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A Day in the Life of a Gardener

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Posting this here in beginner landscaping and will copy also in Sally's thread about what tasks we are doing in what months.

Spent ALL DAY dawn til dusk Saturday working on not only yardwork, but helping as needed with the rescreening/painting of outdoor porch.

So on Sunday the goal was to do what I had to do in the yard and get out of Dodge. We know that never happens, but that was the plan.

Piedmont of NC --90 degrees predicted and HUMID. The ticks are ferocious this year. So are the mosquitos and I've seen a few snakes too. Thankfully no copperhead yet. Regarding the lone star tick: unlike other ticks that wait for you to pass by - these will chase a potential host for a good distance. Very aggressive. For me, one little bite with a quick discovery and removal still leaves me with huge drippy ITCHY lesions - itch for weeks even after bite mark fades. So, regardless of the heat and humidity, I cover myself - at great risk I think - with Cutter's Deep Woods. Then, I put on long pants tucked into knee socks tucked into knee high UGGS ( snake protection too those UGGS) a cami with built in bra topped by a long sleeved gardening shirt, hair tucked in hat and finally gloves. THEN I spray the clothes. Sorry lungs........ Exhausted just getting dressed and STICKY and alreadIy hot. First I helped with the painting, then scooped algae out if ornamental pond ( pulled off a tick attached to my boob/mid axillary area (yup, today the bite is cranking up and that tick could not have been there a second- I felt the sting and grabbed it within a second.). The rest went well. Then I filled a huge chemical sprayer with 3 gallons of water and got out my just purchased Bayers version of Brush Be Gone---kills pine and briar vines and all sorts of unwanted goodies. Pine here are bad news because of ice storms and hurricanes---- shallow rooted and very tall ---"TIMBER!" down they come. I am surrounded by woods on 3 sides. I lugged that heavy sprayer around through the woods and along the trails in all that heat and humidity and wearing that gardening get up. I sprayed each and every pine seedling I saw -- some were already 3 foot high and I keep up pretty good each year removing. I sprayed the trails to keep established...I sprayed in and around all the dog woods and redbuds, ferns, and indian peace pipes- I WAS CAREFUL! When I feared overspray --- I stopped--- and no matter where I was I went back to a spigot for a bucket of water and flooded the wee tree and rubbed its leaves. It was exhausting, nasty, hard work. I covered all I could with the first sprayer full --- and then I was needed to help with the porch. After a lot of sweat and effort we discovered the fibermesh--- not so good to install - hard to pull taut- and decided to put the porch on hold and will locate aluminum mesh screening. Cleaned up the porch work space - saws, paint, levels rulers, wood debris ( there was some rot on several slats) etc. last minute, Trimmed back a huge riverbirch canopy that I keep walking into (spiders and all sorts of bugs first thing in morning on way to work not good) and then my body and my mind Were done. DONE! I decided with one last effort to wash out the chemical sprayer and put away the chemicals...................that is when the BAD thing happened.................what did my wondering eyes spy??? Right there on the parking pad next to the Bayer's chemical container??? The measuring cup STILL FILLED with the Bayers chemical. I had spent all that time and trudged all that distance- climbing over logs and ferreting out sneaky wee pine while watching for snakes, swatting mosquitos, dodging ticks, itching and sweating to give all the pines and briars a nice spray of PLAIN OLE NC WATER!

Beginner landscapers, newby gardeners beware -- you too will have these days! And, you will return yet another day to do it again! Next Saturday--- I have a HOT date with a srayer!

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