Perennial garden pix June

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

I didnt quite know where to post these. Didnt want to step on anyones thread so I am posting this and inviting gardeners to post here now that June is bustin out all over

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

Sorry about Google everyone,this doesnt require a mambership

Pretoria, South Africa

Beautiful! I am sooo jealous... we are in the middle of Winter. I am not a Winter person. Just hate it..

Is it an allium in photo 5, and are the flowers in photo 10, 13 and 15 penstemon? Please keep me in mind should any of them produce seed. I can just picture them in my garden. :-)


Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

Yes Allium Forelock from J Scheepers and Penstemon Dark Towers.

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

Beautiful garden, GE. And musical choreography, to boot!

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

So lovely!

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

oooppps I forgot to click "no music"

Duxbury, MA(Zone 7a)

no, it's nice to have the music. Beautiful!

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

I usually choose something more Zen.

Dearborn, MI(Zone 5b)

Lovely--gardens and music!

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

thanks.I will pix the JI's when daylight comes.

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

Here are some June bloomers I ran across this weekend.

The first was a surprise today. I have no recollection planting it whatsoever.
Senility can lead to pleasant surprises!
A sweet little gladiolus made his presence known today.
Things are otherwise a little dull around here, so it was a nice surprise.

2nd pix is a purple leafed oxalis, which has been blooming non-stop since spring.
The blooms are never overwhelming, but nice all the same.

3rd is Kniphofia Lola.
Nothing petite or demure about Lola - she's 6ft tall!
Bloom is just getting started.

Thumbnail by Weerobin Thumbnail by Weerobin Thumbnail by Weerobin
Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

The gladiolus colors are beautiful.

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

The gladiolus is gorgeous. Such a soft color.

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