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Best pots and potting mix for nepenthes

Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

My nepenthes are getting huge and need to be repotted. What is the best mix to use and what is the best pot - plastic or coco lined wire?

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

I use 50/50 mix of Peat moss and Perlite. Do NOT use Miracle grow stuff, they put freaking fertilizer in everything. I HATE that.

Greenback, TN(Zone 7a)

coco lined wire pots are great but I live in Florida USA and they dry out very fast here so use plastic pots .
My mix is a handful of everything from bark to sand . I find Neps just like to be re-potted and over-potted and just love good stuff in their pots!

Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

Sphagnum moss? And perlite or vermiculite?

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

I found Organic Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, but I've had a devil of a time finding Perlite that IS NOT Miracle-gro! GRRR!!! I guess I'll try going without the Perlite, and use an Orchid bark, along with some regular Sphagnum moss that I also use in my Orchids….Along with the Canadian Peat….So I'm looking for opinions…Think it will work OK? Or would any of you have any other suggestions. This is my first time re-potting.

Beverly Hills, CA

Not sure if you are still wondering what people use or not as this thread is a bit old but I use the following mix:

1 Part peat moss
1 Part long fibered Sphangum
1 Part Pumice or perlite
1 Part fine orchid bark
1 Part horticultural charcoal
some coarse sand- like 1 part

I think that is what I used last time. I tend to emprovise based on what I have on hand. The idea I work toward is an airy, somewhat fast draining mix(Pumice, charcoal, bark, sand) that also has some good water retaining properties (LFS and Peat). I let the pots nearly dry out between waterings (but not dry completely) and then tray water them- occasionally I top water just to flush the soil mix.

I have used pure long fibered sphagnum successfully before, but I have also had disasterous results as well. Depends on the species. My N. vetricosa for instance is doing very well in pure LFS, grows like a weed. Conversely, I just lost a N. jamban that was growing in pure LFS (errrrrrr!!!). I will not be using pure LFS ever again!

Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

Thank you. I ended up using a mixture of orchid bark, lfs, peat moss and perlite. I can't find horticultural charcoal - not even at the greenhouse supply company. The plants seem to like their new digs, but I waited to long to pot up. Now that I know the mixture, I can have the ingredients on hand.

Arlington, TX

Is all pumice created equal (not a joke)? I have a box but am afraid to use it.

Beverly Hills, CA

I use a black gold brand. Just make sure you rinse it really well.

Arlington, TX

If it is formed from ryolite, it would contain minerals that could leach into the water/substrate. The kind I have is grey and I am not convinced its neutral in terms of releasing minerals into the water.

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