Any luck with lemon verbena?

Cedarhome, WA(Zone 8b)

I've planted lemon verbena in my herb garden almost every year. It only rarely makes it through the winter, so I assume it is an iffy one for my zone (ya think). The tag on this year's model states "happiest when allowed at least semi-winter dormancy in the NW." What do you suppose that means? Has anyone had any luck growing this as a perennial, or should I continue to think of it as an annual? Any tips or tricks much appreciated. Aloysia triphylla or Lippia citriodora.

Lake Stevens, WA

I grow it every year as an annual. Never had it winter over and no luck keeping it inside over winter. I just buy it everyyear. Will it set seed?

Dallas, OR(Zone 8a)

This link says it can be brought indoors during winter. Plant will loose it leaves but they should return next spring. This article has some interesting uses and recipes that sound great too.

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