What is this plant!!!

Abbeville, AL

I have a huge flowering bush in my front yard and have no clue as to what it is. The flowers have recently died and now it has what look like bean pods all over it... It really was beautiful when it bloomed, just curious to what it is and the reason for the bean pods... Thanks!!

Thumbnail by Cindy082076
Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

It really is a beutiful plant if that picture is of the plant you have, wish I could give you a name for this one but unfortunately not seen this one before or dont recognise it.
As regards the been / pods, this is what every plant does after flowering, they make seed capsules (all plants have different shapes and sizes of seeds and seed heads, they are just containers for the seeds to keep dry, ripen ready for regrowing as the seeds are released, if you think about peas, we pick the pods and these pods are actually the seed capsules, if we dont pick the peas when soft and tender, we can plant the hardened seeds in the soil and they regrow.

Try growing a few of the seeds in the pods once they turn brown and dry looking, gently open the pods and the seeds will fall out, cover the seeds JUST in no more and water, place in a cooler area and keep an eye on them, maybe wont germinate this year but keep caring fore them and who knows.
Good luck. hope someome can give you the name of the plant, I thought shrimp plant but nothing like it really on closer look.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

An Erythrina, likely E. crista-galli http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/38374/

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Oh My Goodness, thanks Ecrane and ofcourse PalmBob for the beautiful pictures of this plant, it really is beautiful but outwith my capabilities, even in my greenhouse the temp required could not be maintained over winter here in Scotland.
I am just so green with envy at you guys who have the heat weather conditions required for all those Tropical plants. It's like the grass is always greener at the other side of the fence eh.
Good luck Cindy, hope you have many, many years enjoying your now, named plant, Isn't Daves Garden a great place to be !!!!

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