Saskatoon Berry/Amelanchier alnifolia input request

Lancaster, CA

Hello All,

I'm not certain this is the best place to post this question but I'm giving it a shot. I'll also post in the Organic Gardening forum.

I've purchased 2 bare root plants that are off to a good start. I'm hoping to keep it that way. I'm in California's Hi Desert area. Zone 8a. Dry hot summers (110 degrees +) Cold winters(15 degrees is the lowest I've noted).

I got the plants late so am hoping to keep them comfortable on my screened in patio to protect them from August heat this year.

I've read the nursery and internet information now I'm hoping input from a grower of this plant.

Will they tolerate full sun exposure year round in my area?
Will they tolerate high winds?

Any personal input you can provide would be helpful


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Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

I guess we were all stumped on that query- wish you luck tho

Lancaster, CA

Thanks for responding. Someone suggested I post on the fruits board. I did get one reply there. I'll update all of us as I go. Hopefully they will survive.

They've got healthy green foliage and are doing well on the patio. Temps have hit 108 a few times this summer in my back yard so I'm glad I opted to keep them somewhat protected this year. I'm using a 1/4 strength acid fertilizer to water them. So far so good. I'll transplant in fall to a more permanent location. I'm giving one of the plants to my sister who lives in Tehachapi. Her climate is colder than mine 10-15 degrees. One of us should be successful.

Thanks for the luck.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

I have a couple bushes, still fairly small but big enough for berries. Colorado sunlight is more intense than lower elevations and they tolerate full sun here. We also have hot dry winds winds here. They tolerate windy okay, hot dry wind only so-so.

BUT this is Colorado zone 5b, not California zone 8a. So I would guess that you might want either a little shade or a little protection from the wind - or both if it is a dry desert wind. Just guessing here.

PS - you might want to talk to a locally owned nursery or the extension service.

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Lancaster, CA

Thanks for replying.

I tried your final suggestion. No one local has any real knowledge of unusual plants. GREAT feedback from your location. My folks lived in Pine Springs CO for several years and sister lives in Thornton so I am somewhat familiar with your dry air. It's hot and dry here so I'll go with your suggestion and plant with afternoon sun protection.

They did great in their pots on the patio this summer. So far so good.

How do the berries taste? As much like blueberries as some sites suggest?


Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

They look like blueberries but the taste is different - you will be happier with them if you don't expect them to taste like blueberries. Tasting them may not be an issue - I planted mine for the birds and the birds do get most of them!

Lancaster, CA

Grin. thanks for the tip. I am not planting mine for the birds but I'm sure they'll get a share. Can you describe the taste at all?

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

I need a memory refresher & I don't have any left on my bushes. I know where there is a larger bush that may have some left hanging on it - I will check later this week and get back to you.

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