Nerine lily not flowering

lahore, Pakistan(Zone 10b)


I am growing nerine bowdenii for last 2 years in a 2 liter plastic pots. They grow well with new foliage but did not flower last year although the bulbs were large and fat. They multiplied a lot though They are supposed to go dormant in monsoon and then they should flower in September/October with no leaves. I am not giving them much fertilizer, last year i gave them mild potash fertilizer for blooming but no success. The temperatures are into 40C here right now and will remain in 40's until the monsoon hits in July and August when temp. will be around 35C. They get 5 hour morning sun from 6-11am.

Any tips?


Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

Hi Khabbab - I have no tips, but just a comment. I have been growing Nerines for years - they do bloom for me in the fall as they are supposed to, but my bulbs never multiply. I get one set of blooms from each bulb, and it stays just one bulb. My zone is 9a - a little cooler than yours. Maybe yours will bloom in their third year. I wish mines would multiply like yours. I really like the nerines because they are one of the few flowers that I get here in November.

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