cornutia grandifolia (tropical lilac) seed germination

Colima, Mexico(Zone 11)

has anyone had experience growing tropical lilac from seed? i just received some seeds and am ready to get started but haven't found germination instructions. also, some people refer to this plant as a 'tree" and some people refer to it as a "bush"...well, tree or bush i don't really care but i would like to find some information regarding how to germinate the seeds. the most specific instruction i've found to date is "grown easily from seed" so any additional information would be much appreciated. i am thinking that tree seeds probably should not be started in a peat pellet, but i'm just guessing.

Colima, Mexico(Zone 11)

i guess now i can answer my own question. i received seeds from two sources, and sunshine seeds in germany. the seeds look very much like peppercorns. i soaked them for over 24 hours in warm water and planted some outside and some in peat pellets. the first seedling appeared in a peat pellet 6 days after planting. the peat pellets were looking very wet, so 4 days after planting, i took the plastic lid off the peat pellet tray that allowed them some natural light and soft sunshine and also some good air circulation. i notice there is another seedling coming up in the prepared container that has been exposed to the elements outside.

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