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Rose Bush

Redford, MI

I am trying to root a new rose bush. I took two stems from a neighbors rose bush. I pulled the leaves off the stems except for the top leaves, I then put them in water.

The next day I went out and bought some rooting powder. I took two containers half miracle grow and half gardening soil, I dipped the stems in the rooting powder, took a pencil in t he two pots to put a hole in so the rooting powder would not rub off. I watered them and then place a gallon zip lock bag over the top.

I have been checking them every day, I have misted them the last couple of days. It looks like new leaves are forming. The original leaves look like they are yellowing on the seams if you will.

1. Do you think since they are sprouting new leaves they are okay and will root?
2. Why are the original leaves yellowing on the seams of the leaf?
3. Do I need to take those leaves off now since I see new leaves?
4. How long do I leave them in these little pots before I transplant them to bigger pots?
5. Can I leave the stems potted in my house until next summer and than I plant them outside?

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