet Stems Sprouting New Growth

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

I received a bouquet of pink roses for my Bday on 5/27 and today I noticed new growth on the stems. These roses have held out for 13 days already without hanging their heads or losing their petals which is pretty long I think. Can these stems be rooted to create new plants? What could I expect as far as rose type?

Thumbnail by toni5735 Thumbnail by toni5735
Richmond, TX

I would certainly try to root them. I gather from what you say that there is no root growth yet, but it seems to be a good candidate. The resulting rose will essentially be a clone of the one you were given.

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

Hi porkpal, the stems have no roots and I have them in a glass of water. Should I stick them in soil?

If these flowers were used for cut bouquets, were they like hybrid teas? I don't know what kind of roses are used by the floral industry to supply the mass amounts of bouquets sold in stores.

Richmond, TX

Florists roses are very likely Hybrid teas and possibly difficult to propagate. I think there are detailed instructions for rooting roses in a Sticky, but I would give the stem a fresh cut and possibly score the "bark" vertically above the cut, cut off the very top, the spent bloom, dip the bottom inch or two of the stem in a rooting hormone and plant it in soil. I usually cover my cuttings with a mini-greenhouse made from a big plastic bottle with the bottom cut out - helps keep it moist. Place it in indirect light and watch for new growth which usually signals rooting. As yours already has new growth and no roots, I don't know... Good luck! Hopefully others with greater experience will offer more advice.

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